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The Benefits of Being Hydrated Always. You may now know by studying Science that water consists 75% of the entire human body.

The Benefits of Being Hydrated Always

Just like Earth, water is the key life to continue. It can contribute to the wellness of animals, plants, and humans. Without ample amount, all living things perish in unhealthy conditions. When caring for a senior patient, experts must ensure food and water as sustenance for a healthy lifestyle. Our home care services in Brooklyn, New York have a team of professionals who can assist any elderly patient. Here are the benefits of being hydrated as reported by Caryo Orthopaedics: Promotes cardiovascular healthYour heart does not take a day off, and it continues to pump blood throughout the today. The Benefits of Getting Home Care Services. Every elderly patient wants to be independent in their life.

The Benefits of Getting Home Care Services

You can help them by getting home care services in Brooklyn, New York. Experts will identify the care plan suited to them. It can also be overwhelming to do the things necessary for the patient. Health and wellness is the top priority when it comes to choosing experts who will help. A home health aide in New York can better assist your elderly loved ones in the long run. Faster recovery If the patient recently had major surgery, it would be good to have someone to help with day-to-day activities.

ANTI COVID-19 DIET. One thing to observe as we condition our mind to the positive things we are doing to promote our health is by deleting “fear” from your mind.


Focus on all the good things you are doing for your mind, body and soul. Spiritual food remains a must ─ for truth lies within the daily dose of scriptures. It is a must and is a very good start and end to a day of COVID-19 regulations. Here are some tips on vitamins and how to maintain and boost your immune system: Maintain the intake of Vitamin : C, C-1000, D3, E and B complexSunlight for 15-20 min daily. Sleep a minimum of 7-8hrs. Drink at least 1.5 liter of water ( For anyone on a regular diet)All meals should be warm not cold.Eat food and fruits high in pH (Alkaline). Respiratory Health. Respiratory Therapy for lung health is important for optimum health during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Respiratory Health

Apart from Respiratory assistance ordered by the physician, we at the Agency of F.A.B. Keeping Your Loved One Warm In Winter. We’re well into the month of October, and the air is getting chillier by the day.

Keeping Your Loved One Warm In Winter

And as mother nature’s thermometer drops, so does body temperature for many seniors. While we’re used to hearing our elderly complain that it’s cold and cranking up the thermostat, there is scientifically sound data to support their daily chills. Seniors have thinner skin, which makes them unable to tolerate fluctuating temperatures. When a person is cold, the heart pumps less blood to the skin, and tiny blood vessels constrict to conserve heat. Aging reduces the elasticity of your blood vessel walls and thins out the fat layer under your skin that helps preserve body heat. Older individuals are at high risk for cold-related death. Tips for Convincing Your Elderly Parents to Accept Home Health Care. All the years past, your elderly parents have been doing their daily tasks mostly by themselves, which is why talking about needing and accepting home health aide in New York may be a recoiling idea to them.

Tips for Convincing Your Elderly Parents to Accept Home Health Care

First, they must understand they need help and that receiving this doesn’t cost them their independence. Here are ways you can persuade your aging parents to accept assistance: Essential Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs. With a healthy diet, your body gets the daily minerals and vitamins it needs.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs

However, certain situations or health conditions may hinder you from having a well-balanced diet or your body taking them in, such as pregnancy, digestive disorders, poor nutrition, specific medications, and other conditions. All of these may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies but a home health aide in New York recommends that you replenish what you lack by food before you turn to supplements. What Respiratory Therapy Can Do for Seniors. Respiratory therapy is best defined as the assessment and treatment of patients diagnosed with acute or chronic dysfunction in the cardiopulmonary system.

What Respiratory Therapy Can Do for Seniors

Since respiratory therapy is a treatment approach that deals with breathing issues and lung diseases, it can boost a patient’s breathing efficiency. Aging in Place: Top Factors to Consider. A lot of aging individuals prefer to age in place; this is a lifestyle where the person stays in their own home for as long as possible.

