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Turning the Clock Back - Effective Skin Rejuvenation Processes. A young and fresh looking skin need not only be in the domain of youngsters and teenagers. Today, innovations in the beauty care segment has ensured that those in the late fifties and sixties too can opt for beauty care treatments that can turn the clock back look wise and give those who are decades younger a run for their money. What has helped matters is the introduction of high-tech technologically advanced machines that have made such treatments easier and quicker than what it was even in the not-so-distant past.

Consider removal of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Even some years back, cosmetic surgeons carried out invasive surgeries that tightened the skin on the face, thereby eliminating the age marks. Laser Resurfacing It charges up the skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and birth marks and enhances production of collagen which tightens up the skin.

Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion Chemical Peel. How to Find a Perfect Wedding Catering Service. When we hear a word ‘party’ food is the first thing that comes to our mind. For most of us, food is an immediate thought because we always expect the food to serve. Moreover, when we attend a large party event, we always find a catering service over there. Catering services seem pretty managed and simple. Most of the people prefer to hire a catering service in London for more comfort. In other words, event-catering London offers more than just food. Many catering companies offer wedding catering as well as event catering services. Event caterers are always ready to serve in any event whether it is commercial or residential. Aside from it, a catering service takes care of all things from food and menus to decoration and entertainment that you want. Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Catering Service Availability Availability is the first step, which is important when we are searching for a catering service.

Menu Food Quality Presentation Budget. 6 Tips To Style A Basic White Shirt - Fashion foody. A white shirt is a piece of clothing owned by almost everyone. With just a few styling ideas, it is basic and you can pull it off with everything. One white shirt is enough to make multiple outfits. You can wear it on different occasions too- be it at workplace, a date or a girls night out. We have a few suggestions to further spice up your basic white shirt and make your outfit look edgier and different than anyone else’s. 1) Formal(ly) Hot Wear your crisp white shirt with an ultra high waisted skirt or pants.

Put on a broad belt along with your outfit. This is a cool, easy and classy workplace outfit. 2) Flaunt It Backwards Experiment a little and wear your button down shirt backwards. A perfect day outfit, out shopping or to a lunch. 3) Wear a Corset Corsets over white shirts create a sensual look. The corset over the white shirt would also make your waist look slimmer giving you the perfect look. Wear it on your next date or a night out with your girls. 4) Under A Dress Or A Top 5) Skirt It. Types of Skirts that Every Women Should Own : Fashion Foody. A pair of trousers can never provide you the chicness like a skirt, yet it is sometimes difficult to decide which style will best suit your body type.

You don’t need to worry, as there are various styles which will fit your body. Here, we are going to talk about the different types of women’s skirts: The mini: If you want to show your legs in a trendy way, then you must not abstain yourself from wearing mini skirts. The category of mini skirts is quite extensive and you can find them in various fabric and styles from tight, belt-like to the one which barely covers the buttocks. Thus, you can find one for every special occasion. So, buy the bubble skirt, the tutus or the plaited ones and make yourself the star of the occasion. The maxi: Now, this one is completely opposite of the mini, but with a few slits it can be as revealing as a mini. The Midi: As the name suggests, this is something in between the mini and maxi. So, which one is your favorite?

The Power of Music: 5 Health Benefits of Music : Fashion Foody. To understand the positive effects of music consider the fact that there isn’t a single culture in the world without music. Many musicians and artists in the past have claimed that music can heal the soul. Well, it seems that they were right. Music has proven to have positive effects on the body and many experiments and studies have proved this fact Music Helps in Keeping Your Brain Healthy and Sound Having a musical training and listening to music can help in keeping the mind sound and healthy as it ages, according to medical research. Music Helps in Reduction of Stress and Pain Research has demonstrated that tuning in to music with a moderate beat and low pitch, without verses and loud instruments can calm people down and significantly reduce stress. Music can help in the avoidance of blood pressure and heart rate spikes caused due to anxiety and it can also decline cortisol levels, which are some of the significant organic markers of stress.

Music Can Help Strengthen the Immune System. 4 Tips to Make Your Press-On Nails Stay Longer. Who does not like manicures? Every women loves beautiful pampered hands. But this requires a lot of money and time if you go to salons. Therefore, doing them at home is an affordable solution. However, majority of you will relate doing press-on nails at home results in popping out all over the place. This was the same case with me when I started wearing press-on nails but over the time, I did figure outs ways to make them stay longer.

