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Key Accessory Trends Making a Case For S/S.17 | FFT. As the Spring/Summer 2017 drew to a close, clear trend stories have emerged to steer us towards the direction design and developments would be taking for the approaching season. In this issue, we turn our gaze towards the accessory we swear our life by – the quintessential handbag. Handbags this season were seen embodying a playful charm with trinkets, tassels and whimsical embellishments galore. Size was the main point for experimentation with bags as tiny in size as lipstick cases worn across the body a la Valentino, miniature monogrammed iPhone cases by Louis Vuitton and matchboxes coiled over wrists at Hermès standing out against the gigantic extremes presented at Balenciaga, Gucci and Stella McCartney. Prints boasting of illustrated graffiti, intricate beading, quirky iron-on patches and glitter found their way onto bags and shoes in exuberance accompanied with metallic accents and vast leather surfaces.

Mini bags, barely the size of your fist, are in vogue this season. New Fashion Trends - A/W '17-18 - "Midi Skirt" | FFT. Fashion Trends for Winter. Fashion Trends. Silhouette Inspiration - A/W '17-18 - "Knit Pants" | FFT. Ride Sharing Platforms - FFT - Spotting Trends. This era experiences a generation that is on an all-time-high on emotions and empathy, which leads to the growth of community as a whole and fosters the idea of the growth of like-minded people together. Today, people are open to being involved in practices that include participation and interactions with one another. With an increasing awareness in people about their surroundings and well-being, a need for a sustainable relationship with nature has developed as well. An average working person living in an Indian urban city travels almost 30-50 kms every day.

These cities, which are already dense with 200-1000 people per hectare, are facing alarming statistics of increasing amounts of traffic, leading to disturbing levels of pollution. In these times, there is a need to seek out a better alternative of commuting. The ‘ride sharing’ concept, offered by various cab services, comes as an ideal solution to all these commuting setbacks. Denim Fashion Trends. Silhouette Inspiration - S/S '17 "High-Waist Trousers" | FFT. Millennial Moto: #I Woke Up Like This - FFT - Spotting Trends. Beauty standards have started to loosen up to become more inclusive.

Women of different skin, colour, origin, shape and size are now seen as beautiful being themselves. Leaving behind the conventional beauty standards, set by the most clichéd items from our lifestyle, ‘I woke up like this’ has emerged as a selfie trend in which people take selfies right after they wake up, capturing the essence of looking just natural and real, totally bare and unkempt in their looks portraying their raw, authentic self. The whole revolution was led on by people posting selfies with #IWokeUpLikeThis, signature tees and merchandise relating to the same are everywhere just as there are memes- abundant! A moment is created every time a person posts a selfie with the hashtag about how people have stopped caring about their flaws and imperfections, what they look like and what they don’t, evoking the au naturel!

Influencers, Celebrities, Bloggers, Activists started using the hashtag. Detail Inspiration - S/S '17 - "Statement Shoulders" | FFT. DIY Homes – Livspace Lets You Design Your Own Spaces on an App! | FFT. “The first duty of a man is to think for himself” José Martí Today we live in a growing era of “Individuals,” who are strong headed beings knowing what they want and can hardly take or accept what they don’t believe in.

The technological development that has made the world a much smaller place than it was a decade ago, has exposed these individuals to ideas that they can scroll through forever. Everything is out there for them to choose, like and dislike. Moreover technology is aiding one to stand apart, chose their ways of living and be more of an individual than they ever were. It is bringing choices to their fingertips and customizing everything according to their personal tastes leaving a lot to the imagination. One of the concepts strongly emerging from this trend is the concept of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) which has found its way into many different activities and platforms ranging from crafts, recipes, home-made skin care products and even homes.

Street Style. Forecast Influencer: Emotional Support Pets | FFT. Fashion Forecast Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 - The Launch | FFT. People are turning inwards for contentment simultaneously finding a balance between the over bearing of technology and the essentials of digital detox required in today’s day and age.

It is the era of the millennials and hence, childlike innocence and trust comes to the surface where we are being guided by the beauty of their own thoughts, rejecting anything that has the slightest whiff of something that does not resonate well with the being. There is an emphasis to enrich global relationships, which is catered to by new avenues such as community oriented gatherings, apps and social networks. The consumer of today connects around products and projects that tell vivid tales of places, histories, and cultures, as data and design are combined.

Moving on from the recently launched Spring/Summer 2017 Trend reports, FFT reveals the 4 major themes – namely Inskin, Esoteric, CO-Cult and e-SCAPE – to be expected for Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 season. Street Style Trends. Fabric Trends- Holland & Sherry Launches Luxury Fabric Collection for Indian Market | FFT. Increasing popularity of bespoke tailoring coupled with high income segment in India have led to the rapid growth of luxury clothing segment in the country… Capitalizing on the same, Holland & Sherry, which is known for bespoke tailoring and has been supplying fabrics to high-end garment manufacturers and designer couture houses since last 180 years, has now collaborated with SK Birla Group to cater to the elitist consumers in the Indian market. H&S has already started its marketing operations in India by launching an exclusive luxury fabric range “Imperial Gold” for Indian market. Their splendid Autumn/Winter collection is being manufactured using the ‘rarest of the rarest fibre’.

