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Natural Gourmet Institute. Do you dream of transforming your passion for food into an exciting new business or career?

Natural Gourmet Institute

This spring, learn the recipe for success from some of New York’s best food and business entrepreneurs, while actively participating in Natural Gourmet Institute’s Food Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Led by experienced food business manager and leader Ariel Kalishman Walsh, MBA (formerly of Saxelby Cheesemongers and Sea to Table) and food start-up founder and advisor Jennifer Goggin (formerly of FarmersWeb), students will learn what it takes to start a successful food business from established food entrepreneurs. Past program partners include Roberta’s, Krumville Bake Shop, Quinciple and more! Throughout this inspiring and educational course, students will champion their own business ideas while conceptualizing a plan and learning what is involved in running a food start-up. Request Info The total cost of the program is $3,300. Learn How to Get Your Product on Store Shelves. Maybe it’s just the nature of my job, but I feel like everyone and their sister is launching a small food or drink business these days—and it’s exciting.

Learn How to Get Your Product on Store Shelves

Every week, I get multiple pitches to cover everything from black pepper simple syrup and savory German cakes to more new coffee roasters and full-on bread labs. There are even funky marshmallows. The internet’s created a new wealth of e-commerce options for many of these small businesses, but physical shelf space is still coveted. Unfortunately, getting in stores is not as straightforward as launching a SquareSpace site, and where should a small business with these aspirations even begin? We hope to help answer this and other questions next Wednesday, March 2 at our “How to Pitch a Product” panel discussion at the Brooklyn Brewery. What sets buyers at small-batch focused shops from buyers at mega stores? 10 Tips For Surviving A Professional Kitchen. Walking into a new kitchen for the first time can be an extremely scary thing.

10 Tips For Surviving A Professional Kitchen

Each professional kitchen has its own culture and way of doing things. If you take one misguided step, you risk embarrassing yourself - not to mention possibly ending up in the ER with a chef-inflicted knife wound. To help you make a good first, and lasting impression, and to avoid costly doctor bills, here are my top ten tips for surviving a professional kitchen. 1) Always Stay Calm. This is much easier said then done. 2) Move Deliberately And With Efficiency. This point can not be over stressed. 3) Always Ask For Clarification. If you're not clear on a task that has been assigned to you, ASK! 4) Don't Pretend You Know More Than You Do.

Don't BS people about your knowledge or experience. 5) Be Aware of Your Surroundings. A kitchen is a crowded, hectic place. 6) Do Your Homework. Most restaurants have web pages complete with their menus. Co-working - BoostInLyon.


L'incubateur de start-up TheFamily se veut ouvert à tous. Présentation - L'Accélérateur. Dix raisons pour lesquelles votre incubateur interne va échouer en moins de deux ans. Je travaille depuis plusieurs années avec des grands groupes souhaitant monter, ou ayant déjà monté, une structure d’incubation de projets innovants internes.

Dix raisons pour lesquelles votre incubateur interne va échouer en moins de deux ans

Certains, séduits par les médias et l’actualité technologique de ces dernières années se risquent même à parler d’accélération. Dans tous les cas je suis confronté à un problème central : cela semble une bonne idée pour la direction des grands groupes concernés, mais presque aucun ne sait réellement ce qu’ils font avec ces dispositifs, et les échecs sont fréquents et très cuisants. Si vous êtes un directeur de l’innovation ou de la stratégie, essayons de voir au travers du phénomène de mode et laissez-moi vous présenter les dix raisons pour lesquelles votre incubateur interne va échouer en moins de deux ans. Ne vous y trompez pas je ne le fais pas entièrement par bonté d’âme, j’en ai juste assez d’avoir les mêmes discussions sur chaque projet. : ) Vous êtes en mode intimité client ?

Malheureusement, non. J’entends par là : 1. 2.