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The Fastener Factory

The Fastener Factory is an online merchant is located in Australia supplying trade quality products direct to the public.

Concrete Anchors – The Nuts and Bolts Directory. Be it a little home DIY work like securing household shelving or a large industrial project like fixing hydro-electric damns; concrete anchors hold undeniable importance.

Concrete Anchors – The Nuts and Bolts Directory

5 Amazing Design Tips for Your Front Garden. Top Five Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have. Hiring an expert for home improvements and repairing can be costly.

Top Five Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

There are few jobs that people can do on their own such as drilling a screw on the wall. However, if someone hires a professional for this job, then he/she has to pay a lot of bucks for it. Continue reading to know about the top five hardware tools that every homeowner should have. Having these tools will help owners to address their different needs. The Fastener Factory - Online Hardware Store in Melbourne. The Internet has revolutionised the way people shop.

The Fastener Factory - Online Hardware Store in Melbourne

Because of the numerous benefits, many people now prefer buying things online. The Fastener Factory is a leading online store that sells hardware products. People who are not confident about online shopping can also consider visiting their physical store to buy hardware products. Uses of Wire Rope in Different Industries: Why Do You Need It? When working in a constructional or manufacturing industry, you may often have to move or lift heavy equipment or other items.

Uses of Wire Rope in Different Industries: Why Do You Need It?

Performing such tasks without proper equipment or mechanical device, like, wire ropes, is next to impossible. Moreover, it may take hours to carry out this task without the right equipment. Wire rope is one of the best lifting devices, which consists of several steel wires. This lifting device has the below-mentioned benefits, Flexibility Strength Fatigue resistance Abrasion resistance Corrosion resistance and so on. The mentioned lifting device is commonly used in different sectors and industries, including,

5 Essential Steps to Plan Successful Construction Projects. Wire rope - The Fastener Factory. Importance of Safety Clothing and Gear in the Workplace. Cat jackets. Discover CAT workwear online Offering a line of apparel that’s designed to reflect maximum strength and a sense of innovation, Caterpillar workwear is the epitome of high industry benchmarks.

cat jackets

Inspired by the brand’s hardy equipment, all clothing is specially designed to revolutionise the way you work in the world around you. Bold and equipped with the durability to tackle all applications, our collection of CAT jackets, boots and other apparel pays homage to high-quality workwear across the board. Why choose CAT safety boots and workwear? Despite there being plenty of options on the market, investing in high-quality apparel is crucial for safety when you’re working on site.

By choosing top-tier brands, such as CAT, you’re opting for quality over all else. Introducing CAT machine pants Featuring stretch fabric for maximum comfort and free movement, Caterpillar machine pants are crafted to provide a slim, modern fit. Types of Washer - Everything You Need to Know. If you’re a professional fixer or a DIY enthusiast, you must be aware of the importance of the small element called ‘washer’.

Types of Washer - Everything You Need to Know

Washers have multiple utilities when it comes to giving the right touch of completion to any project related to hardware fittings. However, like any other hardware element, washers also come in different types, based on their design, built and uses. Of course, not all washers can meet the need for every different project. Five Types of Screws - The Ultimate List. How Safety Clothing Helps Avoid Accidents in Construction Industry? By Michael Griffin Michael How is it possible to create a safe working environment in the construction industry?

How Safety Clothing Helps Avoid Accidents in Construction Industry?

Building contractors often look for the best ways to avoid accidents and mishaps. No one knows when accidents take place. This is why, staying prepared for something unpleasant or following the safety measures is necessary. Especially when working in certain industries, like, construction and manufacturing that involve risks, paying attention to safety is a must. Everything You Need to Know About Lock Washers. Bolted nuts and fasteners might loosen up in the horizon of time.

Everything You Need to Know About Lock Washers

It can happen due to the movement of the joint and friction. However, if you use lock washer, you will be able to hold the objects in the place for years. In this post, we will take you through a complete guide and reveal all the information about lock washers. About Washer A washer or lock washer is a thin plate that comes with a hole. Stainless Hex Socket Countersunk Screw.

Counter Sunk Screws Available Online and In-Store The team at The Fastener Factory know a thing or two about quality trade supplies.

Stainless Hex Socket Countersunk Screw

Our team of highly trained and experienced trade professionals understand what is required to produce an outstanding finish on a professional or DIY project. Given our penchant for top of the range trade supplies, it’s only natural that we have the most comprehensive range of countersunk bolts available in Australia. The perfect supply for creating a clean, flush finish, countersunk screws are perfect for when you want to produce finish without any screws protruding above the surface. Feel free to order from our huge range online or come into our Huntingdale location, where you will find just as great a range as you see below. Australia’s Trusted Name in Hardware Supplies The Fastener Factory has long been Melbourne’s largest supplier of trade supplies, home improvement products and industrial hardware.

Contact Our Friendly Team to Find Out More. Concrete Screw Bolts & Masonry Screws. Concrete Fasteners and Masonry Screws Concrete masonry screws and bolts are designed to fix items into materials such as brickwork, concrete, stone and other hard materials.

Concrete Screw Bolts & Masonry Screws

Strong and durable, they’re constructed of sturdy steel and are specially designed to fix items effectively into hard materials. It’s essential that only screws designed for these materials are used, as using unsuitable products may result in poor results. Our Product Range The Fastener Factory stock a range of high-quality countersunk concrete masonry screws and hex head concrete screw bolt, specifically designed for use in hollow bricks, masonry and concrete. Delving into the Details of Fasteners- Why They Are Important. Undoubtedly, machines play a significant role in our day to day life. Be it the appliances of regular use or the accessories of occasional use; we need them every now and then. However, what makes the machine functional? Well, they are the fasteners that span the two different ridge of any machine. In other words, we can say that nuts and bolts are the universal components that make any machine-usable. Rely on the Fastener Factory for Screws And Trade Products.

