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Neha Sharma

Hey, I am Neha Sharma, professionally editor living in United States. I am a fan of photography, beauty, and fashion and also interested in fitness and yoga. You can visit given below my company website for more information.

Best Beauty Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Sun Tan. With summer comes the season of wearing strappy attires, your favourite shorts, and gorgeous tank tops.

Best Beauty Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Sun Tan

But what comes as an unwanted guest is the tan. Summer season is characterised by quick tanning, which takes an appreciable amount of time to wear-off. Since the sun consists harmful UV rays the skin is easily tanned when exposed for a prolonged duration. The scorching heat envelops the skin with carbon content and makes it appear darker than its original skin tone. Skin tanning is a natural process which is triggered in defence to the damage done by the sun. Get Rid Of Stretch Marks with Body Care Tips for Women. What happened when you see sudden changes in your body?

Get Rid Of Stretch Marks with Body Care Tips for Women

There are so many problems but, one problem is here which affect both men and women equally. It is Stretch Marks. They are the result of instant changes in the human body. They are caused by weight gain and loss, pregnancy, stress, genetics, bodybuilding and so on. Especially women have high tendency to get these marks during their pregnancy after the 3-4 month when baby start growing.

Best body care tips to reduce the appearance of stretch marks Today, there are number of products available in the market to reduce their appearance but, it is not necessary that every product is effective over your skin. Amazing effects of Aloe vera: Among all, aloe vera is the most useful and zero harmful remedy for all skin problems including stretch marks.

Apart from these home remedies, you can use potato juice, lemon juice, castor oil, cocoa butter and olive oil to reduce their appearance. Motherhood is the most beautiful thing on the earth. Best and Quick Makeup Tips For Perfect Looks. Wouldn’t we all like to know and learn a few tips and tricks of getting to look better or fixing a skin emergency at the last second?

Best and Quick Makeup Tips For Perfect Looks

I know I would. If there is anything I could handle in the few seconds that I have before rushing for that meeting where I am trying to make a good first impression, or that date that I was looking forward to the entire month, I would have been the happiest person in the world. Here are a few tips that you can always use when the going gets tough Almost every girl I know spends ages getting their mascara right, but they don’t have to. This is a simple solution, and can be done with stuff you already have lying around. You can also try using scotch tape by sticking it to your face so that the excess of the mascara gets on the tape and you don’t mess up your face. 5 Quick Skin Care Tips For Indian Brides at Fablore. Wedding is the most important step in everyone’s life.

5 Quick Skin Care Tips For Indian Brides at Fablore

We all know that in India, everyone celebrated the wedding ceremony like a festival. Therefore, there are two main centres of attractions. Bride and groom both are the center of attractions but, all eyes are on the bride. Homemade Hair Care Tips for Long and Thick Hair. We all have one wish to have long, healthy and thick hairs.

Homemade Hair Care Tips for Long and Thick Hair

Easy and Best Hair Care Tips For Women. Hairs are like main identity of your personality.

Easy and Best Hair Care Tips For Women

With your body care, your hairs also require your attention. The hair style and health of your hair speaks a lot about you as a human being so it’s essential to keep your hairs as strong, healthy and stunning as possible. You need some quick hair care tips for this. There are many elements that play a significant role to deliver the worst condition to your hairs. These causes are: Constant change in weatherInappropriate dietHectic day-scheduleStressHair products and chemicalsExcess use of hair dryersPollution These are the main reasons behind your dull hairs.

Best Natural Skin Care Tips for Women. If you have a pale complexion or you are blessed with natural brown skin, there is a gifted beauty in all of us.

Best Natural Skin Care Tips for Women

The classic trend of makeup will forever be in fashion. It is something that you should learn on your everyday basis of makeup. This article presents you with some of the top skin care tips to get the sun kissed looks: 1). Subtle Shimmer- From balanced shimmer to rose gold gloss to smoky copper eyes. 2). 3). 4). 5). 6). 7). 8). Best 3 Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks for beautiful Women. Your skin and you body type keeps changing according to your age.

Best 3 Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks for beautiful Women

Your skin would not be the same in 40s as it was during your 20s. Our health and beauty tips keep changing. By the time you hit your 40s, your body type starts changing. Turning 40 is also a great feeling. We have lots of feeling with us. Keeping our self healthy and beautiful at the age of 40 really matters a lot. Quick Tips and Tricks to Get Gorgeous In 10 Minutes. Women are so much fond of using makeup to look more beautiful and attractive.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Get Gorgeous In 10 Minutes

It is all your techniques that make you too look prettier in the makeup because a bad makeup can spoil your entire event along with your mood. Every person is not an expert, but she can keep few simple steps in her mind to put the makeup like an expert.