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Htaccess. Htaccess Tutorial for Apache Webmasters. Apache For Webmasters is some of my favorite htaccess examples from some of my favorite .htaccess tutorials.

htaccess Tutorial for Apache Webmasters

These cut-and-paste ready htaccess code snippets are very useful for website and server administrators. .htaccess Tutorial Index | » Custom HTTP Headers When site is "Under Construction" ^ This lets google crawl, lets me access ( without a password, and lets access from anyone WITH a password. It also allows for XHTML and CSS validation through Article: Instruct Search Engines with a 503 Service Unavailabe header and Retry-After header while site is offline update combined allow code credit: megaspaz AuthName "Under Development" AuthUserFile /web/ AuthType basic Require valid-user Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from Satisfy Any Redirect everyone to different site except 1 IP ^ ErrorDocument 403 Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from Set the Timezone of the server ^ Tags ^

Hardening Linux Web Servers. Security is a process, not a result.

Hardening Linux Web Servers

It is a process which is difficult to adopt under normal conditions; the problem is compounded when it spans several job descriptions. All the system level security in the world is rendered useless by insecure web-applications. The converse is also true—programming best practices, such as always verifying user input, are useless when the code is running on a server which hasn’t been properly hardened. Securing forward facing GNU/Linux web servers can seem like a daunting task, but it can be made much easier by breaking the process into manageable portions.

This article will cover installing, configuring and hardening free software web servers and associated software including Apache 2.2.0, MySQL 5.0.18, PHP 5.1.2, Apache-Tomcat 5.5.16 and common Apache modules such as mod_security, mod_ssl, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy and mod_jk. The most common and apt analogy for security is the onion. Security is a process, not a result Network security netstat nmap fcheck. Lorelle on WordPress ‽ HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets. If you are into tweaking your WordPress Theme or designing one from scratch, here are some HTML/XHTML and CSS Cheat Sheets you might want to add to your resources.

Lorelle on WordPress ‽ HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets

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