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FastExpert is a real estate agent encyclopedia that connects home buyers and sellers with the best agents in their area. If you are an agent, then join FastExpert and get verified leads directly to your mail or phone. To know more, kindly visit our website. connects Realtors to local buyers and sellers - Inman. At any moment on any day, the following happens almost simultaneously: A consumer wants to list their home or buy a new one.A Realtor wants to find qualified new clients looking to buy or sell. connects Realtors to local buyers and sellers - Inman

In a perfect world, these two would find each other easily. One needs a trusted advisor who can guide them through the transaction from start to finish. The other needs to know the prospect is highly motivated and not just haphazardly exploring possibilities. The internet is the first place both parties go. FastExpert has a better approach. FastExpert provides prospective buyers and sellers with the profiles of local, trusted agents, along with the information that validates their status as experts: their total sales, years of experience, total transactions, and average price point.

Sample FastExpert Agent Listing “Our goal is to be a resource for expedited, trustworthy assistance with the home buying and selling process,” said Andrew Te, CEO of FastExpert. “FastExpert isn’t just a database. How To Select The Real Estate Agent for Buying or selling. You’ve decided you are ready to sell your home or you’re looking to buy for the first time, where do you start?

How To Select The Real Estate Agent for Buying or selling

Most people would agree that the first step in the process is partnering with a real estate agent. They have the expertise to walk you through this process that can sometimes be difficult or confusing. But how do you find the right real estate agent for you? Having the best experience and getting what you want out of it depends very much on the real estate agent. How an Agent Can Help When Buying Your First Home. Buying your own house is a huge milestone, and it is possibly the biggest and most important (not to mention expensive) purchase of your life.

How an Agent Can Help When Buying Your First Home

It is exciting, being on your own, and being able to afford a place that you can call your own. Finding Real Estate Agents – To Trust or Not to Trust? A survey conducted in 2018 showed that almost 86% of US citizens in search of homes used real estate agents.

Finding Real Estate Agents – To Trust or Not to Trust?

Agents of all sorts, whether they are car dealers, local real estate agents, or talent acquisitions, have somewhat of a bad reputation because of a few bad eggs. 5 Costly Mistakes Made by Home Buyers. Home buying is an exciting yet stressful experience, especially for first-time homebuyers.

5 Costly Mistakes Made by Home Buyers

This is predominantly because the home buying process is affected by different factors, such as one’s finances, needs, emotions, and more. Sometimes, your emotions can get the best of you and you may end up buying a home that can turn into a nightmare. Continue reading to understand what exactly we mean by this and about other costly mistakes that buyers often make when purchasing homes.

Mistake #1—Not Having a Clear Idea about Their Home-Buying Budget Many potential home buyers don’t have a clear idea about their financial budget. What Exactly a Real Estate Agent Do for a Home Seller. Are you thinking of selling your property?

What Exactly a Real Estate Agent Do for a Home Seller

Wondering how to get started? If yes, then consider working with a local real estate agent in your area. The best real estate agents can help home sellers navigate through all the complexities involved in selling homes smoothly and without any hassle. Simply stated, real estate agents, perform a variety of duties to make the entire transaction process simple, stress-free and fast.

Common Problems with Selling Home without an Agent. Selling a house without an agent is an enticing way to save a lot of money by not paying any commission.

Common Problems with Selling Home without an Agent

But it’s not as simple. While selling your house without a realtor is certainly possible, it’s far from easy. Many people think that it is easier now, thanks to FSBO (For Sale By Owner) websites. Impact of the Coronavirus on Real Estate Market. As the coronavirus continues to keep people in their homes, businesses all around the world are facing inactivity and consequential shutdowns.

Impact of the Coronavirus on Real Estate Market

With economic activity collapsing on most fronts, the real estate sector has started to see it’s a fair share. The novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic in early March by the World health organization. And while initially, the crisis had only seemed a healthcare scare, it later turned economic at an alarming pace. To curtail the spread of COVID 19, governments across the world issued stay-at-home orders for citizens, and some even locked down entire regions. With people staying home, the rate of unemployment flared, causing at least 10 million people to lose their jobs in the United States of America alone.

What is the Average Real Estate Commission in California? California is the home of one of the biggest entertainment cities in the world – Los Angeles.

What is the Average Real Estate Commission in California?

Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles is where your Hollywood movies come from for those who don’t know. Hence, lots of celebrities, media personalities in the entertainment industry move to California annually. Hence, the reason real estate is thriving in California. Besides the glamour of Hollywood, California is a beautiful city with great weather. Real estate provides families with the right environment to raise their kids. Another reason many people move to the city. For example, Matt and Josh Altman have made over 400 million dollars in Los Angeles alone. While the MOVE real estate company has seen an overall increase to the annual revenue by 10%. Therefore, the realtor fees in California are among the highest in the United States. However, most sellers ask what they should pay to top real estate agents after they sell their homes?

How a Listing Agent Can Help You Sell Your House.