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20 Free Page Analysis Tools. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now When developing and maintaining websites, analysis plays a significant role in maximizing the effectiveness of the site.

20 Free Page Analysis Tools

There are a number of resources and tools for analyzing web pages, and this post looks at 20 of the best free tools for this purpose. Almost all of them require no account or download to be used. There are a variety of different tools represented here. Some will analyze one specific aspect of a page and others will give an overall grade to the page as a whole. Website Grader from HubSpot Website Grader is one of my favorite tools on the list because of how helpful and usable it is. Trifecta from SEOmoz One of the more unique tools in this list, Trifecta will analyze a page, a blog, or an entire domain based on slightly different criteria. Spider Simulator from Summit Media This tool will give you a good idea of how search friendly you site is, and it will also give you a percentage rating. SEO Analysis Tool Firebug. Web Marketing SEO Tools Score.

Learn SEO basics. Basic Drupal SEO Tutorial: On-site Optimization. Summary Enable Clean URLsEnable Path Module and install and enable Pathauto, Global Redirect and Token Modules.Configure the Pathauto ModuleInstall and enable the Meta Tags Module.Install enable the Page Title ModuleDo NOT install the Drupal Sitemap Module.Fix .htaccess to redirect to "www" or remove the "www" subdomain.Fix your theme's HTML headers if they aren't rightRecommended: create a custom front pageModify your robots.txt file.

Basic Drupal SEO Tutorial: On-site Optimization

Enable clean URLs Search engines prefer clean URLs. In Drupal 6, clean URLs should be automatically enabled if your server allows it. In Drupal 5 you can enable clean URLs under administer —> settings —> Clean URLs. Install the pathauto module and enable it The pathauto module is highly recommended. Think carefully about how you want your URLs to look. At the very least, enable the path module and install the pathauto module.

Caution: The above advice is directed towards new Drupal sites. Here are some pathauto settings to watch out for: Drupal Rewrite Rules. Drupal SEO: How Duplicate Content Hurts Drupal Sites. Drupal's clean URLs give it a good reputation when it comes to SEO, but there's a lot more you can do under the hood to improve Drupal's search engine friendliness. Today I will show you some Drupal SEO tips to help you avoid duplicate content and boost your search engine ranking. Proper search engine optimization allows you to tap into a significant source of new visitors. If you rank well for your keywords, you may find that search engine hits account for more traffic than all your other referrals combined. Unfortunately, most Drupal sites aren't performing as well as they could due to duplicate content.

Drupal's Duplicate Content Problem Let's take a look at two URLs: On a normal Drupal site, with clean URLs enabled, these two addresses are basically interchangeable. But, when it comes to getting a good search engine ranking, having two pages with the exact same content can hurt you. At the very least, duplicate content can decrease your ranking. Disallow: /node/ The Basics of Search Engine Optimization. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization My aunt and uncle from Cologne called asking how they could successfully get their new site into Google.

The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

I want to wrap up some of the tips I gave them – if you already know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) feel free to skip. If not; there are three important steps to rank your site well with search engines. First, you got to create good content. Second, you ought to make your content accessible. 1.

You want to rank well in Google, but you need to ask yourself: why should you rank well? Search engines mainly understand text. 2. We’re now leaving the field of your expertise – dog supplies, or whatever it is you’re doing! Every page should ideally be doing one thing only (and that one thing well). Following these points takes a bit of trial and error, sometimes. 3. There once was a time when people could add lots of keywords to their page to optimize it for search engines.

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