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Lhc. EZproxy [OCLC - Web and Data Services] Visual password authentication for Payment Cards, Company Cards, Club Cards, Gift Cards, Prize Cards. Embc Case Study on the implementation of Shibboleth - The National Education Network. Guanxi - Guanxi. Federated Access Management. WebHome - Shibboleth 1 Documentation - Internet2 Wiki. Laptop Requirements for Shibboleth Training - EdSpace. IMPORTANT!

Laptop Requirements for Shibboleth Training - EdSpace

Participants will be installing Shibboleth in a virtual machine (VM) environment on their own machines. To accommodate the requirements of the VM, attendees must bring a laptop with the following configuration. Pentium 4 or later processor (Intel Mac is OK) 1 GB of memory 15 GB of free hard drive space (actually you may be able to get by with as little as 5 MB free) Note per NCSSM's Paul Menchini: "you may wish to mention that any existing VMware product (or at least VMware server) will be uninstalled when VMware Player is installed. (I hope I can put things back when I'm done....)

". Download details: ADFSStepbyStep-Shibboleth.doc. EdLab. PhpMyID. SimpleSAMLphp. Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood. Most developers will never need to dig into the gory details of WS-Trust and WS-Security: CardSpace, WCF and non-Microsoft stacks take care of the details for you.

Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood

But you’re not like the others, are you! Making decisions on design & architecture requires deeper understanding of every option. Tune in and watch Vittorio unfolding on the whiteboard how keys are exchanged, what’s the magic behind digital signatures, how relying parties use policies, how exchanges are secured at the message level and more, in complete platform independence. This information is just as valid even if you approach WS-Trust from non Microsoft technologies. OpenID: an actually distributed identity system. Sxip Identity. UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research.