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FarEye- Enterprise mobility platform. Increases effectiveness of operations by providing transparency, automation & real time coordination amongst workers.

7 Benefits of Field Service Management Software. Every entrepreneur has two aims: firstly, optimal usage of resources and secondly, high customer satisfaction.

7 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

If both of these are in sync, a business bears the desired fruits and yields profit. In order to serve the above, many softwares have surfaced in the market today. Digitizing the customer journey in Retail World. With the gap between traditional commerce & e-commerce worlds merging, every retailer today wants to engage with the customers through the channels they want to be engaged /interact rather than what the retailer used to engage with - the store.

Digitizing the customer journey in Retail World

The way consumers take their purchasing decisions has been altered -standing in stores, commuting to office, weighing options available in a social gathering they are just one click away and when they are ready to buy, an unending list of retailers pops up, the customer is more viable to choose the most convenient and fast delivery.Here is where the retailer has to compete with his fellows to win customer’s heart. And what about the metric that keeps him winning? The speed at which the product is delivered and the chase to offer delightful and digitalised experience starts from here. Top 3 Supply Chain lessons from Super Bowl LI. Developing plans, garnering & analyzing data, motivating & measuring success is the key!

Top 3 Supply Chain lessons from Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI has seen another magical finish with New England Patriots making a historic comeback win (34-28) in nerve-biting finals against Atlanta Falcons. James White scoring the game-winning two-yard touchdown in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons crowned the New England Patriots with Super Bowl LI. Games like this spawn books, movies, go into the speeches of the motivational speakers. Not just this, they teach management lessons for Supply Chain as well. Importance of Transportation Logistics Software for Your Business. Mobility Solution helps Bajaj Capital in increasing their customer visits: #Happycustomers.

In our #HappyCustomers Series., we bring to you the success story of Bajaj Capital who deployed Mobility Solution for their sales executives.

Mobility Solution helps Bajaj Capital in increasing their customer visits: #Happycustomers

With the changing consumer demands and the rising cost of operations, Financial institutions are investing in technology and reaping the benefits of mobility solutions. A configurable mobile application helps in streamlining the field operations, save information on the field and identifying new customers. We happened to have a word Mr.

Rachit Mongia, Executive Vice President at Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited & Mr. Jolly Asija, Vice President-Customer Services. Establishing IPSec tunnel using Openswan tool on Amazon EC2. Config setup # Do not set debug options to debug configuration issues!

Establishing IPSec tunnel using Openswan tool on Amazon EC2

# plutodebug / klipsdebug = "all", "none" or a combation from below: # "raw crypt parsing emitting control klips pfkey natt x509 dpd private" # eg: # plutodebug="control parsing" # Again: only enable plutodebug or klipsdebug when asked by a developer # # enable to get logs per-peer # plutoopts="--perpeerlog" # # Enable core dumps (might require system changes, like ulimit -C) # This is required for abrtd to work properly # Note: incorrect SElinux policies might prevent pluto writing the core dumpdir=/var/run/pluto/ # # NAT-TRAVERSAL support, see README.NAT-Traversalnat_traversal=yes # exclude networks used on server side by adding %v4:! Feature Enhancements: October 1st, 2016. It’s been a week that our new product features have been launched, and yet again we have come up with an interesting and cool stuff, so you can lean back and relax in your chair with a cup of coffee.

Feature Enhancements: October 1st, 2016

Radio button for SKU Validations: SKU Validations! As an operations manager, how much amount of time do you spend on it? Release Notes: Bug fixes on October 1st, 2016. Re-engineering & accelerating your business processes. The undebatable statement in the business world is that today’s customer is spoiled.

Re-engineering & accelerating your business processes

Hyper Local Logistics Software - FarEye. First Mile Pickup Logistics Software - FarEye. On Demand Field Workforce Management Software - FarEye. We work hard, we party harder at FarEye.. Youth-led, fast-moving startup has become such a cliche that it's even been mocked in pop culture.

We work hard, we party harder at FarEye..

FarEye is proving itself to be otherwise - not a run of the mill start-up - moving away from the stereo type. FarEye have modeled its aesthetic much more than sleek office and fun perks. The innovative and energetic vibe exhibited by our team can be boiled down to four themes that connect the “ethos” of the company: passion, personality, agility and authenticity. The three pillars of our team are: idea, business model and culture. Fun & Fitness session: One of FarEye’s perks is all about getting people not only out of the office, but our mission is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle. Annual Trip:Short excursions are perfect for team building exercises, especially when sprinkled with a lot of fun.

5 ways to delight your customer with best service.. Feature Enhancements: October 1st, 2016. Release Notes: Bug fixes on October 1st, 2016. Build or Buy? The battle between building in-house solution and outsourcing has been live ever since the new-age technologies are born.

Build or Buy?

