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Philosophy of FileMaker. FM Starting Point - Free FileMaker Template by RCC. Naming Conventions - Coding Standards - FileMaker Coding Standards. Skip to end of metadataGo to start of metadata This is a quick visual overview of the various FileMaker elements such as tables, fields, layouts, scripts, functions and other objects.

Naming Conventions - Coding Standards - FileMaker Coding Standards

Each element of FileMaker has its own subsection below. Tablename dataFieldName summaryCountField GLOBALFIELD CLIPBOARD (is a reserved temporary global field) unstored_Calculation id (is the primary key in all tables) id_Tablename (is a foreign key) idList_Tablename (is a pseudo-schema field for multi-key values related to solution schema)* keys_Tablename (is a utility field for multi-key values used for UI specific functionality) $variableName $$GLOBAL.VARIABLE FunctionalArea » Tablename @Tablename (is the name for developer table occurrences) Tablename: Layout Name (form|list) portal.layoutObjectName Script Name Script Name ( with ; parameters ) CustomFunction ~PrivateCustomFunction ~locallyScopedLetVariable $~privateVariableName $$~PRIVATE.GLOBAL.VARIABLE * Pseudo-Schema Icon Developer note Table naming.

FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner Course Online. "VTC" refers to Virtual Training Company, Inc.

FileMaker Pro 12: Beginner Course Online

"You" refers to the user or subscriber. "Software" refers to the VTC training content and software. 2. LICENSE: VTC hereby grants to You a worldwide, non-royalty bearing, non-exclusive license to use the Software according to the provisions contained herein and subject to payment of the applicable subscription fees. 3. Save the Software to Your hard disk or other storage medium; permit others to use the Software except as specified by addendum; modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software; make derivative works based on the Software; publish or otherwise disseminate the Software. 4. The VTC Online University is access to every VTC training tutorial in our library. 5. 6. Trademark Notice: VTC, Virtual Training Company, Inc., The VTC Logo, and VTC Online University, are trademarks of VTC, Inc. 7. 9. 9.

VTC may revise these Terms at any time by updating this posting. FileMaker Training and Resources. FileMaker Downloads of FileMaker Tips, Tricks, and Demos. Code 39 Barcode Generator: Without Fonts or Plug–Ins!

FileMaker Downloads of FileMaker Tips, Tricks, and Demos

This FileMaker Pro file demonstrates the use of conditional formatting with a repeating field to draw the bars of a Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) barcode. This FileMaker Pro code 39 barcode generator uses a series of 16 “slots” per character which appear as wide or narrow bars. The intermediate barcodeBitFlags field simply tells each repetition of the repeating field whether or not to use a background fill color, creating the bars. For the repeating field to display properly, the width must be set to 1 pt for each repetition that’s displayed. You will need 32 repetitions for the start and end characters (16 for each), in addition to 16 repetitions for each of the characters in the input field. Enjoy and let us know what ya think!

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