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In Farmer & Wright LLC is a law firm, we help individuals who are suffering from financial, emotional and physical stress. We provide legal assistance in the areas of bankruptcy law (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13), personal injury & car accident cases, as well as Social Security Disability law.

Dog Bites Attorney in Elizabethtown, KY. How to Apply for Student Loans in Kentucky. As tuition fees continue to rise throughout the country, more students are taking out loans to pay for school.

How to Apply for Student Loans in Kentucky

Scholarships, grants, and work options may not be sufficient to cover their full education expenses. In this case, student loans can be additional sources of financial assistance. Student loans are devised to help students pay for education fees, such as tuition, books, school supplies, and living expenses. There are various types of student loans being offered by both the government and private sectors. If you avail of a student loan before, it is advisable to consult a reliable Louisville bankruptcy attorney to know how it can affect your bankruptcy filing. Personal Injury in Kentucky - Farmer & Wright, PLLC.

Personal Injury Law or Tort law is a branch of civil law that compensates victims in money for accidents or social wrongs.

Personal Injury in Kentucky - Farmer & Wright, PLLC

The injured person filing for a lawsuit is called the “plaintiff,” while the person who caused such injuries is the “defendant.” In cases where the accident resulted in wrongful death, the family of the deceased may represent him instead. Bicycle Accident Attorney in Kentucky. Hopkinsville Business Bankruptcy Attorney. Filing Bankruptcy and Student Loans - Farmer & Wright, PLLC. Filing for bankruptcy enables you to have your debts eliminated.

Filing Bankruptcy and Student Loans - Farmer & Wright, PLLC

Financially, it will give you a fresh start in life. There are many types of bankruptcy, but most people wipe out their debts through either a liquidation of assets or a payment plan. If you have financial problems, filing bankruptcy may be your best (or even only) option. Paducah Chapter 13 Attorney. Disability Benefits Can Get Reduced By Tax Cut - Farmer & Wright, PLLC. Have you fought hard and long to get your social security disability insurance claim approved only to find out that taxes and garnishment will be deducted from your SSDI benefits?

Disability Benefits Can Get Reduced By Tax Cut - Farmer & Wright, PLLC

If so, you are not alone. Knowing that the government has approved cuts on your paycheck can be disappointing, but being informed as to where possible social security income deductions may come from can help manage your expectations and your monthly budget as well. Based on Farmer & Wright’s clientele, we share with you our answers to the most commonly asked questions about administrative offsets being applied to SSDI monthly payments. Important Things To Do During A Car Accident. An accident is an unplanned event that causes inconvenient and undesirable consequences.

Important Things To Do During A Car Accident

It happens in the most unexpected time and place. These unforeseen events usually cause devastating injuries, harm, and risks to the victims. One of the most common types of accidents is road traffic accidents or car collisions. It involves one or more vehicles in motion that hit a person, an object, or another vehicle. Personal Injury Lawyer Louisville. Kentucky Car Accident Injury in Bad Weather: Who is Responsible? - Farmer & Wright, PLLC.

Car accidents happen every day in Kentucky, regardless of the weather.

Kentucky Car Accident Injury in Bad Weather: Who is Responsible? - Farmer & Wright, PLLC

However, with winter approaching, the concern of car accidents due to bad weather increases. Traffic is difficult enough to deal with in perfect conditions. When you add fog, rain, sleet, snow, or freezing rain, you create conditions that are perfect for a car accident. Paducah Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney. Bankruptcy Attorneys Paducah. Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure. Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure?

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure

The short answer is yes, but only temporarily. There are different circumstances under which foreclosure proceedings are stopped depending on the type of bankruptcy you choose. Kentucky Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer. Do You Need An Attorney To File For Social Security Disability? Do social security disability applicants need an attorney when filing a claim?

Do You Need An Attorney To File For Social Security Disability?

If you’re just completing your initial application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, then you probably don’t need one. However, if your disability application has been denied or if you are to stand before a hearing, having a legal representative by your side offers you several advantages. The disability claim process is straightforward. Kentucky Car Accident Lawyer. Medical Bills Discharged In Bankruptcy - Farmer & Wright. With healthcare costs skyrocketing, it’s no surprise that more than 60% of petitioners filing for bankruptcy have a significant amount owed in medical debt.

Medical Bills Discharged In Bankruptcy - Farmer & Wright

If you’re wondering whether you can discharge medical bills in bankruptcy, the answer is yes. However, different types of bankruptcy require you to either give up valuable property or follow a debt repayment plan for some time. This article explains the difference between types of consumer debts and discusses what filing bankruptcy for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 entails for your financial future.

File Bankruptcy With Student Loans - Farmer & Wright, PLLC. Declaring bankruptcy can discharge the majority of consumer debt, except for a handful of debts such as alimony, child support, fraudulent debt, tax obligations, and student loans.

File Bankruptcy With Student Loans - Farmer & Wright, PLLC

Filing for bankruptcy with student loans is difficult, but not impossible for debtors in exceptional circumstances. Which situations allow student loans to be discharged? If your primary objective in filing bankruptcy is to get your student loans discharged, know that this is an unlikely outcome. Consulting with a local attorney who is familiar with bankruptcy law can help determine your chance of success.

Truck Accident Lawyer Kentucky. Paducah Personal Injury Attorneys. Can You File Bankruptcy On Medical Bills? Without warning, an injury or sickness can leave you out of work and struggling to pay the bills. Even worse, mounting medical expenses can quickly cause your finances to spiral out of control. But what are your options? Can you file bankruptcy on medical bills? Yes, you can — medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy filings. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney KY. No-Asset Bankruptcy (Chapter 7) - Farmer & Wright, PLLC.

Should I file for bankruptcy if I have no assets? The bankruptcy code provides different types of bankruptcy, so if you’re considering bankruptcy, you should know which kind to file. If you want to declare personal bankruptcy, you should figure out the distinction between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 to determine the right bankruptcy chapter to file under. Chapter 7 is a shorter bankruptcy process focused on liquidation of the debtor’s non-exempt assets to generate funds that will be used to pay back his or her creditors. Can You File Bankruptcy On Student Loans? Can you file bankruptcy on student loans? While you can, it’s typically very difficult to discharge student loan debt. However, if you can prove that trying to pay back your student loans would cause you undue hardship, you may be able to qualify. What Is the Undue Hardship Exception? Courts rarely grant a discharge in student loan cases unless there are special circumstances.

What Happens When You File Bankruptcy? Contrary to popular myth, bankruptcy is not a sign of failure. Nor does it irreparably damage your credit. For many hardworking Americans, bankruptcy can simply provide a way to get out from under crushing debt caused by illness, job loss, and other unexpected life emergencies. And it can also give you a fresh financial start. But how does bankruptcy work? Paducah Bankruptcy Lawyer. How Often Can You File Bankruptcy. If you’ve filed bankruptcy in the past, can you file again? How often can you file bankruptcy? The answer depends on a variety of factors.

How Long Does Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Take. BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY PADUCAH. Non-Dischargeable Debt In Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy Attorneys. Appeal A Disability Claim Denied By Your Employer - Kentucky Disability Lawyers. Kentucky Bankruptcy Attorneys. Paducah Business Bankruptcy Lawyer.