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Cosmetic boxes

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Changing trends for custom packaging in the Cosmetic industry. The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is constantly growing.

Changing trends for custom packaging in the Cosmetic industry

Every day we see new brands and products entering the already saturated market. Consumers have so many options to choose from that it is almost impossible to earn brand loyalty. Brands are constantly striving to come up with innovative product and packaging ideas to maintain a distinct position. This new generation of rather “Woke” consumers won’t think twice before canceling a brand if they find out even a single discrepancy. In addition to being innovative, brands have to maintain an eco-conscious image as well.

Why compliant packaging is important for lip-glosses. How indie brands are empowering women all over the world. By Faith John Cosmetic Boxes Packaging Cosmetics is a flourishing market, just after food it is one market where the demand is always on the rise.

How indie brands are empowering women all over the world

Cosmetics industry has helped many women to be empowered. Many indie brands are helping women worldwide to start their ventures and make their own money. It started with the developed world but this wave of independence has hit women all across the globe. Even in developing countries cosmetics market has created many job opportunities for women. All over the world, women are the most affected by financial crisis and poverty but also the ones most likely to pull themselves and their families out of it. Modern lip balms; an all in one product. Everyone wants fuller, plump, voluptuous lips.

Modern lip balms; an all in one product

I remember there was a time when we had to use three different products to prepare our lips. There were lip balms for moisturizing Lip stings to make the lips fuller The final coating of lip-gloss for that shine and color. I am not complaining, I was okay pulling of that extensive regime everyday but things have changed a lot (and for good) now.

Now modern lip balms are combining the goodness of lip balms, the sting of a plumping formula, and the color of a lip-gloss. The dream of every girl has finally come true. Is pomade really better than other hair styling products? Pomade is probably the best hair styling product available in the market.

Is pomade really better than other hair styling products?

There are many reasons why you should prefer pomade to hair gel, clay or wax. Pomade is a water or oil based hairstyling product that helps hold the style in place for longer durations of time. In this article we will explore some of the many reasons why you should prefer pomade over any other hairstyling product. Light formula: Pomade comes with a water base that makes it very easy to wash out. Easy to apply: Pomade, unlike other hair products can be applied in dry as well as wet hair.

Versatile: How Innovation in packaging changed the whole lip balm industry. If you’re reading this article, I’m pretty sure you have a lip balm in your bag, in your car, on your nightstand (or maybe in all three places at the same time).

How Innovation in packaging changed the whole lip balm industry

I carry three different lip balms for my bag, car, and nightstand because I suffer from chapped lips. I must have a lip balm around me all the time. Now maybe you don’t have a severe case of chapped/cracked lips like me, still, a lot of us carry lip balms with us all the time. Why is it so? Cosmetic Boxes Archives - Gator Packaging. Custom Plain Soap Boxes. For self-care and hygiene products’ packaging sometime “Less is more”.

Custom Plain Soap Boxes

The cleaner and simple the design the more attractive product appears. Packaging is a dynamic way of storytelling. Box Type: Proof billionaires lack basic human decency and compassion. Why are we becoming so inconsiderate of what we say on social media? Custom Cigarette Packaging. Custom Product Boxes at wholesale rates. Retail packaging has become quite advanced over the past few years.

Custom Product Boxes at wholesale rates

This way the trends have changed and people focus on being creative. This is exactly what we do at Bakery Packaging Boxes! We believe that the best way of taking your branding techniques to next level is to make your packaging extremely luxurious! So we at Bakery Packaging Boxes, manufacture Product Boxes of best quality and for every product that you want.

Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes. Perfumes are definitely a major turn on because it is extremely important to smell nice.

Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes

A good cologne can also develop a good impression on people, this is why no one ever leaves home without putting on a good scent on themselves. High quality and lavish colognes are considered to be a luxurious fetish and everyone is here for it! Why FDA should have stricter guidelines for lip box boxes. This pandemic and quarantine took a toll on all of us.

Why FDA should have stricter guidelines for lip box boxes

Almost every single one of us ended up doing something we’d never do under normal circumstances. From cooking to giving ourselves haircuts, we tried to draw our attention away from the fact that there was a pandemic going on and we were in a state of house arrest, except it was by choice. I too end up taking an online adobe Photoshop course during quarantine. I didn’t even know what I was going to do with the knowledge of Photoshop (probably make myself look slimmer in photos). Last night I was scrolling through social media and stalking profiles of all those Instagram makeup gurus. How Cosmetic Packaging Has Evolved During COVID-19.

Packaging industry is considered one of the more resilient industries that have been able to survive the massive hit by global pandemic i.e. corona virus.

How Cosmetic Packaging Has Evolved During COVID-19

Where need for packaging in food and beverage industry has increased, some other branches of packaging haven’t been so fortunate. Cosmetic packaging mostly comes in tubes, pumps and containers without brushes. Why outsourcing Sustainable packaging is the most cost effective way for makeup startups. According to a survey by cosmopolitan magazine 58% of American women (aged 18 to 25) feel uncomfortable leaving their house without any make up on. This number explains the bubbling expansion of cosmetic industry. Cosmetics, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. As an avid cosmetics’ consumer my biggest problem is storing these products in a secure way. These eyeshadows and contour powders are too precious to be broken down, even though we all have at least one broken makeup product in our makeup pouch that we refuse to throw away as it cost us $$$. Custom Printed Glossy Cosmetic Display Boxes. The basic purpose of manufacturing products is to sale them among people and to improve your brand’s image.

The one thing that will attract customers towards your products will be the attractive outlook. Maximize the Security of Your Products Through Die Cut Boxes. Packaging is one of the most crucial element in the product manufacturing procedure. No product can be displayed ideally in the market without some sort of packaging. But as a matter of fact some products need extra care and attention while they are packed.