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HobbyKing Forums - Electric Mountainboard - Page 15. I already showed you the links to the 11 tooth, 10mm i.d. sprockets, last time you asked...

HobbyKing Forums - Electric Mountainboard - Page 15

I have ran the hk 150A car esc on 6s sense the day i got them, they work fine on 6s. But i have fried 2 of the 4 of them, but i think is a was because of cogging the motors too much, trying to start on a hill. If you want to just ride on the street, and a little bit of off-roading, then one wheel drive is fine. But you wont get to far on grass with any kind of slope to it. Except going down the slope, of course.....

Clear Hot Bending Glass Top Tv Stand With Clear Tempered Glass Shelf - Buy Modern Tv Stnad,Hot Bending Glass Tv Cabinet,Glass Tv Cabinet Product on Product Name: Modern TV Stand/Hot Bending Glass TV Cabinet Item No: T008 Specification(L*D*H): 290X50X42CM Material: Bent Glass Packing: 1pcs/1ctn G.W(kg): 113.00.

Clear Hot Bending Glass Top Tv Stand With Clear Tempered Glass Shelf - Buy Modern Tv Stnad,Hot Bending Glass Tv Cabinet,Glass Tv Cabinet Product on

Transmediale 2016. Getting Started with Unity for iOS   This page describes how to build and deploy the demo Cardboard scene included in the Cardboard SDK for Unity.

Getting Started with Unity for iOS  

We are assuming very little prior Unity experience, but that you are familiar with developing applications for iOS. If you are looking for instructions for building Cardboard on Android with Unity, see the Getting Started with Unity for Android page. The demo recreates the Cardboard SDK for Android Treasure Hunt demo app within Unity to illustrate: Using the CardboardMain prefab to set up a stereo camera rig that tracks the user's head orientation.Handling trigger input events.

Prerequisites iPhone version: The Cardboard SDK for iOS only works with iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 8.Unity version: The Cardboard SDK will only work with iOS if you are running Unity 4.5 or better. Getting Started with Unity for iOS   Exposition Paris Design en mutation - Foires et salons - Déco'In. Les dossiers de la rédac' Foires et salons L'exposition Paris Design en mutation qui se déroule à l'espace Fondation EDF jusqu'au 30 août propose une sélection de travaux de designers parisiens.

Exposition Paris Design en mutation - Foires et salons - Déco'In

Depuis une trentaine d'années, Paris se révèle le creuset d'une génération de designers s'affirmant clairement dans le champ de la recherche et du design prospectif. Onze travaux de designers sont présentés, mettant en lumière des objets intégrant les impacts des changements écologiques et énergétiques dans nos modes de vies. Déco'In vous a sélectionné une échantillon de ses recherches qui font le lien entre design et développement durable, pour de nouveaux usages.

Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters. Air Command Water Rockets - Dark Shadow Build log - Part 2. 1 January 2015 - Machined up launch tube inserts to plug holes in the launch tube. this is because it was the only 15mm launch tube we could find.

Air Command Water Rockets - Dark Shadow Build log - Part 2

We glued these in place. Machined up wooden end plug for machining down PVC pipe to make coupler mandrel. Made coupler mandrel. Mandrel OD is 59.15mm Made a 5 wrap coupler out of 200gsm glass (glass was 100cm long) this will be used for nosecones. Made 4 wrap 84gsm coupler. Laminated one side of balsa sandwich 200gsm lower layer bias cut, with 1 layer of 84gsm normal cut. Made 6x 8.2mm wide PVC rings to be used in deployment mechanisms to tap holes into. 2 January 2015 - Made a 5 wrap coupler out of 84gsm cloth. 160 x 980mm - Used 1 pump for this and with the left over epoxy we made the second half of the balsa sandwich. Polakium Engineering. Preface: Last year I began assisting in the development of the AirBooster, a scale jet-powered vertical take-off and landing vehicle funded by FusionFlight.

Polakium Engineering

I expressed an interest in the rapid prototyping, design and construction of a functional vehicle utilizing my PX4 Development Kit for Simulink as a basis for the flight control system. The project was hindered by a lack of funding and the discovery of many inherent flaws in the feasibility and design of the vehicle. This halted any further progress, and I consequently discontinued my voluntary efforts to assist with the project.

As a result, I have chosen to document and publish my work on the project in light of the inaccurate content published as part of the FusionFlight JetQuad Kickstarter campaign. Drones in Space! NASA's Wild Idea to Explore Mars (Video) A team of NASA engineers wants to put drones on Mars.

Drones in Space! NASA's Wild Idea to Explore Mars (Video)

These flying robotic sentinels could reach more of the Martian surface, and possibly solar system moons or the dark, sunless craters on asteroids. Autonomous quadcopters — the four-propeller flying craft commonly called drones— are fast, flexible, use little power and can get into (and out of) tight spaces. But they work only with an atmosphere to propel through. Now, the Swamp Works team at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is developing a dronelike robot that works in dark, low- or no-atmosphere environments, and can recharge itself by returning to its lander mothership. "This is a prospecting robot," Rob Mueller, senior technologist for advanced projects at Swamp Works, said in a statement. The new machines are called Extreme Access Flyers. The Asteroid Prospect Flyer, depicted here in a schematic, would gather samples when released on an asteroid. Scitoys Catalog: Lasers, Lenses, etc. Lévitation chez soi. CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS e-shop. YBCO Levitation Disks - CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS e-shop.

CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS e-shop. Internationalisation de la French Tech. 39% du chiffre d’affaires des start-up numériques a été réalisé à l’international en 2013 ; soit 2 fois plus qu’en 2012*.L’internationalisation est un levier majeur de croissance pour la French Tech :- par le développement international des entreprises qui doivent rapidement s’imposer sur des marchés internationaux dans une compétition mondiale ;- par l’internationalisation de l’écosystème français en attirant en France des entrepreneurs, des talents et des investisseurs venus de partout dans le monde.

Internationalisation de la French Tech

L’Initiative French Tech est une ambition partagée, impulsée par l'Etat mais portée et construite avec tous les acteurs. Un accélérateur de projets à Rennes - MV CUBE. Programme Onco-entrepreneur®-Cancer Campus. Le programme « Oncoentrepeneur® » 2015 Cancer Campus a lancé le programme « Oncoentrepreneur® » visant à promouvoir et favoriser la création d’entreprises dans le domaine du cancer.

Programme Onco-entrepreneur®-Cancer Campus

Aesthetics : design, product…