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Raising Coturnix Quail. Raising Coturnix or Japanese quail can be easy, with the proper knowledge.

Raising Coturnix Quail

Their space requirements are minute, compared to other quail species. These birds don’t eat a lot, convert feed into protein efficiently, and are much more friendly creatures than even the sociable chicken. Quick view of Raising Quail Birds. Quails are migratory game birds with mottled brown feathers and short tails, which are native to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Quick view of Raising Quail Birds

The origin of this bird dates back to the 11th century while it is also referred to, in the old testament of the bible. Egyptians caught Quails from their farmland for the purpose of meat while in china these birds were kept as pets and as “singing birds”. In the late 11th century quail was brought to Japan where it was first domesticated. Coturnix Quail update. Some of you may remember that I hatched some quail about two months ago.

Coturnix Quail update

About a week ago they began laying and I'm getting several quail eggs every day. I originally hatched 85, sold all but 17, but then sold even more as I figured out which ones were roosters. A cat killed one and caused another to himself pretty badly, which I ended up putting down and eating--- this was before the chicken butchering, it was much much easier and actually gave me the confidence to get the meat chickens. I had a few hens in one pen that were fine on their own but very aggressive when I put a rooster with them and they nearly killed him.

Since I plan on breeding these birds that wasn't going to work, so I sold them too. I ended up with too few birds so a friend that I had sold about 50 to was kind enough to allow me to buy 3 hens back. Coturnix Quail In The Game Bird Gazette. How We Produce & Market Quail & Eggs In Large Numbers with Matthew Johnson, Johnson Quail Farm (Editor's note: Producing and selling coturnix quail and coturnix quail eggs can be quite easy and very profitable.

Coturnix Quail In The Game Bird Gazette

They mature faster, produce more eggs, need less food and space, and have more uses than virtually any other type of game bird or even domestic poultry. In addition to this article, check out the Game Bird Gazette magazine for information on raising coturnix and other kinds of quail. There are articles and tips in each issue from expert breeders on keeping, breeding and marketing the different varieties.

In addition to the numerous coturnix quail species and breeds, other popular quail types you'll see covered in the magazine are bobwhite quail, California Valleys, Scaled, Mearns, Mountain quail, button quail etc. Raising Quails in the urban environment- an alternative to backyard chickens. Raising chickens in the backyard of your home has always attracted many people.

Raising Quails in the urban environment- an alternative to backyard chickens

People who get retired or are very much in backyard chicken farming and adopt this as a hobby. Some even do this for getting fresh eggs for their breakfast. But this practice has raised some issues as well.

Guinea fowl

Rearing, Incubation and brooding Guinea Fowl. Have you ever noticed what exactly guinea bird looks like?

Rearing, Incubation and brooding Guinea Fowl

They have that nosy and officious look because their body has gray fur over all, which makes it look like a baggy grayish suit. Most of the time I have seen guinea haste through the backyard. Moreover, as soon as it’s dawn, they start to scour the garden for ticks, locust, beetles, and other similar insects. They are the perfect watchdog for the orchard because many times they even catch the roaches, ants, termites, snails, cutworms and flies. I must say, they’re patrolling is absolutely perfect, even better than the insecticides. Some interesting facts and benefits of raising guinea fowl. Murray McMurray Hatchery - Guinea Poster. <div id="javascriptCheck"> It appears that your browser does not support Javascript, or perhaps Javascript is disabled.

Murray McMurray Hatchery - Guinea Poster

Javascript is required in order for this web site to function properly. Please enable Javascript in your browser, or try using a different web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, you might need to change your Security setting in Internet Options. </div> It appears that your browser does not support Javascript, or perhaps Javascript is disabled. A nice color poster with 20 varieties of guineas. Additional images - click to enlarge. 4 Basic Types Of Poultry. 4 Basic types of Poultry Poultry is divided into a number of different categories and classes.

4 Basic Types Of Poultry

In the olden days, there were a few classes of poultry, but now with the advancements in technology a number of other classes have emerged ranging from squab to goose and many more. These types of poultry have their own role to play, especially when it comes to the large scale and commercial markets. All these classes can be brought under the 4 basic categories which include. Homesteading (4): Raising chickens guinea fowl and geese. Chickens and other poultry.


