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UnderTheLens - 05 21 15 - JUNE - War On Cash. 06 01 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY w/ Jim Rogers. 05 20 15 MACRO ANALYTICS - Interpreting the Signals w/John Rubino. Gordon T Long: Elites' Goal of Cashless Society Has Started War on Cash. U.S. Slides Back Into A Recession Towards A Major Depression - Episode 670. 02-19-15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY - w/ Marc Faber. 03 13 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY w/ Peter Boockvar. 02 23 15 MACRO ANALYTICS - First ZIRP, Now NIRP w/ John Rubino. 02 21 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY - w/ Haydon Perryman. Dollar Dump Begins: Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month. Earlier this week John Williams warned that hyperinflation will begin to appear in America sometime in 2015.

Dollar Dump Begins: Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month

He noted that, though the dollar is currently strong compared to other fiat money, signs that a currency collapse is coming will begin with the sell-off of the U.S. dollar. It’s a known fact that the Russians and Chinese have already begun divesting themselves of dollar dependency by implementing trade agreements that completely sidestep the world’s reserve currency, but there has been no overt sign of a sell-off that might be indicative of a coming attack on our currency.

Until now, that is. According to a report from Zero Hedge the Russians have already started unloading their dollar reserves. In the month of December alone they sold a record $22 billion in U.S. David Stockman: The Global Economy Has Entered The Crack-Up Phase. Image uploaded by @Faaz71. 6 Charts PROVE Economy is Worse Than Lehman CRISIS in 2008! As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes. With growing inequality and the civil unrest from Ferguson and the Occupy protests fresh in people’s mind, the world’s super rich are already preparing for the consequences.

As inequality soars, the nervous super rich are already planning their escapes

At a packed session in Davos, former hedge fund director Robert Johnson revealed that worried hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes. “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said. Johnson, who heads the Institute of New Economic Thinking and was previously managing director at Soros, said societies can tolerate income inequality if the income floor is high enough. 01 10 15 - FINANCIAL REPRESSION AUTHORITY - w/Robert Wenzel Rough. 01 07 15 - MACRO ANALYTICS - 2015 Global Theme - DEFLATION - w/ Charles Hugh Smith. More Evidence For Coming Market Crash - Mike Maloney. Don't Just Follow the Money. Lies are no substitute for truth and fantasy is no substitute for reality.

Don't Just Follow the Money

Follow the money is a good start--but what matters going forward is income, and most especially, net income and disposable income. Debt is important, money/capital flow is important, but when push comes to shove, all that matters is having net income/disposable income: to service debts, to invest, to spend. Debt can be substituted for income, but not for long. Central banks have been playing a game for six long years: by lowering interest rates and making credit available, the central banks have encouraged households, enterprises and governments to substitute borrowed money (debt) for income.

This works as a stop-gap, but debt accrues a funny thing called interest that eventually eats the borrower alive. The reality that all that really matters is income incentivizes gaming income. Income matters for another reason. p70-139. 65 Percent of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs. Peak Prosperity News Update - 12/12/2014 - Deflation Is Winning. Hidden Secrets Of Money Official Playlist (Season 1) Mike Maloney: The Coming Wealth Transfer.

Which Cities/States Will Be the First to Default When the Economy Rolls Over? Detroit water shutoffs continue as city's decline into third-world status accelerates. LONGWave 09 11 14 sub What Market Extremes Look Like. Jim Rickards: Obama Ending Alliance with Saudi Arabia and Killing the Petrodollar. Here We Go Again: Greece Will Be In Default Within 15 Months, S&P Warns. Remember Greece: the country that in 2010 launched Europe's sovereign solvency crisis and the ECB's own helpless attempts at intervention, which later was "saved", only to default shortly thereafter (but without triggering CDS as that would end the Eurozone's amusing monetary experiment and collapse the Deutsche Bank $100 trillion house of derivative cards), which later was again "saved" when every single global central bank made sure Greek bonds became the only yield-generating securities in the world?

Here We Go Again: Greece Will Be In Default Within 15 Months, S&P Warns

Well, the country which at last count was doing ok, is about to not be ok. Because according to none other than S&P, at some point over the next 15 months, Greek debt is about to be in default when the country is no longer able to cover its financing needs. In other words, back to square one. As Bloomberg reports, citing Real News, S&P analyst Marie-France Raynaud said Greece can’t cover its own financing needs. 10 03 14 Macro Analytics - America's Terminal Political Dysfunction - w/ Charles Hugh Smith. Yuan to Start Direct Trading With Euro as China Pushes Usage. China will start direct trading between the yuan and the euro tomorrow as the world’s second-largest economy seeks to spur global use of its currency.

