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Cinematic Opening Title Redux - Day 1. In this 2 part tutorial we revisit the Cinematic Opening concept with an homage to all of you, our readers, by enshrining all of the comments left on the site in a "ready for Hollywood" delivery.

Cinematic Opening Title Redux - Day 1

It features a clever use of freely available scripts and expressions to create what would normally be a very complicated and time-consuming animation. The tutorial will be split into 2 days with a total of over 80 minutes of training. In day 1 we cover cunning techniques to harness a large amount of text and quickly format and animate it in a cinematic style. This tutorial has tricks and techniques that should appeal to all users from beginners all the way to the most seasoned and advanced users of After Effects.

And best of all, it is all created by only using built it After Effects tools! Cinematic Opening Title Redux - Day 2. Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle - Day 2. 3D Time Freeze (Glass) Galactic Orb. Infographic Interaction. In this tutorial Markus walks us through the creation of a video accompaniment to Bruce Lee's 'Be Water' philosophy.

Infographic Interaction

It features vibrant motion typographic sub-titles, animated illustrations and clever camera techniques. The training will be split over 3 days for a total of 71 minutes of tutorial video. In day 1 of the training Markus designs and animates the typography for the video. This tutorial is an excellent compliment to Markus's 'Create Rhythmic Motion Typography' tutorial and demonstrates some more advanced typographic techniques.

This is Markus Gustafsson from and today I'm going to give you a complete walk through on how I make this Be Water movie. "Empty your mind. So, this tutorial is going to be divided into three parts. So let's begin. Here I see in the beginning there is no sound there so drag the layer to the left. [Plays audio] We're going to type out "Empty your mind and be formless". That looks good. [Plays audio] Let's pre-compose this as well. Beginners Tutorial. Create a Futuristic Floating Hologram Effect. Morphing Letters. Beautiful Rain Scene. In this massive 2 part tutorial inspired by the work of Pierre Michel, Alex Verlan shows us how to create the dramatic slow motion rain drops falling scene entirely within After Effects.

Beautiful Rain Scene

Requirements:Trapcode Particular (download the trial version here) Trapcode 3D Form (download the trial version here) Trapcode Shine (download the trial version here) Optional:Trapcode Horizon (download the trial version here) Tilt-shift. Create an animated ‘toytown’ effect using a crafty tilt-and-shift effect in After Effects.


Tilt-and-shift lenses allow the photographer to assign a narrow plane of focus within their image. These lenses focus on a single part of a photo or footage and shift (blur) the surrounding area to create an optical illusion that makes scenes appear as if they’re actually miniature models. The blurred outer edges trick the eye into perceiving everything in the unblurred parts as miniature. These lenses are expensive, but you can fake the effect relatively well in Photoshop or After Effects. As the effect becomes trendier, a growing number of creatives are doing just that – Flickr and other sites have whole photo pools dedicated to faked tilt and shift shots ( and We’ll be using a static image for this tutorial, which can be downloaded for free from Flickr at this link: 01. 02. Giant Energy Ball.

Rorschach Effects. Logo Animation. In this tutorial, we will learn some of the cool new features introduced in Trapcode Particular v2.0.

Logo Animation

Inspiration for this tutorial is from the logo reveal of the Digital Domain Animation Company. It may not be as good as that (since it had been done completely using a 3d software), but I thought to give it a try in After Effects. Trapcode Particular 2 You can download a trial version here. Tutorial Step 1 Create a new composition named "Logo" with these settings.

Place the logo in the composition and adjust the size of the logo to fit. Step 2 Create a new composition with the same settings as of the original composition 'Logo'. Step 3. 3D DNA Strain. Animated vector mixed with real life. In this tutorial Naim Alwan ventures outside of After Effects for a little bit of 3D Matchmoving to create this stunning Urban Jungle effect where vector graphics are perfectly tracked to some city footage.

Animated vector mixed with real life

In day 1 you will learn how to do a track using Boujou (although any matchmoving software will work for this) and then import and apply that information in After Effects successfully. In this two part tutorial you will learn the workflow for seamlessly integrating live action footage with motion graphics elements. The first day we are going to be spending a little time familiarizing ourselves with the camera tracking process using Boujou, and the settings we need to get right in order to export an AE camera track. We will then use the information contained on the nulls to setup the scene. Once the track is imported in AE and scene setup we will shift our focus to Illustrator where we will cover the layer setup we need in order to import an Illustrator file into AE. Stormy, Electric Type. Window Lighting.

3D Cloud Motion from still image.