Wild Turkeys Facts and Hunting. Hunting Wild Turkeys is a game that has always attracted a number of hunters from all corners of the world.

Wild Turkeys Facts and Hunting

Have you ever imagined going on a turkey hunt in order to find that there are no turkeys left? It would indeed be shocking to see something like this happen. In the 1930’s there did came a time where the wild turkeys had been pushed to the verge of extinction. Managing Health of Turkey. Early stage (starting) of brooding is of crucible importance for poults as they are reluctant to eat and drink, hence have more tendency to perish than chicks or ducklings for unknown reason.

Managing Health of Turkey

Therefore, they should be provided with ample facilities for feeding, drinking, and lighting. Intensive rearing has made turkey more susceptible to various infections and control measures through preventive Managing Health of Turkey is the best principle to minimise disease risk. Turkeys must be immunised against diseases like RD, turkey rhinotracheitis, pox, pasteurellosis and erysipelas. The necessity for full or partial immunisation depends on disease prevalence in the area of turkey raising as well as on their population. In case of isolated rearing units little protection can suffice the purpose, while in thickly populated areas complete preventive vaccination protection may be essential.

Selecting the most suitable breed of turkeys for your flock. Raising some friendly breeds of turkey is really enjoyable. Moreover, if you bring them up at your home based settings, then you would be able to enjoy a number of flavored meats. At the same time, this strategy is also useful in saving some money. Turkeys brooding guide-raising of turkeys. Rearing of Turkeys at Your Backyard. Most of the private and home based farmers widely consider raising turkeys for meat. The best and most affordable manner in which the goal can be achieved is by making use of the day old turkeys. But before your consignment of turkeys arrives, you should prefer to set up an area for the brooding process.

The same is done at the Locust Grove Farm, which is a top notch professional poultry producer.


Duck. Chickens and Ducks. Brooding And Raising Of Ducks. Brooding (0 to 4 Weeks) The ducklings can be brooded on wire floor, litter or batteries with brooding period upto 3 to 4 weeks. They require slightly low temperature of 31°C in first week. Further it is reduced by 3°C each week upto 24°C and kept constant. A usual method is to house ducklings on litter in long narrow house having pens on each side of central passage. Further they can be given access to run on both the sides of houses _during fattening period. Provide hover space of 90 to 100 cm2 per duckling under brooder.Water in drinkers should be 5 to 7.5 cm deep, sufficient to drink but not to dip themselves. Caring and Raising Ducklings. Are you contemplating about raising these cute little darlings or how to take care of ducks?

At times of the Easter Season, these ducklings do find their way into the beautiful gift baskets. For the purpose of caring and raising ducklings, you should always have all sorts of information about ducks. In comparison to other birds, the ducklings are relatively inexpensive to bring up. Moreover, they can survive easily for a period of 20 years, but with proper caring for a duck and feeding. So, for taking care of ducks or raising a duckling below are some points that you need to ponder. 1. 2. The Most Famous Poultry Duck Products and Suppliers. Nutrition value of duck meat for human health. - The DuckDuckGo Community - All things DuckDuckGo. Housing of ducks-considerations for building duck pen. The Most Famous Poultry Duck Products and Suppliers. Raising Chicken And Duck Together.


Brooding And Rearing Of Ostrich Chicks,Poultry Management Guide. Ostrich Physical Chracteristics And Marketing. Ostrich is the recently domesticated bird. Ostrich is the largest known bird and some scientists believe that the present bird developed from ancestors that were capable to flight. The ostrich of today cannot fly, but does run well and is capable of speeds of 50 miles per hour with strides of 15 feet (for very large bird the stride may be 20 feet or more).

Ostrich Products, Characteristics and Breeding. Emu Information. Farming Information Over the years we have been asked all kinds of questions regarding emu farming. Questions range from the generalized "Tell me (in an email yet) everything you know about emu farming. " to the specific questions about hatching, choosing stock or basic costs. The following pages were set up to provide basic information on emu farming. Keep in mind that not every farm is run the same way. Poultry:)