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Contraception for Women | Health, Cure and disease. Contraception for women Contraception is defined as avoidance of pregnancy by different methods other than avoiding coitus or hysterectomy. Contraceptive methods are broadly divided into two major groups i.e 2. Sever valvular heart disease. 3. Hypercholestrolaemia. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. I. Summary Reviewer Contraception for Women Review Date Reviewed Item Contraception is defined as avoidance of pregnancy by different methods other than avoiding coitus or hysterectomy.

Author Rating. Subserous Fibroid and Pregnancy with Natural Treatment | Health, Cure and disease. Pronounced and the tendemess is at MeBurney’s point, yvhieh is higher than thesite of ectopic pregnancy. subserous fibroid and pregnancy with natural treatment Torsion of peduneulated subserous fibroid can present with acute lower abdominal pain. There is no history of amenorrlioea and pregnancy test is negative. The diagnosis is confirmed on ultrasound.’ Other conditions The other conditions \\hich may rarely give a difficulty in the diagnosis of ectopic preg- nancy are retroyerted gra\1d uterus, urinary‘ tract infection. uretcric colic and perforated peptic ulcer Rupture. Tubal mole. Abdominal pregnancy. Spontaneous regression.

The investigations yvhich help in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy are‘ Ultrasound i Ahtloinintil ultrasound. Ultrasound is the most valuable non invasive investigation for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy Abdominal ultrasound helps in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy more by excluding an intrauterine pregnancy than detecting a tubal pregnancy.

L. Subserous Fibroid and Pregnancy with Natural Treatment | Health, Cure and disease. SHORT and LONG TERM EFFECTS IN Pregnancy | Health, Cure and disease. The effects of menopause are subclassified into short and long term effects. The exact mechanism by wllich the effects of mcnopausc are brought about is not clearly known. However,estrogen deficiency seems to play a major role, as estrogen replacement effectively controls short term and pre\’ents long term effects of menopause. The raised levels of gonadotophins (LH/FSH) and alterations in the levels of other sex steroids like progesterone and androgens also seem to have significant role in the development of effects of menopause I). SHORT TERM EFFECTS IN Pregnancy a). Hot flushes Hot flush is a characteristic feature of menopause and the woman complains of feeling of intense heat starting from face, forehead, neck, chest or ear lobe and spreading to any direction.

B). Estrogen deficiczlcy reduces the blood supplyand therefore the tissue elasticity particularly in the genitourinary system and the patient may complain of following symptoms; c). A). Age Incidence of fracture Oyears 25% c). ! Fibroid and adenomyosis cause menorrhagia | Health, Cure and disease. Associated features will help in the differential diagnosis of pelvic pathology.

Pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis in addition to menstrual irregularities are kllown to cause dysparcunia. Congenital genital tract abnonnalities are frequently associated with urinary tract abnormalities, because of conmlon embryological origin, so it is not uncommon for these patient to suffer from recurrent urinary tract infection.

The patients with in\perforate hymen experience cyclical pain but they have primary amenorrhoea due to obstruction IO the outflow and can some time present with urinary retention. Vaginal discharge may be a presenting complaint in patients with pelvic in- flammatory disease and IUCD in situ. A history of contraceptive practices of the patient must be taken as an IUCD is a cause, while oral contraceptive pill a treatment. General physical examination Pelvic examination Secondary dysmenorrhoea Where a cause is found the treatment is aimed at eradication of the cause. Kakasoft Folder Protector 6.38 Registration key Crack Full. Home > Convertor > Kakasoft Folder Protector 6.38 Registration key Crack Full Kakasoft Folder Protector 6.38 Registration key is a guard of the file and save them as their folder due to all many issues, such encryptions and make it full and 100 percent secure compressed due to it. it really supports the 256-bit on-the-fly AES as its shown it best technology that all the folder and all recorded odd PC make more suitable and easy to handled and secure.

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