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Family Constellations

Family Constellations therapy is a profound healing modality as well as a diagnostic tool brought in by Bert Hellinger. Contact Zenergy school of life in Mumbai, India for instance draws on therapies as diverse as theta DNA healing, past life healing, reiki, and past life regression therapy.

Digging Deeper in Life - Guided Meditation. The journey to uncover patterns that were repeating. Rahul in his late 40’s read about Family Constellations in a newspaper.

The journey to uncover patterns that were repeating

This was his beginning of the journey to uncover patterns that were repeating in his financial area. He contacted me to understand the real reasons for these patterns. Rahul was electronics engineer and employed by one of the best in the industry. The real issue was his work being never acknowledged and he was back stabbed by his superiors. He shared during his initial interview that his father had the same issue his government job. A constellation was set up with a representative for Rahul, his father, grandfather and the male lineage. The males of the family were carrying this curse and hence weren’t able to succeed in their careers. Systemic Reasons for not having Loving Relationships. We would like to experience loving and thriving relationships in our lives, but there are differences which become never ending.

Systemic Reasons for not having Loving Relationships

This is why we feel stuck in our relationships. Though consciously we know that differences with our partners need to be celebrated, yet we find it difficult to have a thriving relationship. In some cases, we move on from one partner to another, still the void of being loved seems to be omnipresent. We begin asking ourselves what is lacking within us for not being able to attract the relationship of our dreams? What are the reasons for not being able to have a compassionate partner? Family Constellations Training - Family Constellations Facilitator. Lack of Zeal to Live Life - Family Constellations Case Study. Issue: Salina 34, was going through multiple issues in life.

Lack of Zeal to Live Life - Family Constellations Case Study

She was overweight, unhappy at work as she wasn’t appreciated as well as was in a relationship where the man was not ready to commit. She felt suicidal on and off with the feeling that do I really deserve to live this life? Resolution – Representative for Salina and for life were selected. Salina’s representative just fell on the ground and the representative for life was feeling terrible pain in the body.

Salina deeply felt connected to the realm of the dead. Salina’s representative reported feeling that she owed her life to this twin and that she has to live her fate as well as the fate of the twin. Fibromyalgia troubling for more than decade. Issue: Chetana 37, was in a troubled state since more than a decade because of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia troubling for more than decade

She was on medications, but nothing was really working. She had her days of severe pains, aches and tiredness which were beyond control and making it difficult for her to live a normal day-to-day life. She was finding it difficult to manage her personal and professional life, in fact she had given up on her profession partially. Resolution: Two representatives were selected for the Family Constellations therapy.

One for Chetana and the other one for fibromyalgia. A representative for this great grandfather was introduced in the field. Now, the representative for Chetana was feeling better by almost 50%. 5 Simple Methods to Connect with your Family System. Being connected to our Family System in a healthy way is necessary for the smooth flow of love and life in our space.

5 Simple Methods to Connect with your Family System

Hence, it is important to create ways for connecting with our ancestors and our family system energetically. Family Constellations is a modality which can show the root causes of systemic imbalance. But following these simple methods can help you lighten up your own connection to your system. These are simple methods which can also help you clear quite some imbalances automatically. Constant Confusion in the Life - Family Constellations. Issue: Leela in her mid 30’s was constantly confused in all the aspects of her life.

Constant Confusion in the Life - Family Constellations

She would find it difficult to take decisions. She did not feel connected to her parents or her family. In fact, when it came to family matters, she reported that all she could feel was being disconnected. At work too, she had great potential as an interior designer, but hardly she could focus on her work. 6 Ways to Attract Abundance in your Life. Abundance is nothing but an energy, a vibration to which we need to attune ourselves.

6 Ways to Attract Abundance in your Life

By attuning to the energy of abundance, we open ourselves to experience all the happiness and goodness that life and Universe have to offer us. Abundance is a blessing of the Universe. Displacement: It’s impact on the Descendants. Cultural and national displacements have gigantic impact on the people who have gone through the process.

Displacement: It’s impact on the Descendants

The emotions involved are very deep and have a lasting impact on the descending generations. Often, these emotions aren’t processed totally and while the process of displacement is taking place, there numerous incidents that a person goes through without getting enough time to deal with it. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Diljeet, 36 was always feeling depressed and lonely without understanding the reason why. He was absolutely jovial and fun loving before he turned 28. On further questioning, I found that the grandfather was witness to the mass murders happened during that time. Time to Bring Back Rootedness - Family Constellations. The way we are moving directionless today is taking us away from our roots.

