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AppsAmuck iPhone Development Tutorials and Examples. Newsstand Kit Framework Reference. You use the Newsstand Kit framework to develop the client side of a Newsstand application.

Newsstand Kit Framework Reference

Through the Newsstand, users can browse through newspapers and magazines that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The Newsstand Kit framework has three classes: NKLibrary—Represents the application’s library of newsstand issues.NKIssue—Represents a publication’s issue in the library.NKAssetDownload—Represents an asset that is downloaded (or that has downloaded) from the application’s server. An asset can be a component of the online issue such as an HTML or image file. It can also be a compressed archive (such as a ZIP file) that, once uncompressed, contains all the components of an issue in a ready-to-display form. In addition, the framework adds a property (via a category) to the NSURLConnection class. A newsstand content application is capable of running in the background to start downloads or process delegate events related to issue assets.

Calculate Downloadtime. Automatic Reference Counting. Friday Q&A 2011-09-30: Automatic Reference Counting Since the moment Apple announced it, readers have asked me to write about Automatic Reference Counting, or ARC.

Automatic Reference Counting

Today is the day. I'll talk about Apple's new memory management system, how it works, and how to get the most out of it. ConceptualThe Clang static analyzer is a really useful tool for finding memory management errors in code. If you're like me, you've looked at the output of the analyzer and thought, "If you can spot the error, why can't you just fix it for me too? " That, in essence, is what ARC is. ARC occupies a middle ground between garbage collection and manual memory management. When it comes to implementation specifics, there's another key difference between ARC and Apple's implementation of garbage collection: ARC is not an either/or proposition. XcodeARC is available in Xcode 4.2, currently in beta, and only when compiling with Clang (a.k.a. Fortunately, Xcode offers a tool to convert existing code. Not to worry.