Aging in Place: Top Factors to Consider

In most cases, older adults who prefer aging in place take advantage of home care services in Brooklyn, New York. Such services are often necessary to ensure their safety, convenience, and good health at home. When considering aging in place, consider the following factors: FinancesThe state of your finances is crucial in determining the options that fit your budget.

First Day in Home Care: What to Do. Seniors often end up living alone in their homes once their children reach adulthood and have families of their own.

First Day in Home Care: What to Do

Living alone can have implications on their convenience, comfort, health, and safety. Taking advantage of home care services in Brooklyn, New York, may have already become a necessity for many aging individuals. If you have hired the services of a home health aide in New York for your aging parents, you know that they may be uncomfortable with another person’s presence. Here are some tips on how to make the first day of engaging home care successful for your parents and the care provider. Talk to your parents about the arrival of the care provider.Before the carer arrives, you must first discuss their arrival with your parents. Reminding Your Senior Parents to Take Their Meds. Grocery Shopping for Your Senior Loved Ones. Most daily activities become challenging for your aging family members. They may need assistance from you or other individuals presence.

There are even seniors who take advantage of Home Care Services in Brooklyn, New York, to fulfill their daily tasks. One of the tasks you might want to lend a hand on is grocery shopping. The activity involves strength and mobility, things that your loved ones may have less of. Consider these grocery shopping tips to assist them: How Can Owning a Pet Benefit the Elderly? 3 Myths and Facts About Heatstroke. Not knowing much about heatstroke is dangerous, but having the wrong information could prove just as hazardous. To keep yourself and the people around you informed and safe this summer, F.A.B LLC Homecare Services lists down some of the most common myths surrounding heatstroke.

5 Tips for Preventing Heatstroke. In this increasingly hot and humid New York summer, people are in danger of heatstroke. With symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, headaches, racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, confusion, and slurred speech, heatstroke is a serious medical emergency. F.A.B LLC Homecare Services, a provider of home care services in Brooklyn, New York, offers these tips to help you avoid heatstroke. Rest If you are feeling tired, give yourself the chance to take a break. Don’t push yourself too hard. Remember, the symptoms of heatstroke include cramps or muscle weakness, dizziness, shallow breathing, and headaches.

Extra Tip: Children and seniors are more prone to dehydration and heat-related illnesses. Thoughts? Fall Prevention: Know the Causes of Elderly Falls. Fall incidents among the elderly persons lead to injuries, disabilities, and even worse. In fact, the National Council for Aging reports that for every four American seniors aged 65+, one of them has experienced a fall.

Furthermore, the same factsheet says that in every 19 minutes, a senior person perishes due to fall incidents. These simply highlight how crucial fall prevention is at home. How to Find Mobility Aids for Seniors. When our loved ones are at the point when mobility aids become necessary, it is crucial that they get to choose the right one. Tips to Prevent Medicine-Related Problems in Seniors. Issues regarding medications can be common among seniors, especially that many of them will need to take more than one medicine a day. Better and Healthier Meals for Seniors. Nutrition is a necessary requirement for the overall well-being of our aging loved ones. How do you ensure that they are eating healthy meals all the time? Using Technology in Your Golden Years. Technology is a wonderful tool that can help out in every aspect of life. What to Look Forward to When Entering Your Golden Years. Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications at Home.

The demands for diabetic care at home requires diligence and round-the-clock monitoring. However, this can cause certain struggles to our senior loved ones who may be forgetful about monitoring their glucose level or find it difficult to use the test strips. These are challenges that our Home Health Care Agency can assist you with. Excellent diabetes management requires the full cooperation of your loved one so they can continue to live a quality life even with their condition. Stimulating Elderly Appetite: 5 Tips. Appetite is one of the notable changes that affect the elderly population.

Breaking Our Elderly Loved One’s Bad Habits. Ways You Can Ask for Help as a Caregiver. Reasons to Care for Your Physical Health. Maintaining good physical health is important – everyone knows that. But the question is, “Why?” 4 Common Physical Health Issues for Seniors. …and How They Can Be Prevented As you age, it’s only natural for your physical health to change as well – it’s simply a part of growing older. Home Care Services.