Once you get the idea what to do it will hardly take you thirty minutes to apply these. Dehydrate Your Nails: If you are planning to wear your nails for couple of weeks dehydrate them before applying your press on nails. Preparing Your Nails: Before applying press-on nails trim your nails first and push down your cuticles. Selecting Your Press-On Nails: To make your press on nails stay longer, try to pick ones with medium length. Start Applying: Once you are done with above steps now start applying nails. Give these tips try and have a happy manicure day! Indian Designer Ethnic, Traditional and Modern Bridal Wear 2018. Designer Bridal Wear Collection 2017-2018 Tri-Shade: Velvet, net and cotton fabric bridal wear are very common among the bridal wear of 2017.

To make a complete bridal look all three colors Dark Pink, Marron, and baby Pink are teamed up together. The specialty of this look is that there is a frock pattern velvet cotton top with churidaar sleeves. Orange Floral: Cotton Floral top with Silk lehnga creates a fascinating appealing impression. Green And Golden: Use of dark and green combination with golden lining on lehnga are the most striking feature of the latest bridal wear. Basic T-Shirt Wearing Hacks For Smart Style Statement : Fashion Foody. When it comes to wearing basic T-shirts, some men and women, although in small numbers, opt for traditional ways and often end up feeling utterly juvenile.

But, on the other hand, there is a majority of men and women, who perceive T-shirts as a wardrobe staple and often end up wearing them for nearly all occasions. If we go by what the majority has to say, blank T-shirts can truly be described as a classic and versatile piece of clothing that all men and women must have in their wardrobe collection. Of course, there are many creative ways to wear them better. After all, if you can pull off a blank or basic T-shirt, then you can pull off any kind of clothing in any style.

So, let us share a few of the most effective hacks for wearing blank/basic T-shirts. 1) The Right Fit: Like any other clothing apparel, for T-shirts too, it’s important to get a good fit. Look for the correct sized shoulder seams. Besides, the bottom hem of the tee should go no higher than your hips. 3) Styling The Outfit: The Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend : Fashion Foody. Your boyfriend has a special place in your life. As such, you should consider showing him how much he means to you by giving him a gift one of the most special days of his life, his birthday. However, you might be worried as to what would make a suitable gift for him. While there are several birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, you will need to consider his likes and needs to end up with a really suitable one.

Here are some ideas you can use. 1) For the Gamer: Gaming Accessories If your man is into gaming, the best birthday ideas for boyfriend will be related to this particular hobby of his. 2) For the Fashionable: Jacket Keep your boyfriend warm and cozy during the winter months by gifting him a jacket. 3) For the Money Maker: Wallet A wallet can be a good choice for birthday gifts for boyfriend. 4) For the Music Lover: Speakers As a birthday present for boyfriend, speakers can be great choices. 5) For the Sweet Tooth: Chocolates Chocolates are ideal for birthdays. Author Bio: Here’s What You Need To Know About Birth Control Pills And Fibroids. Fibroids are non-cancerous growths which occur outside or deep inside the uterine tissue. Uterine fibroids vary in terms of their size, shape and location in the womb.

Fibroids are prevalent in women between the ages of 30 and 50 with statistics suggesting that around 75% of women will have experienced fibroids by the time they reach 50 years of age. Though uncommon, fibroids are possible in younger women as well. Treating fibroids is not always required though in some cases the presence of a fibroid or several fibroids may have a crippling effect on a woman’s life. With symptoms like heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, cramps, fertility issues as well as bowl or urination concerns, managing fibroids may become essential. This is where birth control pills come in. Birth control pills are used for fibroids management due to the hormone regulating properties they contain. Every patient is unique, with their own set of concerns and a personal medical history. Author Bio: Top 5 Brands to Look Out for in the Gym - Gym Outfits. It’s that time of year when most are considering joining a gym in 2018 or maybe earlier, there’s no better way to motivate yourself to get down to the gym than having new gym wear to show off.

Whether its trainers, hoodies, gym joggers or leggings, this article will take you through some already popular brands and some up and comers. Outdoor Voices With the gym wear being created by designers from fashion giants such as Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein, Outdoor voices are offering some amazing gym wear that looks great and is technically designed for sports. With Outdoor voices, you’ll notice there clothing isn’t brightly colored and printed, they offer simple active wear that uses pastel colors perfectly. Puma Puma is a massive company that most people will have shopped with before, Puma has finally released a running trainer to compete with the likes of Nike Air, Adidas Boost, and the Asics Gel. Asics Under Armour Although it’s now a large brand, Under Armour is still a young company. 5 Wedding Favor that Your Guests Will Enjoy - Wedding Ideas. If you are planning your wedding, there are so many things you must be planning.