Here, is what today’s CIO should know when he is thinking about a mobility solution Digitisation affects almost everything in today’s life. Best Utility Billing Software Solution by FarEye. FarEye’ s solutions for utilities maximize the productive use of utility field and plant resources, optimize asset uptime, and increase customer satisfaction with end-to-end enterprise workforce service optimization, mobilized for utilities customer service and operations group Any utilities company requires speed and accuracy to ensure service orders are received and submitted in a timely manner.

Best Utility Billing Software Solution by FarEye

The work order status must be communicated to the customer from time to time. The entire system relies on a high degree of coordination and reporting. Oil and Gas Industry Solutions - FarEye.

The Role and Important of Mobile Workforce Management

How To Deliver On-Time Despite The Routing Challenges In India. What are the metrics that come into your mind while assessing the routing technique. Is it the accuracy, travel time or travel distance? Or it is all the three? With the distance traveled partly derived from its use of real-world data, relatively from predictive analytics and historical database, it remains as a crucial metric for the enterprises to understand the actual time spent, amount of fuel that is required etc. This in-turn helps making better schedules while keeping costs intact. Invoicing Made Easy! Paperwork, rekeying data and not having access to key information are all factors that are detrimental to the productivity of the field workforce. Invoices contribute to the bottom line of an enterprise. Raising an invoice involves labour-intensiveness and also it involves a processing time in it which would be around three to four days (on an average).

The challenges involved in traditional invoice processing include., (i) Increase in the chance of error due to multiple sources: Invoices raised through manual process are through various sources, which include., mail, e-mail, courier, fax and web-based forms. (ii) Paper invoices are tough to monitor: In today’s fast paced work environment, paper invoices can be filed away and forgotten. (iii) Paper invoices are labour intensive: Data entry activity, each invoice necessitates a manual cross-reference for validity which involves comparing the invoices etc.

FarEye + FreedCamp Collaboration. Dedicated Cloud Service & White-Label Solution. To make it ideal for the business users to store and/or process sensitive data we are offering a private cloud solution. With this, our customer gets more control over the server with increased security and flexibility. IT teams of large enterprises can use their business processes and computer resources in a private cloud.

Also, adding to the above advantages deploying of a private cloud helps in cost reduction, enhancing service quality and reducing the time taken to deliver what the users demand. Cost savings which are defined by the standardization of services or automation reduce operational costs and fee IT personnel to focus more on serving customers than on activities with little or no added value. Manage Your Orders Effectively! Large organisations today, have complexity in managing orders and it this in turn, escalates supply-chain costs and also the inaccurate promises.

A centralized view of orders cuts down the complexities, and enables them to identify and rectify the issues before they become an issue for the customers. Challenges faced in managing orders: (i) Higher costs/ more time taken in solving the issue: Without a centralised view of orders, it would be difficult for the operations manager to prioritize, which field worker is right to assign the order or which route to assign in order to reach to the customer quickly. (ii) Poor Customer Service: With no proper view of orders, it becomes difficult for the manager/organisation to keep the promise and deliver to the customer. This shows a serious impact on timescales and customer satisfaction. Last Mile Delivery- It’s Importance and Challenges – FarEye. The last mile is a term used in the logistics industry to describe the transportation of goods from the final delivery centre to the customer’s doorstep. It’s the final connection between the company and its customers. Although, it’s a small link, it is considered as the most important part of the supply chain process.

This term is not new and has been around for quite some time. However, with the growth of ecommerce industry, the term has assumed a crucial role in the logistics industry. Delivery Management Software Solution by FarEye. Reliable Field Workforce Management Solution & Software. Monitor your workforce better with a Geofence. Why do you think monitoring field workforce is vital for any organization? Is it because of security? Or productivity measures? Increase Business Productivity with FarEye Workforce Management. Manage your devices - Mobile Device Management! Delivering with agility- Business Process Management. Retail Industry Management Software Solution - FarEye. Insurance Management Software Solution - FarEye. Logistics Management for Pathology Healthcare - FarEye. Pathology Logistics Management Solutions - FarEye. 3 Key Benefits of Using Field Workforce Management Software.

Without the right tools, it becomes difficult for a business to manage its field service operations. There are times when businesses don’t know the whereabouts of their field service executives. As a result, they are unable to help their customers and fall short of their expectations. The use of right tools and technology can go a long way when it comes to ensuring coordination among field service professionals. Most businesses realize the importance of modern tools in field service management. For this reason, most businesses have now shifted from manual workflows to field service management software. Optimized Field workforce Management software - FarEye. Commercial Delivery Management Software - FarEye. Courier Dispatch Software - FarEye. Automated Workforce Management Software By FarEye. Last-Mile Delivery Software Solution by FarEye. Optimized Workforce Management Software by FarEye. Get Real Time Schedule & Dispatch Software.

Flexible Logistics Management Software by FarEye. Automated Field Service Scheduling & Billing Software. Automated & Real Time Courier Tracking Software. Get Shipment Delivery Tracking Software.