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Christmas 2016

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DIY Peppermint Candy Spoons. Almost-Famous Soft Pretzels Recipe. Make the pretzels: Warm the milk in a saucepan until it's about 110 degrees; pour into a medium bowl and sprinkle in the yeast.

Almost-Famous Soft Pretzels Recipe

Let the yeast soften, about 2 minutes; stir in the brown sugar and 1 cup flour with a wooden spoon. Dice 2 tablespoons butter and soften; stir into the mix. Add the remaining 1 1/4 cups flour and the fine salt to make a sticky dough. Sourdough Bread Dip Recipe. Filters What's in Your Fridge?

Sourdough Bread Dip Recipe

Browse By: Wiener Wisps Recipe. Buttery Soft Pretzels Recipe. Authentic German Pretzels. German Fondue Fest. Germany never tasted so good!

German Fondue Fest

For a fantastic Oktoberfest celebration make the entire menu or for a smaller celebration or just a taste of Germany make the fondue or the entrée along with the recommended side dish. Dessert and beverages optional, but highly recommended! Slow Cooker Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate. Slow Cooker Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate is a perfect minty winter treat!

Slow Cooker Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate

It’s an easy recipe that will be gone in minutes! My family loves anything peppermint flavored this time of year. DIY Hot Chocolate Flavor Spoons. Huffingtonpost. Candy-Covered-Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels. This is one of those weird “revamping a recipe from 3 years ago” posts.

Candy-Covered-Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

I first shared these a few days after Andy & I got engaged actually, right after I came back from the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco. (I won Best New Blog there which explains some of the old comments.) Glass Magnet Tutorial. The most common question I get asked at a craft fair is how to make my adorable Glass Pebble Magnets.

Glass Magnet Tutorial

It’s the most searched post on my blog over at and I understand why. It is especially relevant for those of you vending craft fairs. These magnets sell great and are quick and easy to make in large quantities. Holiday Gnomes. I’m back again with another Floracraft® Foam makeover!

Holiday Gnomes

The New Make It Fun® Holiday Craft eBook is here, it’s brimming with Christmas crafts and decorating ideas for the upcoming holidays. We were asked to recreate one of their ideas into one of our own. I am going to combine two of their craft projects this time around, the Holiday Gnome Wall Art and the Cone Christmas Characters, to make these sweet Holiday Gnomes. These cuties are becoming pretty popular this season.

The 'Saran Wrap Ball' Christmas Party Game Is A Must! There are all sorts of interesting and fun games you can play at your #Christmas party, but this one is super duper fun!

The 'Saran Wrap Ball' Christmas Party Game Is A Must!

It is called ‘The Saran Wrap Ball’ and it is just that…a massive ball of Saran Wrap with a ton of goodies layered throughout the ball and one awesome prize in the center! (see photos below) Best Cheese Ball Bites Recipe-How To Make Cheese Ball Bites—