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These Four Sisters Posed For A Picture Every Year For 40 Years. See The Powerful Transformation For Yourself. Family bonds run deep.

These Four Sisters Posed For A Picture Every Year For 40 Years. See The Powerful Transformation For Yourself

In this set of 40 consecutive photos, four sisters are shown posing together and looking straight into the camera lens. The result is a powerful portrait of four women, connected by blood and history. Each photo captures something unique and different about each sister, and the range of emotions displayed over time paints a compelling story of four ordinary women who become, somehow, extraordinary in these portraits. Alex MacLean. 2014 Design Trends: Stick Figures - Azure Magazine. From linear to chaotic, these products and installations show off their childlike spirit.

2014 Design Trends: Stick Figures - Azure Magazine

Check out another great trend, in our annual report by Azure‘s Catherine Osborne and Elizabeth Pagliacolo. 1 Thread Wrapping Machine Collection by Anton Alvarez Recent Royal College of Art graduate Anton Alvarez invented a contraption to join various materials, whether steel, plastic or wood, into one object by wrapping them in vibrantly hued thread coated in glue. Conveying a Franken-stick vibe, his first collection of stubby stools and tripod lamps and shelves debuted at Design Miami / Basel in 2013. 2 Favela Bed by Edra Referencing the haphazardly constructed housing in Brazil’s slums, the Campana Brothers’ Favela chair became an instant icon when Edra released it in 2003 (the Italian manufacturer recently debuted a limited edition in marble). Like the chair, the bed is made of pine slats. Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design. Package design is very important as it complements the product and creates an instant image of what to expect.

Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Most of the companies do not bother creating visually appealing package designs as it is still going to be thrown away but using a unique and creative package can go a long way and create a memorable experience for the user. Colors, shapes, structure and materials used for the package design create a long lasting effect and definitely help product stand out from the competition. In this collection you will see 30 beautiful examples of creative packaging designs. Original Article on UltraLinx Website – Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design. Colour trends - 2016/2017 OEM Colour Palette - Nexa Middle East. 2016-2017 Automotive Colour Palettes In response to the continued demand for colour innovation in automotive coatings, PPG NEXA AUTOCOLOR® has introduced more than 60 exterior shades to manufacturers for consideration in styling 2016-2017 model year vehicles.

Colour trends - 2016/2017 OEM Colour Palette - Nexa Middle East

Titled “Colorography,” the collection includes five palettes: How Iris van Herpen's Ice-like 3-D Printed Dress Was Created - Fashionista. Iris van Herpen's spring 2015 show in Paris was filled with technological wonders and barely comprehensible feats of engineering.

How Iris van Herpen's Ice-like 3-D Printed Dress Was Created - Fashionista

Our favorite piece was one that, to an untrained eye, appeared the most subtle: look 31, a strapless, structural, somewhat translucent mini dress worn by Dutch model Iekeliene Stange. The dress, which almost looks like an ice sculpture, was created in partnership with American 3-D printing company 3-D Systems. "[Van Herpen] wanted to use a technology that we developed," says Annie Shaw, the company's creative director. Beautiful Desk Accessories Inspired By Rock Formations. To create the Babylon line of desk gadgets, Samuel Wilkinson looked for inspiration outside the industrial design industry.

Beautiful Desk Accessories Inspired By Rock Formations

“We often look at nature to try and find interesting features and textures that we could interpret for a new object,” says Wilkinson, who has incorporated nature into his designs before (see this). “We looked at rocks, ice, leaves, and lots of other natural patterns to find inspiration.” Elvira 't Hart. 255680-bakery-shop-cafe-design-with-unfinished-furniture.jpg (JPEG Image, 720 × 541 pixels) Namoradeira tete-a-tete rocker. Fragments of Nature. Lex Pott brings together industrial design and organic natural elements in these tables.

Fragments of Nature

The wood processing industry works according to a fixed pattern: a tree is stripped of its branches and divided into geometric forms. Lex Pott combined these industrial, geometric forms with the original, organic structure of a tree in a series of items of furniture. Where the legs of his table meet its top, the form of a tree trunk can easily be seen. The contours are also directly derived from the tree trunk. The pieces of furniture are reproducible, yet remain a unique fragment of the natural world.

Resin and Real Moss Bangle Resin Bracelet par JasmineThyme. FASHION, SCULPTURE AND BEYOND. ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution (fiberglass, polyester resin) Winner of MA Design Award, University of Arts London, 2012 and the Accessories Collection of the Year at ITS (International Talent Support) 2012 in Trieste, Italy The project is grounded in a unique visual interpretation of animal anatomy, building upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces that appear as natural properties of the human body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality.


