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Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet. A long time ago I built myself a little bookmarklet to load jQuery on pages that don't already have it.

Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet

The idea was to allow me to play around with any page on the web, using jQuery in the Firebug (and now Safari or IE8) console. I blogged about it, got lots of great feedback, and then blogged about an improved version. Now that a lot more great feedback has come through the comments of the updated bookmarklet post, I've decided to update it one more time.

Download details: Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. FireQuery is a Firebug extension for jQuery development. 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Firebug - Nettuts. Firebug is one of the most popular tools used by web developers.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Firebug - Nettuts

In this article, we'll take a closer look at ten of its most attractive features. 1. Console.