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Strata 2012: Steve Schoettler, "Learning Analytics" Critical curiosity. Leadership and Learning Analytics. CONNECTED FOR SeNSe: Learning Analytics and Learning management systems. The use of technology in the learning process and the activity where it took place was not a new phenomenon.

CONNECTED FOR SeNSe: Learning Analytics and Learning management systems

Since in 1996, the Malaysian initiative of the Multimedia Super Corridor in (Zoraini Wati Abas, 2009) has become an evidence of the emerging of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education has played an important role in Malaysia. Technology enhances learning (TEL) or blended learning in education especially in higher education, has an impact to the total number of enrolments in courses deliver virtual or distance learning from the Malaysian e-learner. Therefore higher education is following this trend by allowing distance learners to receive their academic certificate and degree using distance course, in order to take the full advantage from TEL and growth profits opportunity (Harper, Chen & Yen, 2004).

Therefore, the question lies where “How to bring out the most opportunity for this learning management student to the distance learner learning outcome?” Learning Analytics. Als "Learning Analytics" wird die Interpretation verschiedenster Daten bezeichnet, die von Studierenden produziert oder für sie erhoben werden, um Lernfortschritte zu messen, zukünftige Leistungen vorauszuberechnen und potenzielle Problembereiche aufzudecken (Horizon Report 2012).

Learning Analytics

Der Zugriff auf die Daten wird möglich, da Lernangebote und -prozesse in vielen Fällen mittels elektronischer Systeme unterstützt werden und dabei Daten über das Nutzungsverhalten erhoben werden können. Ziel ist es, mit Hilfe der Auswertung der Daten die Studierenden besser in ihrem Lernprozess zu unterstützen und letztendlich den Lehr-Lernprozess und Lehr-Lernerfolg insgesamt zu verbessern. Clow - Overview of Learning Analytics. Will Analytics transform Education? Effective use of data is vital for success in today’s business world.

Will Analytics transform Education?

In education, Analytics (or Learning Analytics) is becoming a hot topic, promising to disrupt and transform education and learning. In this overview article we do a short detour to the business world for some examples of business analytics; look at how education have approached the phenomenon; explore some practices; and raise some concerns about the downside of this trend. The most spectacular example of business use of consumer data is the US chain store Target’s analysis of changes in a customer’s life, e.g. finding out whether or not a customer is pregnant[1], with the aim to send them coupons for certain products they will need. Internationally, Amazon’s use of real-time recommendations to give users feedback almost instantly and to create a personal shopping experience for each and every customer[2] is well known.

Business analytics, however goes beyond targeting consumers. 1. 2. 3. Learning Analytics. Data Entry. ERM1151. Will Analytics transform Education? Social learning analytics. Buckingham Shum, Simon and Ferguson, Rebecca (2012).

Social learning analytics

Journal of Educational Technology and Society, 15(3) pp. 3–26. SNAPP. GISMO. GISMO is a graphical interactive monitoring tool that provides useful visualization of students' activities in online courses to instructors.


With GISMO instructors can examine various aspects of distance students, such as the attendance to courses, reading of materials, submission of assignments. Users of the popular learning management system Moodle may benefit from GISMO for their teaching activities. With respect to the standard reports provided by Moodle (which basically allow teachers to see if an individual student has viewed a specific resource or participated on a specific activity on a specific day), GISMO provides comprehensive visualizations that gives an overview of the whole class, not only a specific student or a particular resource.

With GISMO, instructors can perform analysis of the whole class, and may have a "clear picture" of what the class is doing, or has done in a period in the past. Contributors. Free Visualization Software. Thumbnails: ON off Sort by: name DATE To create a new visualization, choose a base dataset.

Free Visualization Software

Putting web analytics data to use in higher education. I’ve spent much of the past four years helping raise awareness of the importance of web analytics for digital marketing and communications.

Putting web analytics data to use in higher education

I’ve used many tactics to reach this goal: online surveys on the State of Web and Social Media Analytics in Higher Education, columns focusing on early adopters, trends and success stories, countless presentations at industry events, blog posts, and even an annual online conference entirely dedicated to higher education analytics. In June 2010, after presenting at UBTech in Las Vegas, I launched a year-long benchmarking project: the Higher Ed Web Analytics Revolution. This project was intended to overthrow marketing decisions based on opinions, hunches and guesses.

The goal was to collect and distribute useful benchmarking data on 12 website metrics selected for their relevance for colleges websites. With more than a hundred different institutions self-reporting data each month, the project helped, but not as much as I had hoped. New tools. Using Predictive Analytics, Adaptive Learning to Transform Higher Education. Georgia State University is one of seven universities working to improve student success and transform higher education as part of a one-year planning project.Flickr/Silver Starre A mentor sits on a bench with his student on a university campus.

Using Predictive Analytics, Adaptive Learning to Transform Higher Education

He knows exactly what his student's strengths and weaknesses are. He knows when to give him more challenging work and when to back off. He tailors his teaching to the student he's working with. This personalized learning worked for students in medieval times at the first European universities, and it works best for students today, said Tim Renick, vice provost and vice president for enrollment management and student success at Georgia State University. "Technology affords us the opportunity at a large scale to begin to deliver some of that personalized education," Renick said. Throughout the next year, these universities will build on efforts they've already started and share what they learn with each other. 10 tips for deploying a new assessment platform (differently) Time and again, institutions struggle with properly deploying a new assessment platform.

10 tips for deploying a new assessment platform (differently)

Often that fault lies with the vendor who lacks the knowledge or institutional expertise to provide sound counsel on how it should be accomplished. Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age: How Learners are Shaping their Own Experiences: Rhona Sharpe, Helen Beetham, Sara de Freitas: Books. Book Description Publication Date: 16 July 2010 | ISBN-10: 0415875439 | ISBN-13: 978-0415875431 Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age addresses the complex and diverse experiences of learners in a world embedded with digital technologies.

Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age: How Learners are Shaping their Own Experiences: Rhona Sharpe, Helen Beetham, Sara de Freitas: Books

CONNECTED FOR SeNSe: Learning Analytics and Learning management systems. Presentation "BUILDING A PREDICTIVE MODEL A Behind the Scenes Look Mike Sharkey Director of Academic Analytics, The Apollo Group January 9, 2012." The Promise of Learning Analytics Infographic. Other Infographics At The Promise of Learning Analytics Infographic you will review the road to more differentiated and personalized education. The Road To More Differentiated and Personalize Education Traditional Education In traditional education a class with student is on the way to finish line at about the same pace and using the same route.

Learning analytics. The 4 Levels Of Learning Analytics. Learning Analytics.