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Spring-security with Hibernate

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Basic Spring Security with ICEfaces. Consultas Con HibernateTemplate - Dos Ideas. Tutorial:Create Spring 3 MVC Hibernate 3 Example using Maven in Eclipse. Let us make a complete end-to-end application using Spring 3.0 MVC as front end technology and Hibernate as backend ORM technology.

Tutorial:Create Spring 3 MVC Hibernate 3 Example using Maven in Eclipse

For this application we will also use Maven for build and dependency management and MySQL as database to persist the data. The application will be a simple Contact Manager app which will allow user to add new contacts. The list of contacts will be displayed and user will be able to delete existing contacts. Our Goal As describe above, our goal is to create a contact manager application which will allow the user to add a contact or remove it.

Integrating Spring Security with ExtJS Login Page. This tutorial will walk through how to configure ExtJS Login form (Ajax login form) instead of default Spring Security login.jsp.

Integrating Spring Security with ExtJS Login Page

Instead of using login.jsp from spring security, why do not use an ajax login form? And How to integrate the ExtJS Login Form with Spring Security? You did try to do it, the user is successfully authenticated, but the user is not redirected to the application main page. How to fix this situation? How to make it work? It does not matter if you set the default-target-url in applicationContext-security.xml, or set a redirect URL on server side. The issue is that ExtJS make Ajax calls, and no redirect will work on server side. First, you need to create the login form. If you take a look at the login.jsp, you will see three key points: URL / form action: j_spring_security_checkUsername input name: j_usernamePassword input name: j_password. Spring Security 3: Full ACL Tutorial (Part 4) In Part 1 of this tutorial we've completed setting up the ACL and Bulletin databases.

Spring Security 3: Full ACL Tutorial (Part 4)

In Part 2 we've completed the Spring Security configuration. In Part 3 we've developed the Spring MVC module of the application. In Part 4 we'll be testing and running the application. We'll also cover some of the unexpected issues we've encountered while developing the system. Spring Framework Fundamentals (DVD ROM Edition) Online Training Course. » 5 Minute Guide to Spring Security. Update!

» 5 Minute Guide to Spring Security

May 31, 2010: I have published a new book, Spring Security 3, covering many aspects of Spring Security from top to bottom. The book is targeted both at novices and intermediate to advanced users. I’d encourage you to read my blog post of the announcement, and visit the book’s web site, to determine if you think it will help you. Although I’ve used Acegi Security in the past, I hadn’t tried it since it was renamed Spring Security and folded into the Spring Portfolio. I decided to approach its integration into a typical Spring web application with the eyes of a new user and write up my notes as a 5 minute guide to Spring Security. Pretending to be a new user, I found the suggested steps a bit bewildering. Top 10 Articles of 2010: Spring, Spring Security, Ext JS, Hibernate.

Maven + (Spring + Hibernate) Annotation + MySql Example. In last tutorial, you use Maven to create a simple Java project structure, and demonstrate how to use Hibernate in Spring framework to do the data manipulation works(insert, select, update and delete) in MySQL database.

Maven + (Spring + Hibernate) Annotation + MySql Example

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do the same thing in Spring and Hibernate annotation way. Prerequisite requirement - Installed and configured Maven, MySQL, Eclipse IDE. The javaee.jar library is required as well, you can get it from j2ee SDK, and include it manually, there is no full version of javaee.jar available in any of the Maven repository yet. Final project structure Your final project file structure should look exactly like following, if you get lost in the folder structure creation, please review this folder structure here. JBoss 4.2.x Spring 3 JPA Hibernate Tutorial. After spending many hours searching the web, trying to find the most efficient way to use Spring, JPA and Hibenate for several projects we concluded to the configuration that will be presented below.

JBoss 4.2.x Spring 3 JPA Hibernate Tutorial

Integrating Spring with JPA and Hibernate consists of several steps : Configuration of the Spring containerConfiguration of the JPA ORM layerConfiguration of Hibernate Second lvl cache (if needed) Keep in mind that we assume we are operating inside a J2EE container as far as data-sources are concerned, so we are going to lookup an existing data-source from JNDI and use it. The files that we are going to configure are those described below : The spring.xml file, that drives the spring container.The persistence.xml file, that drives the JPA ORM layerThe second lvl cache file e.g. treecache.xml for the JBoss TreeCache provider (if needed)

[Spring Security] – Implementing Custom UserDetails using Hibernate. Recently was experimenting with creating a Custom UserDetails in Spring Security.

[Spring Security] – Implementing Custom UserDetails using Hibernate

Unfortunately, it took me a while before I could implement. In this post shall share my experience and how I developed it. Assumption I shall concentrate only on the configuration of UserDetails service. Maven + Spring Security + Hibernate. Annotation-Based Spring Portlet MVC.