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Here is a checklist to consider creating a website to make it more A.D.A compliant: 1. Consider colorblindness when choosing color combos. 2. Ensure that your text is big enough for the visually impaired. 3. Describe your embedded links. #ADAChecklist #We. Ways to Make It Easier for P.W.D's to Access Your Site Here are a few ways to make it easier for persons with disabilities to access your website: 1. Use alt tags. 2. Create subtitles on any video media. 3. Include an accessibility guide. #Website #Easier. How COVID-19 Is Influencing Web Traffic Due to the pandemic, more people are online. Many are using the internet to get their daily essentials while they practice social distancing at home. Read more #COVID19 #WebTraffic.

Website compliance is important because it makes it easier for persons with disabilities to enter, view, and use the site. A compliant website is often better and more accessible, which brings in more web traffic. #FastWebComplianceLLC #WebsiteCompliance. How to Make a Website for Visually Impaired People Here are a few ways to make your website more accessible to the visually impaired: 1. Have more contrast between elements. 2. Avoid color combos that are easily confused by colorblind users. #MakingWebsit.

Reasons to Be Website Compliant Here are a few reasons why you should make sure your website is A.D.A compliant: 1. It makes your site more disability-friendly. Read more #FastWebComplianceLLC #WebsiteCompliant. What Happens If Your Website Is Not ADA Compliant? If a person with disability claims they cannot access your website, you may face a lawsuit or incur penalities or legal fees. Your brand image and public reputation may also be affected. #Website #ADAComp.

Here are a few ways you can make your website more accessible for persons with disabilities: 1. Use keyboard shortcuts to aid navigation. 2. Make options to allow enlarged text. 3. Make sure images have descriptive tags. #HelpfulTips #CompliantWebsite. National Eye Exam Month August is National Eye Exam Month, so we should all remember to get our eyes checked by a doctor. Also, we can help you make your websites more accessible to the visually impaired. #FastWebComplianceLLC #NationalEyeExamMonth.

What Law Governs Website Accessibility? The law that governs website accessibility in the United States is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specifically, Title III of the act. Read more #AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct #WebsiteAccessibility. An A.D.A compliant website can boost the traffic to your site by increasing its ranking on search engines because of the requirement to have captions and appropriate alternative information on all multimedia. #FastWebComplianceLLC #CompliantWebsite.

Ways the Web Benefits People With Disabilities A compliant website makes it easier for people with disabilities to look for information online. Here are a few ways they can benefit from the web: Read more #FastWebComplianceLLC #WebBenefits.