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Ice of the Kitsune's Fire Ice of the Kitsune's Fire Author has written 58 stories for Inuyasha, Beauty Pop, D.Gray-Man, Pokémon, Soul Eater, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人. Hey there! For those of you first-time visitors, this is a shared account between two individuals, who (oh so originally) go by the names of 'Fire' and 'Ice', respectively. Ice is usually a more frequent updater (except recently) and likes to juggle between oneshots and multi-chaptered stories, while Fire prefers to work on (annngsty!)
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where ART meets application! where ART meets application! Yes, I Have a PenisYes, I Have A PenisDo not assume (if I hold the door for you),that I am making a statementabout your inabilitiesto open the door for yourself.If you hold it for me,I'll say 'thankyou'.Do not assume (if I pay for the meal),that I am underestimatingyour earning capacityas a woman.If you invite me out for a meal,you're paying.Do not assume (if I defend your rights),that I am belittlingthe attempts that you have madeto defend your rights yourself.If you defend my rights,I'll consider you human.Yes, I Have a Penis7 years ago in Free Verse More Like This