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Fastidious Technologies is a Best mobile app and Web Development Company offers android, iPhone, SEO & web application Development services around the world.

Want More Clients? Put Clients First in Your Marketing Efforts. Those of us who do Internet Marketing in a professional capacity spend a great deal of time exploring new ideas and concepts in the world of marketing.

Want More Clients? Put Clients First in Your Marketing Efforts

What’s Your Excuse? I was enjoying my cup of coffee this morning – Easter Sunday – and saying goodbye to my children as I’m heading back to the United States later tonight.

What’s Your Excuse?

For those that don’t know, I have three children and my two oldest are with my ex and live here in Brazil with their mom. I come down here regularly to spend time with them and that’s one of the main reasons that Mike and I bought a place as an investment property in the Orlando area – it’s a pretty easy non-stop 8 hour commute for me to Brazil. Well, my children had just left and I was sitting here having a cup of great Brazilian coffee and catching up on a little email. I’m really not one to watch TV. Though we have a big screen TV, I mainly use it to watch movies. But as much as I love movies, I almost never watch TV. For one, I detest commercials as they completely interrupt the main reason I enjoy watching movies – to get lost in the show. Easiest link building method-for increasing rankings.

The ‘Fuzzy Feeling’ Link Building Method That Skyrockets Your Rankings Nothing is better than acquiring a coveted, high authority link – unless you can also get a fuzzy feeling about it, afterwards.

Easiest link building method-for increasing rankings

That’s, right. You can do some wizardry SEO and also feel great about it. This is a strategy that very few SEO professionals use, because, well, nobody really talks about it and it does require some investment (although usually less than $50). Web Development Company - Fastidious Technologies. Php application development. Fastidious Technologies gives expert PHP Development, picking up mastery from years of involvement in PHP web development and PHP application development.

php application development

We have been working in PHP throughout the previous 4+ years and have picked up ability on different PHP application advancement systems and PHP services. We offer master PHP website architecture and programming administrations for worldwide customers. You can contract PHP designers who are capable in PHP site development, PHP web application development, and PHP porting and relocation Development. PHP is a kind of language simply the same as ASP yet contains distinctive different structure. Fastidious Technologies - seo service provider. What Is Content Marketing?

How to Become a Blogger with a Big Audience. Blogs are not exactly big news, they’ve been with us for a while now, but they are one of the simplest types of websites to create and the easiest to maintain.

How to Become a Blogger with a Big Audience

Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, focusing on every conceivable topic out there. Not all blogs are good, of course, but when blogging is approached the right way and well-executed, this can be a truly elegant way to do content marketing for just about anything you might have to promote or sell. What is Content Curation? Click edit button to changNearly everyone who has decided to get involved in running a site or otherwise participating on the web, if they wanted to develop a serious presence, has run into the concept of ‘content’.

What is Content Curation?

It turns out that content is quite literally the meat of the web and the reason why people come online in the first place. Engaging Your Clients - Today's Best Method. Is NoSQL Disrupting the Database Industry? The big question of today is will NoSQL put an end to relational database’s 40-year old legacy?

Is NoSQL Disrupting the Database Industry?

The answer is not very crisp yet very convincing – Relational databases will never die or become extinct per se, they will continue to exist, however their usage will be severely limited. Currently, more than 95% of the business apps store their data in relational databases while the remaining 5% is testing the new waters with NoSQL, with an increasing trend. As NoSQL grows older, database as an area will mature and evolve further and there will be more number of database technologies introduced. Each database solution will be useful for some particular scenarios, solving specific purposes and that is when choosing the right database will be a major concern. As data grows larger and larger with organizations seeking to store and measure every single metric possible, the weaknesses in the relational data model put it into a bad situation. Tips on Choosing Your Domain Name.

How to Optimize a WordPress Site for Speed & Security. A lot of people are using WordPress to build their sites these days and there’s very good reason for that.

How to Optimize a WordPress Site for Speed & Security

For one thing, WordPress is one of the more stable CMS (Content Management System) solutions you can find and for another, it’s free, and most importantly, it is extremely simple for anyone to create a website with WordPress development. That is probably a pretty good part of the reason that more than 75 million WordPress sites exist around the world today. 6 Essential Elements for a Top-Selling Mobile App. With the increase in the number of Smartphone and tablet usage in the world, app developers are facing more demands when it comes to creating better and more user-friendly mobile applications.

6 Essential Elements for a Top-Selling Mobile App

If you’re going to visit the Google Play or the App Store, you’ll notice the generous amount of mobile applications that you can download for free or at a low price. However, only some of these applications stand out from the crowd and are really worth having on your mobile device. Currently, an average Smartphone user has 41 apps on their device. The study released by Nielsen also revealed that a very low number of users (16 percent) will try a failing app more than twice. Therefore, most users would rely on their first-trial experience with an app before deciding whether they should keep it or uninstall it. Previously, we have published an article regarding common mistakes to avoid when designing for mobile devices.

Faster loading period. Link Building Schemes. There is a lot of talk about what works in SEO today.

Link Building Schemes

Most wise SEO professionals stopped using software to build links. All of us in the industry are constantly trying to figure out the best way to get sites ranking in the search engines. Here’s the latest from Google’s position on Link Building Schemes. How to SEO: Optimizing YouTube Videos. The exploding popularity of YouTube as a vehicle for attracting followers is a testament to its marketing effectiveness. Above and beyond basic SEO, there are plenty of more advanced techniques available to brands and marketers to get a leg up on the competition. Below you’ll find 5 concrete tips for attaining high rankings on the web’s biggest video search engine. Publish Transcripts of Your Videos The entire point of SEO is to draw more eye traffic from potential customers. Building High Quality Links. Many SEO experts will know that just a few years ago, YouTube used to be a do follow link. This was huge. All you had to do was build a solid YouTube page, comment on other people’s YouTube pages, subscribe to a few dozen of channels and your YouTube page would be at least a PR3 within a few months.

Many people owned PR5-PR7 YouTube pages. Then, of course, you would just link to your home page on your YouTube channel page. Pretty awesome, right? Well, what if I told you that this same exact technique still works, just not necessarily with YouTube? Yes, that is correct. Are the Google Changes helping or hurting you? While everyone hasn’t figured out that old SEO tactics no longer work, you can rise above the rest by spending your marketing dollars wisely.

Fire your SEO and put your online marketing budget to work for you! PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) Fast traffic to your site (overnight)Conversion trackingSet your own daily budgetTarget customers looking for your service or productOnly pay for when your ad is clickedSet the times of when you want your ad to showTarget a particular areaEliminate irrelevant search termsRe-market to your site visitors with your ads appearing as they search the webFREE Impressions – be at the top of Google and not charged unless someone clicks on your ad$100.00FREE Advertising Learning curves exist in PPC as well, and, unfortunately for some, they can be costly. Having a PPC manager like myself can make the difference in a successful campaign. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best web design company. Fastidious Tecnologies - custom web application development company. Web application development company.

We have effectively utilized the force of the rearranged code of this server side scripting dialect to grow very dynamic sites, complex web applications and database-driven sites. Mobile Application Development Company. Fastidious Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Mobile Application Development. Website development canada.