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The Art of Noise (en) Kate Bush (en) Laurie Anderson (en) "Greetings to the Motherland" On June 16, 2013 at the Luminato Festival Ai Weiwei will skype in from Beijing and join Laurie for a dual rant about China and the United States.

Laurie Anderson (en)

Joining them onstage for this historic exchange will be renowned musicians Greg Saunier, Eyvind Kang and Doug Wieselman. Says Laurie: "Writing songs with Ai Weiwei has been a blast. Since both of us share a fascination with our giant countries and the way they use power, images, public relations, lies, money, war and words we decided to do a kind of duet/rant about China and the United States. It's been really exciting to write in this context of the double superpowers. Ai Weiwei will also be describing his time in detention- a really hair raising personal story. " Jean-Philippe Goude. Ryuichi Sakamoto (en/jp) David Van Tieghem (en) Philip Glass (en) Patrick O'Hearn (en) Mike Oldfield (en) Mike Oldfield (en) Mike Oldfield (Nicolas)