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For organizations involved in large construction projects, it is often hard to capture all the activities, manage personnel, and share important information between staff from start to finish. It becomes increasingly time consuming and inefficient to keep multiple sets of drawings needed for a building as they keep changing during different phases. Responding to this need for electronic document control, distribution and staff collaboration is the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company FASTTAC. Using technology that originated at Carnegie Mellon University and established in 2005, our company specializes in providing cutting edge software solutions for construction drawing and document sharing, annotation, collaboration and communication.

Keeping Your Construction Documents Under Control. Managing the various documents related to your construction project is important.

Keeping Your Construction Documents Under Control

These documents provide you with the written and graphical instructions you need to properly manage your project, meet timetables and stay in compliance with various local, state and federal building codes and requirements. Construction Technology & Tools: Then and Now. Long ago the process of building something involved the creation of designs and blueprints, filing duplicate copies with the local building inspector and the maintenance of boxes or drawers full of invoices, work orders, change orders and other documentation.

Construction Technology & Tools: Then and Now

Tracking Work Progress Through Construction Management Technology. Few industries benefit from integration as much as the construction industry.

Tracking Work Progress Through Construction Management Technology

The presence of project managers and superintendents is imperative to the success of a project, despite the fact that their presence is often requiredat meetings in field offices and other locations to provide for the needs of the onsite contractors and the job itself. If you had to describe the utility of construction management technology in one short sentence, it could be that they “surpass geographical limitations.” 5 Features to Look for When Choosing Construciton Management Software. The infusion of technology and business in the modern era has reached new heights, and is being utilized in a diverse range of businesses.

5 Features to Look for When Choosing Construciton Management Software

In the construction industry in particular, where collaboration is imperative to success, construction project software is making waves as more managers become apprised of its benefits. It’s led the way to greater efficiency in team projects, and greater transparency between contractors and owners. Who Can Use Construction Project Management Software? The short answer is – everyone. Avoiding Costly Mistakes on the Construction Site. Time is money, so the longer a construction project takes, the more money is spent in the long run.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes on the Construction Site

On the flip side, the more time that can be shaved off of a project, the more money can be saved. It is for this reason that many contractors are turning to cloud-based construction project management software. This software can be used for projects of all sizes, and the real-time reporting features allow you to keep an eye out for mistakes, as well as view progress from a multitude of performance indicators. Initial Estimates Before a project is officially underway, cloud-based construction project management software can be used to create a timetable with far less human error. Real-Time Updates Even with proper planning and preparation, there are some factors that are simply out of your control – such as weather-related construction delays. Remote Communication Cost Control. Better Facility Management with Maintenance Management Software. Even with superior attention to detail, managing the maintenance within a large facility can be greatly improved with the use of facility management software.

Better Facility Management with Maintenance Management Software

This software eliminates the need for a paper trail, and improves everything from organization to communication. Below are just a handful of ways in which maintenance management software can help to improve the maintenance and repair workflow within your building. Managing Your Seasonal Checklists You are sure to have seasonal checklists in place to stay on top of your preventative maintenance. While these checklists work, software will make your seasonal schedule easier to organize, update, and adhere to. Improved Communication Regarding Day-To-Day Operations. Overcoming the Obstacles of Construction Documentation. Few of us truly understand all the obstacles that handling construction documentation can pose, but those who deal with blueprints and construction permits on a daily basis know all too well what a hassle it can be, especially with when the winds whip up and destroy an expensive set of blueprints that are crucial to the project.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Construction Documentation

Project managers have to juggle many forms of documentation to keep a job going smoothly, which can become overwhelming. Keeping track of every piece of paper on a job site can be an absolute nightmare. Often the conditions on the site can wreak havoc on paperwork, wind, rain and snow can destroy it, and sun can fade the print, making it impossible to read. Luckily, today there is a better way to handle all the documentation through the use of construction document management software. Getting a Handle on Documentation As we become immersed in the electronics age, most of what used to be done with pen and ink has now become computerized. Setting Your Construction Project Data Structure. When working on construction projects, it is very important to collaborate in real time with all parties involved and have access to information that pertains to each segment of the project.

Setting Your Construction Project Data Structure

Making sure data is available and selecting the correct platform and project data structure is also crucial. Access to construction items such as architectural drawings, project management schedules, budgets, work schedules and so forth ensures that your various construction projects run smoothly. Being able to oversee and manage multiple projects at one time, that involve different teams with different schedules and different work duties require very efficient collaborative project management software system. 4 Ways to Lessen Your Workload. As a facility manager, efficiency can be your greatest asset –given your plethora of responsibilities and immovable deadlines.

4 Ways to Lessen Your Workload

One of the more robust ways of keeping up to speed with your day-to-day activities is through the use of maintenance management software. Successful implementation of work order management software sees huge returns on investment, as well as simply better results for your business overall. Follow along as we explore just a small sample of the ways facility managers are using work order management software to revolutionize their facility’s information and lessen their workload. 1.

Minimizing Delays In any work order load, one of the biggest wrenches in any process is the lack of availability of essential parts. 2. The Importance of Communication & Real-Time Collaboration on the Worksite. Constant communication and collaboration are very important elements to the overall success of any construction worksite.

The Importance of Communication & Real-Time Collaboration on the Worksite

This is true for a variety of reasons, including for safety reasons, to enhanced business practices, to increase efficiency and productivity, to make more effective use of construction equipment and just better overall collaboration between all parties involved. How Construction Communication Software Increases Performance and Productivity Real-time collaboration on construction worksites is exceptionally important because it keeps all workers and other interested parties in sync with the day-to-day activities that take place both on the site and in the office.

Effective project management can not only help save time and money, but it helps you stay on course and within your budgetary limitations. Daily accounting reports can be created to ensure that managers are aware of what they’re spending at all times. Project Management on the Move with iPad Construction Apps. In business as in life, organization is the name of the game. With so many tasks to complete during the course of an average day – and many more as a particular deadline approaches – keeping an account of them is the first step to actually accomplishing these task. Project management software has taken off these days, because of their ability to sync information between team members in real time, as well as their particular utility in construction-oriented jobs. 5 Traits of Successful Facility Managers. Taking on the responsibility of building facility management is a highly demanding, and also highly rewarding position.

It is a role that requires you to have industry insight, mechanical expertise and business acumen – but there’s more. Developing or building upon the five skills below, will help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your daily operations. 1. Superior Communication Skills While it is fair to say that superior communication skills are required in any management position, the ability to provide clear, specific and timely communication is a must for all building facility management professionals. 2. While all facility managers must have the mechanical knowledge required to effectively manage their school, hospital or building, they must also be technologically savvy from an electronics standpoint.

Measuring Your Construction Project Management Efficiency. Regardless of the size of the construction project, contractors and project managers alike must take a proactive approach to measuring and managing their efficiency. Managing your project properly is not only essential for keeping your clients happy, but is also essential for staying on budget—and for breaking ground on your next project in a timely manner. Turn to the tips below to measure the efficiency of your current and future projects. Create a Plan of Action with Clearly Defined Benchmarks First and foremost, you must create a plan of action that includes a detailed workflow. Within your plan of action, you will need to set measurable benchmarks – supported by daily, weekly and monthly goals.