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Different Personalities Experience Time Differently. By Orion Jones Updated May 13, 2015 Type-A and type-B personalities experience time differently, according to a study that looked at why some people arrive habitually late to appointments.

Different Personalities Experience Time Differently

When small differences in how time is measured internally add up over many minutes, personality helps explain why some individuals tend to be more punctual than others. "It's estimated that the US loses $90 billion each year as a result of people running late. " In the study, conducted by Dr. Are You A Freelancer? Confused About Hourly Rates? Use This Calculator. Figuring out your hourly rate as a designer can be a huge pain.

Are You A Freelancer? Confused About Hourly Rates? Use This Calculator

Worrying whether you're over- or undercharging is tedious, and then there's the pressing issue of whether your rate will allow you to pay rent and eat. Website design management service BeeWits has created a quick and easy hourly rate calculator to help ease the burden on freelance web designer. The tool asks questions about your current income and your expected workload in the next year, along with expenses like rent and equipment. Then it spits out the hourly rate you should charge. Now when your clients complain, you can just blame the robot. İllüstrasyonda En Baba 6 İsim.. I N S P I R A T I O N D I A R Y. Weather Dashboard // Global Outlook UI/UX on Behance. How To Create Killer Product Pages. 5 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Humans and Search Engines. The battle for a sale can be won or lost on a product page.

5 Ways to Optimize Ecommerce Product Pages for Humans and Search Engines

Structuring and presenting your products correctly for both search engines and humans is absolutely vital when it comes to ranking well and converting browsers into buyers. Listed below are some simple, yet hugely effective ways to optimize product pages to increase sales, and rank higher in the search engines. 1.

Upgrade Your Image It's not rocket science - larger, better quality images help sell more products. Along with image size and quality, you should also consider quantity. Another nice touch you can add to your product images, is consistency throughout your store. FiftyThree does a good example of this high quality consistency. Of course, it's equally important to remember search engines when it comes to your images. Relevant, keyword rich alt text needs to be added to each image, which tells the search engine robots exactly what the picture is all about.

5 ways to create mood with colour grading. When it comes video or movie production, there are usually hundreds tasks to tick off, but one of the most indefinable – and therefore often the most challenging – can be setting the right mood.

5 ways to create mood with colour grading

The good news, though, is that there are many tricks we can keep up our sleeves. Start the Conversation. 10 Great New Freebies from March. This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of March.

10 Great New Freebies from March

This collection includes patterns, icons, themes, and mockups. All these web elements are free to download and you can use them in both your personal and commercial projects. 1. 10 Seamless Blueprint Patterns 2. Business Card Mockup 3. 4. 12 Flat Web Icons. Start the Conversation. Tim TV - KÜRESEL BİR MARKA YARATMAK BİR HAYAL Mİ? 10 things no graphic designer should be without. As a designer, there are a great many things that are essential for me to be able to do my job.

10 things no graphic designer should be without

The most obvious things being my Mac, broadband, a space to work in, eyes, a very large coffee and a brain that's not too sluggish from being in the pub the night before. Çizgi TAGEM. Okudukça büyür insan. Create a favicon using Illustrator. Even if you've never created any other types of icons before, I'm willing to bet that everyone reading this has at some point made a favicon.

Create a favicon using Illustrator

For the majority of you, it's probably a regular task. They're an ideal place to start, as we can look at ways of achieving pixel-crisp artwork and clarity at small sizes. Favicons (also called shortcut icons) first appeared in Internet Explorer 5, where placing a favicon.ico icon in the root of a website would cause a 16px square image to appear next to the URL in the address bar and in bookmark lists, without requiring any HTML.

Initially this had the added benefit of estimating how many times our sites were bookmarked by counting requests for the favicon, but this is no longer reliable since browsers started supporting the favicon for more than just bookmarks. Zeki Müren kirpiğinden radyo örmek - VivaHiba. Things inextricably fitting into other things tumblr. 12 Things They Don't Teach You In School About Being A Designer. My wife Andy and I started Paper Leaf in 2009.

12 Things They Don't Teach You In School About Being A Designer

We were not bad at design (I think we’re pretty damn good now), but we were really green at business. - MockUp Actions. 10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Film-making. Filmmaking isn’t about just pointing a camera at talented actors.

10 Films That Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Film-making

It’s a collaborative medium employing the use of sound, music, lighting, cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing, special effects and screenwriting. Every now and then a filmmaker will use one of these filmmaking tools in a style so deft and so innovative, that it inspires, delights and influences all filmmakers that come after it. While not all of these films are equally influential, they each clearly illustrate at least one filmmaking practice that teaches us an invaluable lesson in how films are constructed. 1.

12 Tips for Launching Website Infographics. Numbers don’t lie.

12 Tips for Launching Website Infographics

That’s true. But they can be really boring. 20 best Illustrator tutorials. Learn techniques for Adobe Illustrator across vector art, vector graphics, typography, pattern design and more. Adobe's vector design and art tool Illustrator can appear to have a daunting number of tools – tools that Adobe is adding to on a regular basis – but whatever you want to do with it, we have the tutorial for you here. Whether you want to create a stunning illustrations like Alexandra Zutto's owl (above), informative infographics or artful type, check out our list of the top 20 Illustrator tutorials, written by some of the world's leading illustrators and designers.

Techniques covered here include faux 3D effects, linework, shading perspective, vintage effects and more. 40 great examples of parallax scrolling websites. Today's advanced web technologies make it possible to create remarkable effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when employed in the right way they can result in a distinctive and memorable website. One fairly recent web design trend is parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. It can sometimes be overwhelming, but when used sparingly it can provide a nice, subtle element of depth. You'll find more advice in our pro tips for building parallax websites post. But to show how it should be done, we've collected together sites that employ the technique to good effect.

The 41 greatest free web fonts 01. Arayüz tasarımcıları için ilgi çekici içerikleri listeleyen Geisha, aylık bir milyon görüntülenmeye ulaştı. Cool Websites — February 2014's Picks. In this month's "Top 10" websites for designers, you'll find sites featuring great typography, images, motion and more. This month's "Top 10" websites features the latest and greatest sites for visual inspiration and graphic design tools. Plus: stunning sites created in celebration of design. Design a brand identity in 10 easy steps. It's not as hard as you think! We explain how to create a new brand from scratch, in 10 easy steps. When a client approaches you to create a new brand identity for their product, service or event, things can seem a little bit daunting. Hızlı Adam - Pazarlama Sırları ve Satış Yöntemleri, Kariyer Geliştirme. Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit-Forming Products: Nir Eyal, Ryan Hoover: 9781494277536:

How designers can make the most of social media. As a designer it's important to be on top of your social media. It's often the best way to promote yourself and your work, as well as a good way to collect stalkers, if you're into that sort of thing. Although it's tempting to join every platform out there to make sure people see you, I've found it's best to concentrate on a few so you don't spread your efforts too thinly. I use four very different platforms, so here are some of my tips for using each one. 01. Facebook. How to create vector art: 50 amazing tutorials. How to use icon fonts in your mobile apps. Designing for mobile can become complex quite quickly. Due to the variety of different screen sizes and pixel densities, it's almost impossible to provide pixel- perfect visuals for native apps.

When it comes to designing icons for mobile apps, we have to face two aspects of the design process. İnsan zihni mükemmel bir nesne tasarlayabilir mi? [Video] Joygame - Client ve Web Tabanlı Ücretsiz Online Oyunlar Portalı. Magic Jelly. Tasarımcılar için en iyi font kaynakları (500+ Free Fonts) The Pattern Library. Web Design, Development & SEO. Websites with Exceptionally Creative and Unique Navigation.