The Fastener Factory: The Fastener Factory Slide2: Rely on the Fastener Factory for Screws and Trade Products Fastener is a hardware device that is mainly used to join two or more objects properly. Professionals use these tools to create temporary joints. Count on The Fastener Factory for Trade Quality Products.

The Fastener Factory, an online shop, is known to offer trade quality products to customers in Australia. They are the largest supplier of industrial hardware, home improvement products and fasteners. Once the buyers visit this shop, they will be able to purchase high-quality products at affordable rates since no middle man and no sales representatives are involved. Common Uses of Rivets – The Ultimate Guide. Top 3 Uses of Trolleys – The Ultimate List. Installing Drywall Anchors - The Ultimate Guide. Start typing here! You can add more paragraphs, images, videos, and more by clicking the icons in the toolbar! When it comes to hanging your favourite artwork on the wall or setting up the television set, you can easily feel the importance of these tiny objects.

The drywall anchors are the only helping hands that can help you in executing these jobs flawlessly. For this reason, knowing everything about the drywall anchors like self tapping screws is vital. To help you with this, we've prepared this exclusive guide that will guide you with the installation of these super useful objects. How to Choose the Right Screws: 4 Factors You May Consider. Fasteners play a great role in the process industries. For this reason, picking up the right fasteners is more than vital.

The bolts and screws are used to connect different materials like flanges, pipes and more. To maintain the quality of the production and safety of the work, it’s imperative to pick up the right pieces of nut and bolts. If you fail to do so, the results may be devastating. So, to help you in picking up the right fastener, we've come up with this post today. How to Choose the Right Screws: 4 Factors You May Consider. Castor Wheels: Why Should You Use Them? Some of the major reasons why people prefer using castors include, Habits that Enhances the Durability of the Stainless Steel Fasteners. The Most Common Uses of Fasteners. Rely on the Fastener Factory for Screws and Trade Products.

When You Should Use Screws – The Ultimate Guide. A screw is a fastener. In some cases, it works like bolts. Trolley Wheels - Standard Wheels - Wheels & Castors. Caterpillar Boots CAT Convex St Mid. Screw Suppliers, Wholesale Screws Online, Cheap Screws Melbourne. Bolt & Nut-The Fastener Factory. When The Fastener Factory says it has a fantastic supply of bolts, nuts and screws, you best believe it. Available both online and at our Melbourne location, we have everything you need to ensure your next DIY or professional project is undertaken with the assurance of a quality product. As Australia’s leading nuts + bolts supplier, we have everything from high tensile bolts to galvanised bolts, nuts and washers as well as zinc plated bolts, nuts and washers.

Our bolt supply is so extensive that we have earned a reputation for always being able to find the right product for our valued customers. Drill Bit - Cutting Tools to Create Holes. Drill bits are cutting tools that people can use to make holes. Rely on The Fastener Factory for Home Improvement Products. Things to Consider before Picking up the Right fastener. Screws – Tool to Address Your Fastening Needs. Drill Bits - Cutting Tools for Creating Holes. Drill Bits - A complete Guide to Make Drilling Job Handy. How to Work Safely in Manufacturing Industries: 3 Ways to Follow.

Hollow Wall Anchors - The Fastener Factory. Types of Fasteners – The Ultimate List. A fastening or fastener is a hardware device. It mechanically joins two objects or more. This device is mainly used to create non-permanent joints. So after joining them, you can also dismantle them easily without damaging the objects. This device can be made of different materials, but we always recommend individuals to opt for stainless fasteners. Products that are made of stainless steel are known for their durable nature.

Screw – A Hardware Device That Joins Objects. A screw is a special type of fastener that looks and works similarly like a bolt. They are mainly made of metal and characterised by a helical ridge. In this post, we will take you through a complete guide and reveal all the information about screws. A Brief Note on Different Types of Screws and Their Advantages. Fastener Factory - Avail the Top Quality Home Improvement Materials. Rely on the Fastener Factory for Screws and Trade Products. Best Personal Protective Equipment for Industrial Workers. A DIY Guide to Make a Perfect Deck using Screws for Decking. Secure the Deck with the Right Screws for Decking.

Rely on the Fastener Factory for Screws and Trade Products. How to Operate Drill Machines Safely: 4 Ways You Can Follow. The Classifications of Screws- Must Check Before Buying Fasteners. Differences between Self Tapping Screws and Masonry Drill Bits. Batten screw-The Fastener Factory. 3 ESSENTIAL TOOLS YOU NEED TO HANDLE YOUR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT. The Fastener Factory. Different Types of Drill Bits to Make Your Job Handy.

Top 3 Surprising Uses of Drilling Machine. Common Uses of Rivets – The Ultimate Guide. Types of Drill Bits and Their Uses. Five Types of Screws and Their Uses. What Type of Fastener You Should Use for Deck Building. The Most Common Uses of Fasteners. Moodle. Moodle. Discussion on Self-tapping Screws and its Types. Different Types of Drill Bits to Make Your Job Handy. What Type of Fastener You Should Use for Deck Building. Three Common Applications of Rivets You Should Know. The Fastener Factory Discount Hardware Supplies, Buy Tools Online Australia Wide.