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Download The Lower Your Blood Sugar Flyer. Thousands of people online have learned how to lower their blood sugar by cutting back on their carbohydrates.

Download The Lower Your Blood Sugar Flyer

You've seen some of their testimonials on The 5% Club Page on this site. Unfortunately, though, most people with diabetes aren't online, especially those who have been following their doctors' advice for years, eating those low fat/high carb diets, taking handfuls of pills, only to see their blood sugar rise relentlessly. To reach those people we need to use a simple, low tech technique, because they are too disheartened to look for diabetes information on the web. A1c/Average Blood Glucose Conversion Using the ADAG Formula. Leukorrhea Treatment Tips. Learn How to Count Your Pulse. Life Stressors Chart. Blood Sugar 101. Type 1 Diabetes.