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RealXtend - Open source platform for interconnected virtual worlds. 01. Installing OpenSim. In order to setup a basic standalone sim on your home PC you need just two pieces of software, the OpenSim server software, and a client (viewer) to connect to it.

01. Installing OpenSim

Step 1: Installing and Setting up the ServerThe OpenSim server software can be downloaded from the OSGrid website. While on the OSGrid download page, I recommend that you also download the new Hippo viewer, especially designed for grid use, and with a very nifty new Grid button. It supports 45,000 prims and allows building up to a height of 10,000 m. Megaprims of up to 256x256x256 m come as standard, and it has several other exciting features. You can, of course, use the SL viewer, and this tutorial will guide you through using both the Hippo viewer and the SL viewer.

Once you have downloaded the OpenSim server software, unzip it, and get the Bin folder out. Create a shortcut on the desktop to the OpenSim.exe file in the Bin folder. Region (root) # : you know the server is ready. Ok, you are now good to connect to your sim. NINJA Physics. This project proposes a new physics extension called NINJA Physics.

NINJA Physics

The NINJA Physics extension enhances the ODE physics in OpenSimulator with joints: movable linkages between prims. This will allow wheeled vehicles, ragdolls, and mechanical/robotic assemblies to be interactively built within the standard viewer and controllable through scripting. A demonstration of the idea can be seen here: NINJA stands for a Networked INteractive Jointed Assembly. "Jointed Assembly" refers to an articulated rigid body. The core ODE physics engine already provides support for joints; it is OpenSimulator and the viewer that lack support. This new kind of physics, jointed physics, is separate from and complementary to the existing LSL script-based vehicles. The development of NINJA Physics follows these principles. Break nothing.

Quick start To try out NINJA Physics, follow these steps. Apply the patch ninja-allparts.patch to your OpenSimulator source tree and compile. Definitions Create a small sphere. JISC's Second Life guide helps lecturers teach in the virtual world. JISC's new guide to Second Life is written by lecturers for lecturers, to help others to use virtual worlds for teaching.

JISC's Second Life guide helps lecturers teach in the virtual world

‘Getting Started in Second Life' answers some common questions like how to set-up in Second Life, what the rules of the world are, how to plan lessons and how best to help students use it effectively for learning. The aim of the guide is to present the basics in order to help lecturers experiment, rather than them getting lost in mastering the detail of the virtual environment.

Lawrie Phipps, JISC Programme Manager, said: "With more institutions exploiting online learning it is important that JISC provides the tools to ensure that UK institutions remain at the forefront of this area. " The authors are all lecturers who have used Second Life in their teaching, so the guide is full of examples from their own experiences. Professor Maggi Savin-Baden, one of the report authors and director of learner innovation at Coventry University, said: Adam Frisby. Ten questions to ask your OpenSim host. Update: Full, up-to-date list of OpenSim hosting providers is here.

Ten questions to ask your OpenSim host

If you’re looking to rent some OpenSim land from someone, you’re probably thinking about the monthly cost and the setup fee, but here are a few more questions to ask: Interview photo by Can I choose where my land will be located? Some hosting providers can give you land on their grid only. Some allow you to have your own grid or standalone regions. If you’re on someone else’s grid, then your region can be easily accessed by the grid’s other uses, by walking over or teleporting over from other nearby regions. Learn 4 Life » Scratch in Open Sim.

Thanks to ReactionGrid and @dstrawberrygirl, Learn4Life now has a place on the Open Sim grid and I am officially a “Gridizen”.

Learn 4 Life » Scratch in Open Sim

Chris set me up an account in minutes and I was able to have a quick play with Scratch for Open Sim. Here’s a very quick video of the basic process. I simply downloaded the Scratch for Open Sim application – written in Squeak here (courtesy of a link from Rich White‘s excellent Greenbush Labs Blog – Rich tweaked Scratch for Second Life for Open Sim as a universal app for Windows, Mac and Linux) and then I was able to write code that could control a prim on the Open Grid in seconds. I simply dragged and dropped the building blocks onto the interface and then copy and pasted the code into TextMate and from there into my prim on Reactiongrid and presto – it worked first time. Second Life and Open Sim for Newbies (like Me!) - Day 1. If you and I follow each other on Twitter, you'll know that my ninth graders (a/k/a the Digiteen Dream Team) have been building a virtual world to teach digital citizenship on ReactionGrid, and OpenSim.

Second Life and Open Sim for Newbies (like Me!) - Day 1

Boy, I'm a total beginner (feel about like this kitty on a laptop) but learning a lot, so I'm planning to share the things I've learned with you.Just remember I'm a beginner - if you're a supergeek then head over to Beth Ritter-Guth, Peggy Sheehy, or Kevin Jarrett and the other many educators who leave me in the dust, but if you're trying to figure this out, maybe this will help! I'm putting this in my own words, so I hope the experts will correct me if I mess up.Basic Terminology Virtual World - A virtual world, some call a metaverse, is a place where you can operate in 3d environment. Everything is in 3d space which means it has x, y, and z coordinates for those who actually start building in these worlds. Second Life - A virtual world created by Linden Labs.

GreenbushTV's Channel. Web3d-blog. Lg3d-wonderland: Project Wonderland. Edusim - 3D virtual worlds for the classrom interactive whiteboard.