Yuan to Start Direct Trading With Euro as China Pushes Usage

The move will lower transaction costs and so make yuan and euros more attractive to conduct bilateral trade and investment, the People’s Bank of China said today in a statement on its website. HSBC Holdings Plc said separately it has received regulatory approval to be one of the first market makers when trading begins in China’s domestic market. The euro will become the sixth major currency to be exchangeable directly for yuan in Shanghai, joining the U.S., Australian and New Zealand dollars, the British pound and the Japanese yen. The yuan ranked seventh for global payments in August and more than one-third of the world’s financial institutions have used it for transfers to China and Hong Kong, the Society for Worldwide International Financial Telecommunications said last week. Trading Ties. Keiser Report: Black Hole of Debt (E659) 09 23 14 - Macro Analytics - Cartels, Monopolies & Crony Capitalism w/ John Rubino.

Audit the Fed Passes the House (Again) - #NewWorldNextWeek. And the next country to join the renminbi fan club is… August 6, 2014Vilnius, Lithuania When you think about “strong banking”, what country comes first to mind?

And the next country to join the renminbi fan club is…

A few years ago, the most obvious answer would be Switzerland. Today, however, Switzerland’s reputation for banking is nowhere near where it once was. Starting in 2009, the US, as chief financial bully, led the charge in assaulting the country’s banking sector and dragging it down brick by brick. The pummelling has continued ever since, culminating in the end of banking secrecy in the country altogether. Meanwhile, as Switzerland endured one blow after the next, the Chinese renminbi (RMB) quietly slipped past the steadfast Swiss franc to become a more popular currency for use in trade settlements. Eager to restore some of its former banking luster, Switzerland has taken note of this and is rapidly positioning itself to become a major center of European RMB trade. Switzerland is just the latest to join the queue, as nearly 25 other central banks already signed similar agreements with China. Keiser Report: Mortgage Crisis 2.0 (E649) The Financial Repression Authority.

Financial Repression describes an economic policy in which capital controls and regulations are implemented by governments and central banks, the aim of which is to reduce public debt burdens through the distortion of financial market pricing.

The Financial Repression Authority

"When things get bad enough, governments will do anything. " – Jim Rickards "People ask if we'll have a 'bail-in' in the United States .. Given ATM limits, foreign wire limits and Federal Reserve exit fees on bond funds, I'd say it's already here. " - Jim Rickards Financial Repression always means a combination of measures that lead to a notable narrowing of the investment universe for investors. 09 03 14 MACRO ANALYTICS - Special Guest: Egon von Greyerz. 08 16 14 Macro Analytics Sub Prime Economy - Part II w/ John Rubino. China vs USA war: Possible collapse of the US Economy, war with Russia and China. Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements. The purpose of this video is to draw attention to a dangerous undercurrent of racism, anti-semitism and outright fascism which has been growing within our ranks in recent years.

We're going to point to where this could end up if we allow it to continue, and to we're going to explain how to confront it effectively. During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame. Historically, the groups that are singled out as scapegoats are not chosen based on facts and evidence, they are chosen according to the prejudices and hatreds of that era. Race, religion, ethnic background and immigrant status are obvious and convenient starting points, but as these sentiments gather political power the list of enemies expands to include anyone and everyone who disagrees on any topic of significance, and the punishment for being different rapidly moves from insults to violence. The Economic Collapse Death Spiral Has Begun - Episode 424.

Ow. Mike Maloney: The Dollar As We Know It Will Be Gone Within 6 Years. IMF in warning over Argentina ruling at US Supreme Court. 18 June 2014Last updated at 02:59 ET Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner went on national television to say her country could not comply with the ruling The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that Argentina's legal defeat in its fight against hedge fund investors may have wider implications.

IMF in warning over Argentina ruling at US Supreme Court

On Monday, a US Supreme Court ruling sided with bondholders demanding Argentina pay them $1.3bn (£766m). New York Times Says "Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth" It is no secret that as the Fed's centrally-planned New Normal has unfolded, one after another central-planner and virtually all economists, have been caught wrong-footed with their constant predictions of an "imminent" economic surge, any minute now, and always just around the corner.

New York Times Says "Lack Of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth"

And yet, nearly six years after Lehman, five years after the end of the last "recession" (even as the depression for most rages on), America is about to have its worst quarter in decades (excluding the great financial crisis), with a -2% collapse in GDP, which has been blamed on... the weather. Sadly for the same economists, now that Q2 is not shaping up to be much better than Q1, other, mostly climatic, excuses have arisen: such as El Nino, the California drought, and even suggestions that, gasp, as a result of the Fed's endless meddling in the economy, the terminal growth rate of the world has been permanently lowered to 2% or lower. Afghan economy on edge as investors flee. KABUL: Jackhammers are down and excavators gather dust at a Kabul construction site, spotlighting an aid-reliant economy on the edge of a precipice as Afghanistan’s war winds down and a tenuous political transition looms.

Afghan economy on edge as investors flee

The country’s banks are at grave risk of being put on an international blacklist this month if parliament fails to pass a long-demanded money laundering bill — with potentially devastating consequences for the already-fragile economy. Economic growth fell through a cliff this year, touching a low of three percent from around 14 percent in 2012, with aid and investment in the war-ravaged country seeing an inexorable exodus. 04 23 14 - UnderTheLens MAY 2014 - Financial Repression Accelerating Globally.

