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Gluten-Free Candy Cane Crunch Chex™ Party Mix Recipe - Homemade Hot Drink Mixes: 3 Ways | Love and Olive Oil. Homemade hot drink mixes make a perfect holiday gift, in 3 delicious flavors including sakura matcha latte, salted vanilla hot cocoa, and unicorn white hot chocolate. Just add hot milk! If you’re looking for a cute and clever homemade gift idea, these sweet drink mixes are just the ticket! Packaged in cute glass jars with colorful gift tags (free printable download at the bottom of this post!) They’ll warm the hearts (and stomachs) of anyone lucky enough to receive them. For these adorable and giftable drink mixes, I took 3 of my most popular drink recipes (including the infamous unicorn hot chocolate as well as my sakura matcha latte and salted vanilla hot chocolate) and remade them as powdered drink mixes that are super easy to make (the hardest part is tracking down the various powders and jars) and perfect for gifting!

As easy as the mixes themselves are to make, they are even easier to turn into a delightful hot beverage: just add hot milk! Anyway, back to the drink mixes! Directions: Homemade Hot Drink Mixes: 3 Ways | Love and Olive Oil. Make A Candy Bouquet In A Coffee Cup | Miss Kopy Kat. Pick a themed cup to make the perfect base as the holder for a candy bouquet in a coffee cup. It would be the perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, teacher's gifts or any occasion.

It's like two gifts in one...the candy AND the coffee cup. You can personalize a plain coffee cup with a special saying that you like, a name, an initial or a cute design to make it even more special. There are further directions later in the post about how to make the design you do yourself last through dishwashings. In addition to a coffee cup you will need candy, clear tape, wooden skewers and foam.

Since a coffee cup is relatively small, you can get by with putting small (and less expensive) candy in them. These candies came from a bag of miniature candies. Although if you want to use full-sized candy, the weight of the cup will support those too. This red pot (from Dollar Tree) is not officially a coffee cup but it is ceramic and has about the weight of a coffee just doesn't have a handle. from you! Christmas Lighted Tomato Cage Angel DIY Project. Tasteofhome.

How To Make Any Fruit Crisp in 4 Easy Steps. Crisps are quintessential dessert fare, with many of us having fond memories of spring rhubarb or fall apple crisps in the memory banks of our childhood. Maybe the reason they show up so often, with their warm bites of buttery oat topping giving way to jammy fruit, is because they are entirely utilitarian. Their ingredients are few, they're best at using up fruit that's going soft, and you can make one without a recipe, completely by heart.

Once you understand the basics of making a crisp topping, you can use literally any fruit to make a sweet and juicy filling. Here's how to make a fruit crisp in four easy steps. What Is a Fruit Crisp? Crisps, crumbles, and cobblers often get lumped together as the same dessert, but they are distinctly different. Here's the distinction: Crisps always include whole oats, while crumbles do not. Read more: What's the Difference Between a Cobbler, Crumble, and Crisp?

The Essentials of Making a Fruit Crisp Selecting and preparing the fruit. How to Serve Crisp. Best Cheesy Garlic Pull-Apart Bread Recipe-How To Make Cheesy Garlic Pull-Apart Bread— 14 Crostini and Toppings Recipes - Crostini Topping Ideas. Best Maple Bacon Brie Pull-Apart Bread Recipe - How to Make Maple Bacon Brie Pull-Apart Bread. Best Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Pizza Dip Recipe - How to Make Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Pizza Dip.

Best Pull-Apart Christmas Tree Recipe-How To Make Pull-Apart Christmas Tree— Cranberry Brie Dip - How to Make Cranberry Brie Dip. Best Cranberry Brie Bites Recipe - How to Make Cranberry Brie Bites. Enjoy & have a nice meal !!!: Homemade caramel sauce.

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Gingerbread Cookie Mix. Gifts in a Jar. Baked very pretty | hopefulnightowl. Baked marbles? Yep just that baked marbles..What does that mean exactly?? It means baking standard playing marbles in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes and dropping them in an ice bath for a cracked look. Why would anyone want to do such a thing?? Well why not! I saw them first on Pinterest and thought hmm what are these things and can it really be that simple and what would I do with them once done..Well here is my DIY and what I did with these sparkly little beauties..

Bought these for $2 and picked thru for all the clear ones.. Regular Marbles Placed them in a mini muffin tin in the oven at 350 for 20mins.. Marble Tin Dropped the hot marbles in an ice bath and heard snap crackle pop.. Chillin Left them in the ice bath for 10mins, pulled them out and although cracked I wanted MORE crackle, so I repeated the baking an icing process one more time and got these lovely little beauties.. All cracked on the inside and sparkly Little Crystal Balls Baked Marble Necklace Like this: Like Loading... How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas. Bumble Bee's Craft Den: Flannel Reindeer Tutorial. Well here you go - at last I've managed to sit down and take some pics and get a tutorial together for making flannel reindeers!! It's quick and easy to make the basic shape. First of all you take a flannel or washcloth and position it flat in front of you so that you have a corner point in front of you to give a diamond shape.

Then you position your bar of soap in the middle of the cloth. Next take the corner closest to you and the back corner and bring them together. Now roll the cloth starting from the corners held in your hand down towards the bar of soap. This needs to be done quite tightly. Photo is view looking down onto the cloth. You then take each of the side corners and bring them to the middle to form the reindeer ears. Again, make sure this is done tighly. This is the back view. You are now ready to add your pipe cleaner antlers which you thread up under the rubber band and twist them to position and shape. I usually attach a few tiny bells around the ends of the pipe cleaners.

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Crochet Patterns. Ornament Patterns.