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FacilityBot is the first-to-market omnichannel Artificial Intelligence-powered facilities management chatbot. We offer a large set of management features of fault reporting, preventive maintenance, asset tracking, etc.

Facility Management Software. Facilities Management Software. Singapore Facilities Management. Top Pest Control Companies in Singapore. Proper pest control is essential for effective building maintenance.

Top Pest Control Companies in Singapore

Here is a list of the top pest control companies in Singapore. Please note that they are not ranked in any particular order. 1. Origin Exterminators Origin exterminators are the experts in Pest Control with science and environmentally friendly treatments at the heart of their operations. Origin’s methodologies take the nature of business and its schedule into consideration as they employ the most effective measures to bring businesses on track. Their expert solutions are customised to each industry in Singapore – from providing chemical-free options in factories, to asthmatic-safe misting in schools. 2. Killem Pest has provided integrated pest management services to thousands of customers in the commercial, residential and government sectors. It offers the following services: 3. Protect Pest Control specializes in both commercial and residential pest control islandwide. It offers services in the following areas: 4.

Top features in the best facility management software. Facility management software is an innovation that oversees and smoothes out various parts of building and facilities management.

Top features in the best facility management software

This advancement of FM software has made it a key tool for facilities supervisors. But on the other hand, it’s perceived as basic to progress for organizations and workers. This helps from a smart system that keeps the workplace moving along as expected while helping commitment and efficiency. The term facilities management system is frequently used to imply the FM software examined previously. Building Maintenance Services. Easily set up facilities / rooms The FacilityBot web portal makes it super-easy to create and maintain the room and facilities list, including setting availability periods and images of the room or facility.

Building Maintenance Services

Multiple ways for users to book Users can book using the channel that they are most familiar with, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Workplace or a web browser. Simplify the process and reduce the friction for your users by doing away with app downloads and logins. Works for item lending too Since rooms / facilities are defined broadly as anything that can be booked, this feature works well for item or equipment loan also. See real time availability Users will immediately see the availability of the room or facility that they wish to book when they choose their desired date.

Untitled — Top features in the best facility management... Benefits of Property Maintenance Services by facilitybot. Pre-Action Control Valve Inspection Checklist for Preventive Maintenance. A fire accident is one of the most destructive events that can happen.

Pre-Action Control Valve Inspection Checklist for Preventive Maintenance

Thus, a fire protection system is a basic requirement to protect people and properties. Fire sprinklers are triggered when smoke or fire is detected. Unfortunately, fire sprinkler systems may cause collateral water damage. For example, when a fire breaks out in only one section of a library, fire sprinklers may disperse water all throughout the library, causing water damage to books and furniture. A solution to this problem is the installation of pre-action control valves. Types of Pre-Action Systems Double interlock pre-action – This system requires two separate events in order to fully function, a triggering of a detection device and activation of an automatic sprinkler system. Single interlock pre-action – The single interlock system is designed not to wait for the automatic sprinklers to operate to open the main valve, as a double interlock system would.

Best Facility Management Software by facilitybot. - FacilityBot - Facilities Management Chatbot. Facility Management Software. How Building Maintenance Services are beneficial? Online Maintenance Software. Step 1: Log in to the Manager Portal or Staff Portal.

Online Maintenance Software

Both Staff / Technicians and Managers can fill up Preventive Maintenance Checklists Step 2: Navigate to Preventive Maint. -> Checklists. In this screen, you will see any checklists that have been created based on the recurrence settings, but not yet processed. Such checklists will be in the Pending state. Step 3: Click on the Edit icon to enter the checklist. Step 4: Complete the rows as required. Step 5: Once completed, enter any remarks (optional) and click Complete. Step 6: The state of this checklist will change from Pending to Processing. How Facility Management Software can Improve your Workday.

‌Helping Businesses Adapt to the ‌New‌ ‌Normal‌ Facilities management professionals are on the frontlines of ensuring safety, sanitization, security and cleanliness as businesses re-open.

‌Helping Businesses Adapt to the ‌New‌ ‌Normal‌

Even as lockdown and social distancing measures are lifted, facilities management professionals should not expect things to go “back to normal”. Instead, they should prepare themselves to face the “new normal”. What are the characteristics of the new normal and how should FM professionals prepare? In this article, we discuss how Digital Transformation and adoption of Smart FM technologies must be a key part of the strategy to prepare for the new normal. Evidence-Based Processes. Building Maintenance Services. Develop your Business with Facilities Management Software. As the worldwide land area keeps on extending and develops more serious, organizations are quick moving toward different approaches to augment their assets, rebuild their work spaces, and improve client commitment.

Develop your Business with Facilities Management Software

In light of this, associations are quick receiving preventive maintenance measures that will propel their goals for development. Accordingly, there is a blast of enthusiasm for keen facilities management arrangements. How‌ ‌Facilities‌ ‌Management‌ ‌Professionals‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Adapt‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ ‌ Post-Covid-19‌ ‌New‌ ‌Normal‌ Facility Management Software market. Merits of Facility Management Software. Advantages of Chatbots. Needs of Facilities Management. Easily create custom checklists FacilityBot has an in-built form-builder which allows you to build your custom checklists and schedule them to recur as needed.

Needs of Facilities Management

On the scheduled date, the checklist will appear in a "To-Do" list for the appropriate technician to view and complete. Complete checklists on mobile tablets Technicians can easily complete checklists using their web browsers or mobile tablets, so that preventive maintenance checklists can be completed on the move. Technicians can also attach photos and videos to the checklists as evidence of the checks. Sign off on checklists digitally No more submission of paper checklists to be endorsed by supervisors ! Generate maintenance calendars With Preventive Maintenance checklists scheduled, a calendar view is available for viewing and download. Feature Maintenance Management. What is Computerized Maintenance Management System? How Facility Management Software Help You with the Business.