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Based on our 50 years of combined retail, distributor, marketing and advertising expertise, we’ll evaluate your brand’s needs and develop an innovative strategy that will skyrocket your profits. By defining your objectives and setting attainable and measurable goals, we’ll work with your company to improve it’s efficiency and productivity. FasTrax Solutions specializes in Retail POS, Warehouse Management Systems, and Digital Marketing Solutions, as well as Customer Loyalty and Reward Solutions. Our solutions are designed to function as independent applications, while also integrating seamlessly with each other to take advantage of and build an end to end enterprise package.

FasTrax Solutions - Marketing Solutions for Tobacco Stores by FasTrax Solutions. The concept of marketing is completely different than it was 5 years ago and is constantly changing and evolving.

FasTrax Solutions - Marketing Solutions for Tobacco Stores by FasTrax Solutions

Today's modern consumer is extremely distracted with technology, making traditional print signs and advertising ineffective. Not to mention how costly and time-consuming it is to create and make changes to in-store signs and posters. It's time to jump on board and reduce your risk of losing valuable customers to competitors with in-store digital signage. In-store digital signage captures your customer's attention and helps drive sales with promotion and product education. Dynamic graphics and animation draws customers' eyes, and with the ability to create rotating digital advertisements with multiple promotions and slides, you'll be generating more sales than ever before. How Retailers Can Utilize In-Store Digital Signage - FTxSolutions. FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax Solutions MSP Services for Businesses. FasTrax Solutions Launches Free Access to AdPro Design Software to Struggling Businesses During National Pandemic. AdPro is a no-experience-necessary design software developed by FasTrax Solutions AdPro trial for small businesses.

FasTrax Solutions Launches Free Access to AdPro Design Software to Struggling Businesses During National Pandemic

No experience needed with 1000+ templates for all industries. Sign up online and communicate better with customers digitally. Keeping Your Touch Screen Devices Sanitized During The COVID-19 Outbreak in The United States. For those companies in the retail industry who have been permitted to remain open during the pandemic because they offer life-sustaining products such as convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc it’s business as usual.

Keeping Your Touch Screen Devices Sanitized During The COVID-19 Outbreak in The United States

Now more than ever it is important to constantly clean and sanitizes your in-store touch screen devices to reduce the risk of spreading infection. What you Need: Microfiber or lint-free clothThe cleaning solution of 80% alcohol, 20% water 1. Power off the device and disconnect it from the outlet. FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax Solutions Loyalty Program for Customers Online. It costs up to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax Solutions Loyalty Program for Customers Online

On top of that, current/returning customers spend 67% more on average than new customers. Loyalty programs are great tools for increasing customer satisfaction and retention. A good loyalty program not only rewards customers for their purchases, but effectively entices them to spend more because they feel they are saving more. Research shows that 66% of loyalty program members modify their spending in order to maximize their reward point accumulation. FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax Warehouse Inventory Management Tool. FasTrax Solutions - Digital Signage Solution: Best Digital Signage Software by FasTrax Solution. 5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Higher Education. Digital signs catch attention.

5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Higher Education

In this day in age, the human eye naturally darts to screens, and the clearer and brighter, the better. Posters are drab, motionless, and often overlooked. Who needs printer costs and signs that wear, fade, and weather badly when you can use dynamic images on a crystal clear screen? FACT: 96% of students notice digital signage and recall the messages #1 Spread Information can provide a solution for posting general information around campus facilities such as sports stadiums and arenas, gymnasiums, and various buildings.

. #2 Reinforce Learning. FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax POS Customer, Munchies, Donates over 500 Meals to First Responders. Posted in News on May 11, 2020 FasTraxPOS customer, Munchies Fast Food Restaurant in Auburn NY, donates over 500 meals to first responders and healthcare workers through their "Feed The Frontline" campaign.

FasTrax Solutions - FasTrax POS Customer, Munchies, Donates over 500 Meals to First Responders

Over the duration of three weeks, Munchies plans on donating over 500 meals total to frontline workers in Auburn, NY. On Friday, May 1st Munchies kicked off their campaign by donating 100 meals to the Auburn Community Hospital. They also started offering a 25% discount to first repsonders on Friday the 1st. They didn't stop there though. 5 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Higher Education. NAVIGATING RESTRICTED BUSINESS OPERATIONS DURING COVID-19. These are unprecedented times.


If you haven’t prepared your business to survive a worldwide pandemic, you aren’t alone. While current “shelter in place” and “shutdown” orders certainly come with economic challenges, that doesn’t mean that your business will automatically go under. The key is to acknowledge the potential threats that the coronavirus poses to your business while also exploring the operations you can adopt to keep running.

As a savvy business owner, you’ve probably been asking yourself, how can you keep your revenue streams flowing? In short, the answer is that you must shift as many services, sales, and operations as possible into the digital sphere. FASTRAX POS CUSTOMER, TOBACCO JUNCTION, GIVES BACK TO FIRST RESPONDERS. Posted in News on Apr 27, 2020 FasTrax Solutions' long-time customer Tobacco Junction provided free meals to first responders as a way to say thank you for being on the frontline during the COVID-19 crisis.