What to do about choosing the perfect wedding invitations, the seating, the menu, so on and so forth, the list must seem endless. And then, of course, there are the wedding favors. One of the most difficult choices to make. It should be something that guests will not only keep but cherish. In this article, we give you five such favor ideas. Spices or Herbs Do you want to go spicy instead of sweet? Tea/Coffee Most people love their tea or coffee.Giving them an exotic blend or flavor of their favorite brew is a sure winner as a wedding favor. Personalized Tote Bag A personalized tote bag is also a wonderful wedding favor idea.

Candles Candles are an all-time favorite when it comes to wedding favor ideas and it’s not hard to figure out why. Personalized box of Printed Chocolates Chocolate is one of the best things to gift anyone at any time. We hope these wedding favor ideas will help you in making your decision. Top Tips On Rocking The Pearl Necklace - Fashion Foody. When people hear the term pearl necklace, what often comes to mind is class, sophistication and elegance. However, there is also the view that pearl necklaces are out of date and old-fashioned. So which is it? The thing about pearl necklaces is that they always fluctuate in terms of popularity, but they always cycle back into fashion. The important thing is to ensure that you wear it right so that you don’t look dated! Read on for our top 88 tips on how to wear a pearl necklace like a pro! 1. A pearl necklace is more than just a classic strand. 2. Say the word pearl and the color that pops into your mind is white. 3.

While traditional pearl necklaces rests just at the nape of your neck, why not take it longer or shorter for a more customized look? 4. Pearls come in all shapes and sizes, so another way to get a unique look with your pearls is to choose the right pearl size. Pearls are always going to be a wise fashion investment, because there will always be a need for them. Workplace Fashion Trend for Women - Fashion Foody. “Dress to impress” has been righteously quoted. Working up your fashion trends simultaneously with your skills is an art. Workplaces today offer you a runway of trends, set in your appearance performance with us. Be the classy yet professional work-chic and not the informal buffoon. Here, we’ve got you covered with five super stylish office looks to carry. Be the oh-so impactful babe with your choice of subtle colors. Take up your self-esteem by pulling off a navy blue tee ravishingly with navy blue wide pants.Carry it with stilettos and affirm your approachable quotient.

Style up your satin shirt with perfect checked high-waist pants and beige strappy heels.An impressive way to show up at work. Sneakers are the new contradiction to formal wear. Western formals are a thing, you can opt for anytime anywhere wear. Contrast and compliment yourself with this bodycon silhouette attire. Nykaa's Newly Launched Naturals Essential Oils Review - Fashion Foody. Nykaa has recently launched a series of essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, tea tree, lemon grass, Rosemary, ylang ylang, citronella at an affordable price range of Rs. 350. These essential oils are the extract of these above mentioned ingredients. These are basically used in aromatherapy but you can have the therapy effect at home with their relaxing and soothing effect. Patchouli essential oil has a sweet and earthly aroma. It’s an antiseptic and disinfectant oil that ages to become even better just like wine.

How to use product: Anti-aging: add 5 drops to your face wash or lotion.Strengthen hair: add 5 drops to your hair oil and massage or add it to hair conditioner.Add 3 to 4 drops of Patchouli essential oil in the diffuser of your choice to drive away anxiety and depression Lemon essential oil has a sour, citrus and slightly sweet aroma. How to use product: Frankincense essential oil has a woody and earthy aroma.

How to use product: How to use product Source: NYKAA.COM. 5 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles. Female Fashion Trends for 2018 - Fashion Foody. A Simple Chocolate Cake Recipe to Make Tea Time More Fun. Workout Clothes: Tips to Buy Super Comfy and Sweat-Free Clothes - Fashion Foody. Switching to Hypoallergenic Makeup in 5 Easy Steps - Makeup Tips. Workout Clothes: Tips to Buy Super Comfy and Sweat-Free Clothes - Fashion Foody.

Creative Halloween Costumes Ideas For Women - Fashion Foody. Most favorable Outfits For Post Diwali Celebrations. How a Calorie Restricted Diet Can Help You Lose Weight. Flowers Based Homemade Remedies for Blemished Skin, Falling Hairs and Chapped lips.