The Retail Death Rattle Grows Louder. Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog, The definition of death rattle is a sound often produced by someone who is near death when fluids such as saliva and bronchial secretions accumulate in the throat and upper chest. The person can’t swallow and emits a deepening wheezing sound as they gasp for breath. This can go on for two or three days before death relieves them of their misery. The American retail industry is emitting an unmistakable wheezing sound as a long slow painful death approaches. It was exactly four months ago when I wrote THE RETAIL DEATH RATTLE.

The absolute collapse in retail visitor counts is the warning siren that this country is about to collide with the reality Americans have run out of time, money, jobs, and illusions. Once the Wall Street created fraud collapsed and the waves of delusion subsided, retailers have been revealed to be swimming naked. The implications of this long and winding road to ruin are far reaching. 05 16 14 - Macro Analytics - Paradox of Inflation w/ John Rubino. 2,000 to participate in massive security drill planned over the weekend in Boston area. This Is How Empires Collapse. This is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time.Before an empire collapses, it first erodes from within. The collapse may appear sudden, but the processes of internal rot hollowed out the resilience, resolve, purpose and vitality of the empire long before its final implosion.What are these processes of internal rot?

Here are a few of the most pervasive and destructive forces of internal corrosion:1. 04 19 14 - Macro Analytics - Treacherous Times Ahead - w/ Richard Duncan. 04 15 14 - Macro Analytics - DOHMEN: What the Technical Tell Us - Part 2 W/Bert Dohmen. It's Time to Retire Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a Measure of Prosperity. What if we used wellness (Gross Domestic Happiness) as a metric for prosperity rather than GDP? A GDP that is growing in sync with expectations can enhance a country’s reputation and thus its strength and power. A GDP that is contracting or failing to meet expectations, on the other hand, can lead to disaster. Yet a hundred years ago, the concept of GDP did not exist; history unfolded without it. The United States, for example, managed to win its independence, fight a civil war, and conquer a continent without any measure of national income. GDP’s origins lie in the 1930s, when economists and policymakers in the United States and the United Kingdom struggled to understand and respond to the Great Depression.

It is not terribly surprising that economists and policymakers came to favor a statistical technique that helped the United States survive a depression and win a war. The disturbing news missing in the retail sales report - Howard Gold's No-Nonsense Investing. By Howard Gold Dollar Tree. 04 15 14 - Macro Analytics- Baltic Freight, Shipping Credit & China - Part 1 w/Bert Dohmen. Nomi Prins-Financial Crash-Collapse Coming, It Should Have Happened Already. Faaz71 : Growth of Family income. 1947... 04 08 14 - Macro Analytics - Golden Era Low Hanging Fruit. 03 22 14 - Macro Analytics - Ukraine: Financial Warfare w/ John Rubino.

NASA-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'? A new study partly-sponsored by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center has highlighted the prospect that global industrial civilisation could collapse in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution. The Crisis is Not Over! A Conversation with Legendary Investor Jim Rogers. Foreigners Sell A Record Amount, Over $100 Billion, Of Treasurys Held By The Fed In Past Week. A month ago we reported that according to much delayed TIC data, China had just dumped the second-largest amount of US Treasurys in history. The problem, of course, with this data is that it is stale and very backward looking. For a much better, and up to date, indicator of what foreigners are doing with US Treasurys in near real time, the bond watchers keep track of a less known data series, called "Treasury Securities Held in Custody for Foreign Official and International Accounts" which as the name implies shows what foreigners are doing with their Treasury securities held in custody by the Fed on a weekly basis.

So here it goes: in the just reported latest data, for the week ended March 12, Treasurys held in custody by the Fed dropped to $2.855 trillion: a drop of $104.5 billion. China February exports tumble unexpectedly. The Top 12 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading Toward Another Recession. Is the U.S. economy steamrolling toward another recession?

Faaz71 : The globalization trap. 02 24 14 UnderTheLens TAPER TANTRUM TEN. Deficit Is Falling Because Of Government Austerity, Not Economic Recovery. Basic income and the technological transition. 02 22 14 - Macro Analytics - What Blows Up First - Part 1 w/ John Rubino. Faaz71 : Let u even op. Het Nederlandse... US stock market-to-GDP ratio favored by Warren Buffett points to imminent 50% crash « ArabianMoney. Posted on 18 February 2014 with 3 comments from readers. » Another JP Morgan Banker Leaps to His Death Alex Jones. Hong Kong man becomes 7th banker to die under mysterious circumstances Paul Joseph Watson February 18, 2014. 02 15 14 - Macro Analytics - EDUCATION: The USA's Problem & Its Solution w/ Charles Hugh Smith.

02 03 14 - Macro Analytics - THE RETAIL CRE DOMINO w/ Charles Hugh Smith.


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