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Lhc. EZproxy [OCLC - Web and Data Services] Visual password authentication for Payment Cards, Company Cards, Club Cards, Gift Cards, Prize Cards. Embc Case Study on the implementation of Shibboleth - The National Education Network. Guanxi - Guanxi. Federated Access Management. WebHome - Shibboleth 1 Documentation - Internet2 Wiki. Laptop Requirements for Shibboleth Training - EdSpace. IMPORTANT!

Laptop Requirements for Shibboleth Training - EdSpace

Participants will be installing Shibboleth in a virtual machine (VM) environment on their own machines. To accommodate the requirements of the VM, attendees must bring a laptop with the following configuration. Pentium 4 or later processor (Intel Mac is OK) 1 GB of memory 15 GB of free hard drive space (actually you may be able to get by with as little as 5 MB free) Note per NCSSM's Paul Menchini: "you may wish to mention that any existing VMware product (or at least VMware server) will be uninstalled when VMware Player is installed. (I hope I can put things back when I'm done....)

". Download details: ADFSStepbyStep-Shibboleth.doc. EdLab. EdLab Your Web browser "Firefox 17.0 for Ubuntu" may not be fully supported by Fronter.


Please refer to the Fronter support site ( for a list of supported browsers. <blockquote class="message error"> Warning: Javascript is turned off. PhpMyID. SimpleSAMLphp. Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood. OpenID: an actually distributed identity system. Sxip Identity. UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research.