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Sports: Fake Grass Sports Surfaces. Artificial turf all-weather sports surfaces for every sport Synthetic sports turf systems have transformed the muddy, uneven playing fields of 3 decades ago.

Sports: Fake Grass Sports Surfaces

TigerTurf’s new generation of synthetic grass sports fields replicate the best qualities of high performing natural fields but give the consistent, dynamic performance that only highly engineered modern synthetic turfs can produce. Our synthetic turf surfaces remove the negative qualities of natural grass fields, such as high maintenance costs, cancelled games, and uneven performance. TigerTurf’s synthetic turf surfaces are manufactured in New Zealand from durable, high performing TenCate fibres and backings.

Our sports turfs are tested to meet the highest performance standards required by World Sporting Bodies including FIFA, World Rugby, FIH, ITF and GAA. TigerTurf believe you receive excellent value for your investment in our synthetic sports surfaces. Performance Base Systems TigerTurf introduces three innovative Read More Bowls Cricket. Commercial Synthetic Grass. Commercial landscapes benefit from synthetic lawn Synthetic lawn is extremely popular in southern Europe as an attractive and practical landscaping element in urban environments.

Commercial Synthetic Grass

Companies and councils benefit from having green lawns amidst the concrete jungle. TigerTurf synthetic lawn provides an innovative solution where presentation and cost control are premium considerations. Useful in areas that are difficult to access such as central reservations or traffic islands, where a natural landscape in urban areas is preferred, but maintenance and water supply are restricted. Artificial Grass. Residential landscape: artificial grass lawns for your garden TigerTurf designs and manufactures lush, realistic artificial grass lawns to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Artificial Grass

TigerTurf offers you: Artificial grass lawn products designed with individual characteristics to suit all your landscaping requirements. Low-maintenance, weed-free lawns allowing you to create restful areas that are attractive every day. Landscape: Synthetic Grass. Landscape: artificial lawn – low maintenance lawn for gardens TigerTurf’s artificial lawn products harmonise with the natural environment.

Landscape: Synthetic Grass

Replicating the characteristics of quality natural lawn, TigerTurf’s advanced synthetic grass lawns look superb all year round for many years, with little maintenance required. A lush green lawn is attractive to the eye, a pleasant place that invites you to relax and enjoy the environment, a place where your children and pets can safely play. If you want to enjoy your lawn, but life’s too busy for watering, mowing, weeding and fertilising, then synthetic grass could be the solution you’re looking for. Along with virtually no maintenance or concerns about soil or climatic conditions, many other features make TigerTurf’s artificial lawn landscape products perfect for your lawns, gardens and other green areas: AU: synthetic turf for sport, school and home.

Install of the Month. Manufacturing: Artificial Turf. Manufacturing TigerTurf artificial grass sport surfaces TigerTurf artificial grass sport surfaces are made from the world’s best yarns, developed and manufactured by TenCate Grass.

Manufacturing: Artificial Turf

TenCate is at the leading edge of yarn development, having created some of the most advanced yarns available, including TenCate’s XQ technology and XP Blade technology. TenCate’s yarns are engineered to meet the demanding performance standards of today's artificial grass sport surfaces and landscape turf systems. With decades of experience in developing synthetic turf components, the global research and development department of TenCate Grass is constantly improving the products.

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TigerTurf. Maintenance. Synthetic Turf Manufacturer. General Glossary. Glossary >> General Glossary Certified pitch/field An on-site built pitch/field which has been tested by an accredited laboratory and verified as meeting the sport’s defined requirements and licensing agreement conditions.

General Glossary

Crimping The processing of yarn, by heat or air pressure, to fix a wavy texture into the yarn and increase its apparent bulk. Disposal of carpet/pad If it cannot be re-used (eg. training venues, kindergartens, playgrounds), it would need to be disposed of in a landfill site. First Generation Turf Developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s: Low-profile carpets (8-12mm), high-density fibres. Heat radiation Most synthetic turf surfaces radiate temperature at approximately 1.8 times ambient temperature whereas natural turf radiates at 1.3 times ambient temperature.

Hold points Key stages of a project at which point works should cease, allowing inspection/sign-off of the stage of work just undertaken. Lifecycle costs The lifecycle cost of a surface consists of three different costs: New Zealand. Synthetic Turf Specialist Google Plus LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube

New Zealand

Tennis Artificial Turf. Sports: Fake Grass Sports Surfaces. AU: synthetic turf for sport, school and home.