Time to Bring Back Rootedness - Family Constellations

Family dinners or celebrating holidays are becoming more of a social event than exchanging love and sharing a bond. Do you remember those days when as a child we heard great stories from our grandparents about their own childhood? Well, I do remember a lot of them. But what touched my heart then and now is that they told stories of bonding, connecting with one another. Of course, today our lifestyle is the culprit of not having the sharing and caring. Correct Way of MANIFESTATION - How Law of Attraction really works? Top 10 Benefits of Daily Meditation. Meditation has been known for its benefits since ages in the Eastern philosophy.

Top 10 Benefits of Daily Meditation

Today, in this DNA age, the Western world has also started acknowledging the benefits of meditation. It is an inner feeling of calmness and serenity which invigorates one to move forward in life. Meditation is not just an exercise of the mind, but it is a connection which we build with the Universe residing within us as well as outside of us. It helps to bridge the gap of knowing doing and allows us to expand our consciousness. The Basic Meditation: The most simple and basic meditation that one can do is simply focusing on your breath. 1. 5 Things to Clear Before 2019 Ends. 2019 is just ending in a few days. Most of us have already started making plans for 2020 like the new resolutions we will take up or perhaps some lifestyle changes we will make.

But do you realize that most of the times you fail achieving the resolutions because there are certain things that need clearing. As a spiritual coach for more than a decade, I have the following common patterns people have which are the roadblocks to achieving their desired results. Family Constellations: An New Paradigm for Deep Healing. YouTube. Family Constellations Therapy and Workshops Mumbai, India. YouTube. What is Family Constellation Therapy? - Family Constellations. Sudden Unexplained Depression. Issue Minal – 31 year old dynamic business woman was diagnosed with severe depression.

Guided Meditation for Healing in the Womb. Personal Development with Family Constellation Therapy. YouTube. Resolving Children Issues with Family Constellations Therapy. YouTube. Solving Financial Issues with Family Constellation Therapy. YouTube. Depression, Anxiety & Mental Illness - Family Constellations. Powerful Guided Meditation for De-programming and De-conditioning DNA. Releasing Addiction with Family Constellations Therapy. Letting go of Impatience - Hindi Meditation. How to Raise Vibrations of your Home (Our Sacred Space) Our homes are a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

This is because we spend a lot of time doing things like eating food, having a party over or perhaps loving our partners. How to RAISE VIBRATIONS of your HOME. YouTube. Meditation for Relationship Healing. YouTube. Stress Management - Family Constellations. YouTube. YouTube. Day 20 - Reconnecting With Your Own Body. Success and Failure: What is the Role of Our Family System? And God said, Love your enemies, & I obeyed Him & loved myself. -Khalil Gibran We all want to be successful in our lives. Of course, no one likes to fail. But, in this process, we become our own enemies. How? This is what truly makes us losers and failures. Day 19 - Letting Go off Reaction. Day 10 - Acknowledge Own Self.

Day 9 - Let Go off Expectation. Day 24 - Letting Go of Toxicity in Relationship. Day 7 - Letting Go of Control. Effects of fighting over Ancestral Property. It isn’t uncommon to hear or be a witness to fights over ancestral property. I think this is prevalent in most of the cultures where siblings feel the right to belong these properties and small petty fights turn into family wars. But are these fights justified? Someone gets a bigger chunk and while the other may receive a smaller one. The matter gets even worse when the legal system and judiciary is involved in it. It is literally disrespecting each other when it is the same family and there have been happy childhood memories of these siblings playing together. What happened to that love and compassion which once dwelled in their hearts? Can we change the DNA with our thoughts? - Family Constellation.

Before getting into the details of this question, let us first understand what is the DNA? Our DNA is an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, feelings, happy moments, traumas and pain experienced by our lineage. Belongingness through the Eyes of Spiritual Laws. Struggling - Is it going against the waves? Struggling – a word perhaps which does not need any kind of introduction. About Anchal Anurag Jyoti. Benefits of Family Constellations. Family Constellations is a profound healing modality as well as a diagnostic tool brought in by a German psychotherapist, philosopher Bert Hellinger. Family Constellations Therapy Mumbai, India.