Concepts of mutation and evolution are explored in order to develop a contemporary cross-image of human and animal, an atemporal, supreme creature, beyond past and future. The goal was to fabricate a collection of 8 pieces of personal adornment that would not be specifically categorised as jewellery or accessories. Set - Stephanie Hornig Portfolio. Davide G Aquini's furniture collection is clad in boat decking. Wood panels used for the floors of Venice's ubiquitous water taxis surround a bookcase and a coffee table by Italian designer Davide G Aquini (+ slideshow).

Davide G Aquini's furniture collection is clad in boat decking

Items in the Pagliòlo Collection by Davide G Aquini are wrapped in vertical okumè panels, more commonly used in boat building. Pagliòlo is the Italian word for the flooring used in the bottom of the Venetian vehicles. "Whenever possible I like to let myself be inspired by what I feel is part of me, my training, my life," said Aquini, who came up with the idea for the collection while watching boat taxis in the canals of Venice, the city where he is based. Both the table and storage unit are raised off the ground on four steel tubing legs, supporting oval-shaped horizontal sections milled from MDF and lacquered in white or grey. The structure is wrapped in the okumè cladding, which also provides structural support for the top, leaving a fixed opening to allow access to the inside. Ana Rajcevic : 3D Printshow. Second Surface Second Surface is a small collection, consisting of two pieces designed by Ana Rajcevic, and printed with the help of Shapeways (US) and AUTODESK (US).

Ana Rajcevic : 3D Printshow

Pieces were created using three different softwares: Autodesk 123D App: using 123D Catch App to capture / scan initial handmade shapeMaya (Autodesk): 3D computer graphics software used to reshape, resize and edit scanned 3D objectGrasshopper: to build generative algorithms and used to add special textures and surfaces. LAW – Home. Hideki Nakajima1 graphics 306. Hideki Nakajima graphics 306.

Engineer 3-D Prints An Adorable Dog Wheelchair For A Two-Legged Puppy. An adorable two-legged Chihuahua puppy in Indianapolis recently got a new set of wheels from a stranger with a 3-D printer. TurboRoo, who was born without his front legs, was too young and small to be fitted for a normal dog cart, so a mechanical engineer designed him a custom-printed set of wheels. A fundraising campaign for a new cart for the Chihuahua caught the attention of Mark Deadrick, the president of a 3dyn, a San Diego-based design and fabrication shop that creates prototypes and parts for clients like //Space X.

Unable to get a 3-D scan of the puppy, he whipped up a design based on photos, and churned out a prototype in a couple hours. The orange-and-green cart consists of a plastic sling for the dog to rest in, and rollerblade wheels to allow him to roll around. Deadrick has sent three different versions of the dog cart to Indianapolis (the first two weren't exactly the right size, so while TurboRoo could push himself around, he needed helping hand to do so).

The Explosion Cabinet Certainly Lives Up To Its Name. It looks like any other buffet you’d find on a modern furniture site. And then you push or pull one side, and the Explosion Cabinet, well, explodes to become a big, messy, pixelated behemoth. The piece can stretch from 5 feet to 12 feet across the room. Top 20 Trends of the Day - From Re-Imagined Grammy Fashion to Functional Furniture. By: Jaime Neely - Published: Feb 11, 2013 Today's top trends celebrate the Grammy fashion witnessed by the entire world last night during the year's most anticipated music award show. It is no surprise that the Internet responded to the outfits and ensembles worn by the celebrities in attendance last night, but one blogger took the show's coverage to a whole new level by comparing different outfits to various items of food. Contemporary Kinship Photography - This Modern Family Photo Series is Oddly Fascinating.

Art. We first discovered CJ Hendry hyper-realistic drawings at the end of last year and were stunned immediately. In early April this year we launched the Art Hunter in Sydney in conjunction with Jaguar and introduced CJ Hendry’s work as one of the featured elements of the occasion. Her reputation took off like a rocket and her work is selling out at record time. For those who have just discovered The Cool Hunter or CJ Hendry, here’s some of the background story.

Her rise is extraordinary in the art world as it has all happened in just six short months. Art Is My Hustle - Tmagic Art. “Risk Society— Individualization in Young Contemporary Art from Germany” Exhibiting at MOCA Taipei. SUPERSELECTED - Black Fashion Magazine Black Models Black Contemporary Artists Art Black Musicians. SUPERSELECTED - Black Fashion Magazine Black Models Black Contemporary Artists Art Black Musicians. Beautiful and Mysterious Female Portrait Illustrations by Tom Bagshaw. Inspiration Hut. Bq HBBXCUAA9xTO. Wishbone rocking chair design by toby howes furniture 2. Dandelion by Isabelle Chapuis and Duy Anh Nhan Duc. Vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc has collaborated with photographer Isabelle Chapuis for the poetical series ‘Dandelion’. The photographs present dandelions as a soft, whimsical, and most importantly, beautiful. Coupled with female portraits, which are subtle but artful the series offers a new perspective on the delicate plant. The series was part of RAISE Magazine’s #16 Light Issue.