The latest range unveiled the Signature collection composed of pure wool and terry wool blends in checks, jacquards, and fancy weaves. H&S prides in the usage of unique fibres such as worsted, Scottish merino, cashmere and camel hair for their fabric composition. At the launch. Runway Trends: Key Trends From The Accessory Show at AIFW SS'17 | FFT. Day 5 at Amazon India Fashion Week started on a more serious, we mean–business note, with key accessory designers presenting trends that would be shaping up Spring Summer 2017 in terms of jewellery and hand bags.

Here’s a lowdown on what transpired between the shows- Felix Bendish gets inspired by the ‘Forbidden Fruit’. The serpent provided the talking point here, with the complexity and beauty of its heritage coming alive to depict the creative life force, while the forbidden fruit is the ultimate provocative creation and serves as the designers potent motif of inspiration through this seasons collection. Depicted in tiers of differing textures in head harnesses, neck pieces, earrings and the likes, that created a fresh, edgy yet beautifully feminine look that is hand crafted over nickel-free metal. Ambar Pariddi Sahai – Mine of Design Reflects on the heritage passed on from ‘Mother to Daughter’. Whatever marries the classic with the contemporary. Street Style Spotting at AIFW SS17 | FFT. Come Fashion Week and you can’t help but spot emerging trends carried out by a plethora of individuals who make up the fashion fraternity- be it designers, stylists or influencers. This season, at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, we spotted some exquisite jewels of the Fashion Industry, kicking it up for a great line up of Style & Fashion over the week-long event.

Checkout Scions of Fashion empowering varied style statements in a special photo story as covered by FFT: Style Quotient – Electric Blue Lip color. Style Quotient – Nautical Detailed Jacket Shirt. Style Quotient – Oversized Checkered Trench Coat. Style Quotient – Cat eye framed reflectors and tone on tone pairing Style Quotient – Deconstructed Draped Skirt. Style Quotient – Multiple Chokers. Style Quotient – Androgynous Styling. Style Quotient – Ruffled Skirt styled and mixed with Pastel Tones. Style Quotient – Oversized draped Jacket in Jersey. Style Quotient – Tassel Details Head to Toe. Style Quotient – Raw Silk Coat. RunwayTrends: AIFW SS'17 Grand Finale Brings JJ Valaya and Alpana & Neeraj Together as 'Guru-Shishya'. | FFT. A high dose of festive extravaganza and regal opulence was in order at the Grand Finale of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, showcasing a never seen before union of ‘Guru-Shishya‘.

The guru being ace design maestro, JJ Valaya and the shishya being the creative duo of Alpana and Neeraj, saw a synergy in consonance with the overarching theme of ‘India Modern Festive’ celebrating India’s biggest festive season. Worthy of mention here, is the fact that this is the first time where a teacher and his disciples have come together on the same platform to showcase designs and pay homage to an age-old Indian tradition that is deeply etched in our roots. The spectacular expanse of the show was beyond compare with all senses, that of sight, scent and hearing, being exposed to a plethora of magnificence in tune with the grandeur of the presentation.

“The Guru-Shishya combine came together to showcase today’s real India where the past and the future co-exist to create the present!” Fashion Shifts Back to The Roots – in Conversation With Paridhi Jaipuria | FFT. A well vouched for choice at this year’s Gen Next Designer category, Paridhi Jaipuria’s eponymous label emits the seriousness and thoughtfulness usually associated with the aesthetics of a mature and well-established brand.

The label prides itself on being organic and striking a balance between age-old traditional techniques and modern day contemporary silhouettes, which make her designs stand out among the pool of other emerging Indian talent in the industry. Understated, minimal, well-structured and rooted in traditional hand crafted techniques, Paridhi’s garments echo immaculate craftsmanship far beyond her age, with attention to detail making use of Indian handloom fabrics. Her latest collection titled, ‘Bunai’ focused on beading techniques fused into urban work wear. Here, we catch up with the young, talented emerging Indian designer to understand what goes behind the crafting of her timeless classics and what according to her the future of fashion in India is.

Eat Good, Look Nice all for a Cause! - Latest Trends in Food. Food and Fashion are undoubtedly the two most engaging subjects of our lives. Numerous startups, gazillion brands, a pool of artists and chefs have come together to serve people at large in a variety of trendy ways but for a cause. Though the consumer benefits in terms of the culinary entertainment and hyped individuality, but one can really get jaded fast by the monotony! Fresh concepts are introduced to engage the consumers in these hyped shenanigans.

With the idea of novelty, here is a listing of the latest and the most interesting trends for the consumers in the domain of food and fashion: Socialize- Hog & Sway @The Grub Fest The Grub Fest has emerged as a total game changer in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. In a span of only two years, the fest has attracted a large number of people to experience the food fiesta. Four friends from an event management background were the masterminds behind this platform. Sustainable & Organic- A Literal ‘Fresh’ Start: Farm to Table- Pluck.