Tobacco Junction partnered with a local restaurant, Rick's on the Square and Dakota's, and footed the bill for over 50 first responders on Thursday, April 16th. Tony Cooper, President at Tobacco Junction said that he wanted to fund these meals to say thank you to law enforcement, EMS workers, and firefighters for all of their hard work and to help bring business to local restaurants. Tobacco Junction repeated the free meal offer on Thursday, April 23rd as well. To read the full story visit the CBS19 website, found here. FASTRAX SOLUTIONS LAUNCHES FREE ACCESS TO ADPRO DESIGN SOFTWARE. Posted in News on Apr 16, 2020 Rock Hill, NY - April 16, 2020 - FasTrax Solutions announced today that it will be offering free access to their AdPro design software to local businesses during the pandemic quarantine period.


COVID-19 has put a lot of stress on small businesses that may not have the equity to ride out all of the changes social-distancing has brought upon them. For restaurants and most retail stores, this means no in-store customers, curbside pickup, and home deliveries. But how do you update your customers on these changes if they can’t come into your store anymore? The answer is simple, digital media marketing. Enterprise Software Solution Provider — How to Make Your Products Stand Out with Digital... Cloud-Based vs. On-Site Digital Signage. Posted in Digital Signage on Apr 09, 2020 Digital Signage is changing the way consumers engage with your business.

Cloud-Based vs. On-Site Digital Signage

In today’s digital world it’s easy to get lost in all of the new marketing techniques. Gone are the days of printing promotional flyers and featuring products on large vinyl canvases. So how do you get back on track? There are two options that you have as a business owner when considering switching to digital signage: Cloud-based: All content that you or the host creates is managed on a server that is owned by the host and is accessible anywhere. 6 Ways Googling Photos Leads to Copyright Infringement. Posted in Digital Signage on Sep 11, 2017 You need a photo quickly to add to your print campaign or include in your digital advertisement so you let your fingers do the walking and turn to your trusty pal Google. But before you’re tempted to snag that fantastic image you found through a Google image search, conjure up the MC Hammer Song, “U Can’t Touch This” and keep yourself out of major hot water.

Taking an image you found on the internet might seem harmless, but it could cost you thousands of dollars in fines and even imprisonment if you are found guilty of copyright infringement. Photo copyright infringement occurs when you use an image that belongs to someone else, whether it includes a copyright symbol or not. Even photos on the internet are implicitly covered by copyright law. PHOTOS FOUND ONLINE ARE FAIR GAME – An image found on the internet is subject to the same copyright laws as if you found it in a book, magazine, or snuck into someone’s home and stole their camera. Now Introducing FTx Lifeline Webinars. Posted in Support on Aug 22, 2018 FasTrax Solutions is committed to providing you with the best resources to grow your business. We want you to use our products to their full potential, so starting now, join us every Friday at 10am ET / 9am CT for a weekly webinar! We will be focusing on a variety of specific topics and features, and will provide you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

10 Ways Retailers Can Identify and Cultivate Their Best Sales Associates. Finding and retaining great Sales Associates is a perpetual problem for store owners. The very nature of the Sales Associate position is typically lower paying and part-time or temporary. Couple this with the high cost of training and it isn’t hard to imagine why it’s so difficult for retailers to keep their stores staffed with high performing employees. According to a survey by Hay Group, “retailers report a median turnover rate of 67 percent for part-time store workers.”

Is Your Point of Sale System Working as Hard as It Should? 10 Telltale Signs. Posted in pos suite on Dec 08, 2017 As the saying goes, you should work smarter, not harder. If you own a retail chain, it’s especially crucial that you have a point of sale (POS) system that works smarter. Employee Time Theft: 10 Insanely Easy Ways To Plug Expensive Leaks In Your Payroll. Posted in TimeClock on Sep 10, 2017 A leaky faucet isn’t typically high on your list of priorities to fix, right? However, one leaky faucet that drips just one drop per second wastes 3,000 gallons of water per year.* Now imagine you don’t have one leaky faucet, but hundreds. The same principal applies with regard to employee time theft. A seemingly harmless waste of a few minutes of an employee’s time might seem innocent, while actually costing your business hundreds of dollars a year in lost payroll wages. Multiply that by the total number of employees on your payroll, and that figure can quickly skyrocket into the thousands.

Most employees don’t think much about their chit chat around the water cooler, checking social media sites like Facebook during their shift, or rounding the hours on their time sheets. According to Software Advice time theft costs businesses $400 billion annually. *Statistic provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

5 Ways a Point of Sale System Can Increase Customer Loyalty. Posted in Loyalty, pos suite on Nov 06, 2018 Ask any retailer what a Point-of-Sale (POS) system is and they’ll most likely tell you it’s the central component of their business. A combination of software and hardware, your POS system is so much more than a cash register, it’s the main hub where everything comes together! It’s recording every sale, product, and customer transaction, turning it into one of the most valuable business tools: consumer data. Consumer data is important because it depicts almost an entire demographic of your customers. By keeping track of their buying behaviors, you have insight into who is purchasing, what they’re purchasing, and when they’re purchasing it. 1.

The Price Is Right: 8 Pricing Strategies to Implement Today. Digital Signs: 15 Jaw-Dropping Reasons to Scrap Your Outdated Marketing. SHRINKING DITIGAL SIGNAGE COSTS – As digital signage becomes more commonplace, it has become much more affordable. After the initial cost of buying your TVs or display screens, you can find digital signage companies that offer their services for a very reasonable monthly fee. Designing Your Own Success Can be as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Take Control of Your Inventory with FasTrax Handheld Scanners.