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Amnesty International - CRCR - WIZZprod° on Vimeo
Spurred by the detention of the artist and government critic Ai Weiwei in April, Pi San created this satirical animation as a tribute to Ai — and, more broadly, as an indictment of the corrosive effects of censorship on society, on language itself. A masterpiece of comic subterfuge, the animation refers to Ai not by name but mainly through the subject of one of his most famous solo exhibitions: the 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds he laid out across the floor of the Tate Modern in 2010. (The Chinese character for Kuang Kuang’s exasperated sigh, “ai,” (哎) also happens to be just a few brush strokes away from Ai’s surname (艾).) The Controversial Cartoons of Pi San - Video Feature The Controversial Cartoons of Pi San - Video Feature
Solidarités International et BDDP Unlimited veulent faire couler de l'encre sur l'eau insalubre

comment faire l'amour avec ses mains

Viens sur mon pearltrees et regarde ma perle jeux. by arthur13 Apr 28

Et moi prof d'arts plastiques donc tout autant interpellée.
Bonne inspiration ! by artattrape Feb 1

merci je suis dessinatrice donc interessée par les films d animation
amicalement by timshelle Jan 31

Merci ! avec un coup de coeur pour la vie sexuelle d'une pate à modeler... So fun ! Je n'ai encore tout visionné. by artattrape Jan 31