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Mon indicatif radio amateur Obtenu en 1992 apres 3 mois de cours donnes par des copains des radio clubs de la region de Toulon. La licence est a la portee de tout le monde, et pour ma part mon activite professionnelle n a rien a voir avec mon hobby. Je suis licencie en droit specialite Gestion Immobiliere domaine qui rellement n'a rien a voir avec u=Ri :) Suis interesse par tous les domaines touchant mon hobby electronique pc informatique antennes sdr transmissions numeriques ,

Wview - Linux/FreeBSD/Unix/Mac OSX Weather Station Software. RaspberryPi WSPR - George Smart's Wiki. This page details my attempts of Compiling WSPR on the Raspberry Pi. The basic method used to compile WSPR on any other PC works here, but there are some slight changes required on the Raspberry Pi. This page is a bit brief and should be used in conjunction with my Compiling WSPR page. So, to start with, I install exactly the same dependences as before. Please note, the "\" indicates that the command continues on the next line.

Remove the "\" when copying and pasting, and put all the programs on one line. Raspberry Pi. I placed a Raspberry Pi (RPI) order to RS Components in early March and this credit card sized $35 Linux computer finally arrived on Monday.

Raspberry Pi

After quick visual inspection everything looked OK so I inserted the SD card into socket, connected HDMI cable to my display, keyboard cable to USB socket and plugged a Nokia USB cellphone charger to power up this latest toy. A familiar Linux bootup screen appeared and after entering the default username "pi" and password "raspberry" I was logged in. One of the first objectives was to configure RPI in headless mode. I wanted to have access to this tiny computer via SSH and VNC remotely over the network. Enabling SSH is as simple as renaming the "boot_enable_ssh.rc" to "boot.rc" in the /boot directory.

The vnc script itself is below: Easy PHP: Le tutoriel d'installation. SIM31 SIM63 BPSK31 download new HAM RADIO new digimode main page for use on HF and VHF/UHF. Les modes digitaux, suite.

SIM31 SIM63 BPSK31 download new HAM RADIO new digimode main page for use on HF and VHF/UHF

Enigma World Code Group. BLOG DE F1SMV Eric. Planeplotter. My buddipole antenna in jpole configuration on 6 m. Hamnet 2.0 premiers test. Les debits. Dish 5,7 ghz soon in test. Wi-Fi Ham - Wireless LAN RadioAmatori Cagliari. RouterBoard SXTG 2HnD 10 dBi anténa MIMO (2x2), 1 x Gbit LAN, Nv2, L4 (2,4GHz) Art.#: RBSXTG2HND Not allowed for ordering!

RouterBoard SXTG 2HnD 10 dBi anténa MIMO (2x2), 1 x Gbit LAN, Nv2, L4 (2,4GHz)

This article is discontinued. Please, chose another one! Outdoor unit designed for the 2.4 GHz with Gigabit port. It supports the latest protocol 802.11 b/g/n (MIMO2x2). HSMM-MESH. Info about the HSMM-Pi project for the Raspberry Pi. JT65-HF - Browse Files. Spring news in the GNSS and SDR domain. I have been following in the last few days interesting developments in the GNSS and SDR domain. 1.

NV08C-CSM and dual constellation RAW measurements It's recent news that NVS has lifted the constraints on the firmware with RAW data for GPS and Glonass on L1. In my opinion this is one of those rare times that the rules of the game are changed by one of its players. Kx3-fr. Kx3-fr : Kx3-fr. KX3 with Studio 1 -updated 9/17/12. And so began the experiment with the KX3 and Studio 1 by WoodBoxRadio!

First impressions after about 3 hours play time is that they have done a really nice job with this software! I highly suggest reading the quick start guide before digging into the program. You'll need to read these to understand how notch and other filters work. I am still going through it after just getting things working without reading it first. It works with the IQ signals coming out of the KX3. I am using the MME 16 bit option right now. Since there is no CAT control right now, you'll not be able to keep the frequency locked between the Panadaptor in Studio 1 with the radio VFO.

KX3 Stand and Skip, Skip to my Lou! There's not been a whole lot going on in the W0EA shack lately but I thought it was time for an update of sorts.

KX3 Stand and Skip, Skip to my Lou!

I've been doing a lot of building kits for folks and I'm still really enjoying it. It is turning out to be a great way to fund my little radio projects. Currently I have another MTR in the works, which will go in a classic Altoids tin this time, so I'll have a post with photos of that when it is done. Voltaic Array Solar Laptop Charger. …built a power supply… « WH7DA. So, I finally finished the bicycle I was rebuilding, cleared some workbench space, and gutted a 300W power supply out of an old Antec computer case.

…built a power supply… « WH7DA

I then converted it to a power supply for my Yaesu FT-7800R ham radio, to use as a base station in my garage. This is a 300W switched power supply that supports 10A on the +12VDC rail. Then I removed the cover. Then clipped the unecessary wires and taped them off. The only one’s I needed for the ham radio power supply was the yellow (+12VDC), the black (ground), and the green (power on). You can twist the green and one of the black wires together. Then twist the 3 black wires together, and the 3 yellow wires together, and crimp an Anderson Power Pole connector on each. Utility Monitoring Central. Scanner Antennas. DPD Productions - Antennas & Accessories for the RF Professional & Radio Hobbyist. Sample Sound Files. Rivet is a free open source decoder of various HF data modes which interest members of the Enigma 2000 group.

Sample Sound Files

Being an Open Source program Rivet is free and all of its source code can be downloaded from Github. Rivet is written in Java so it should run on any PC which has Java installed. If you haven't got Java then you can download it for free from here. As the program uses Java there is no .EXE file but instead a .JAR file. Simply download this file onto your PC and if you have Java installed it should run by double clicking on it as you would any other. The latest build of Rivet is build 88. Download the latest version.

Pskmail - Screenpics. Ham radio. QRP Amateur Radio Club International. Table of Contents - W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book ONLINE. SOTAbeams. Antenne Filari - IT9AYD HOME PAGE. Montages ) Atelier de montage d’une antenne Swiss Quad. AV2011. Le site de f6exe - Antennes - Antenne-swiss-quad. Une petite levy pour les vacances. Cette page était sur le site de F6EZX; mais le lien ayant disparu, j'ai reproduit ici l'article que j'avais conservé.

Une petite levy pour les vacances

Calcul de la hauteur équivalente d'antenne (eff_hgt) à partir de la base de données de terrain SRTM3. Pointage d'antenne. En hyperfréquences, en 10 GHz par exemple, le pointage de l'antenne doit être précis sous peine de ne pas trouver son correspondant.

pointage d'antenne

Cela prend une importance capitale en DATV (TV numérique) car l'image reçue est soit parfaite, soit on ne reçoit rien, il n'y a pas de niveau intermédiaire comme en TV analogique. L'acquisition d'un signal est donc difficile car il faut être sur la bonne fréquence, et ensuite diriger l'antenne dans la bonne direction. DX World - Ham Radio news for real DXers - Free DX Resource for all Radio Amateurs. Announced DX Operations. OsmoSDR. Sharp soft with rtlsdr in rx firsts steps. HackRF, A Software-Defined Radio Project.

A Quick RoIP Experiment. RoIP stands for Radio over the Internet Protocol and you can use this technology to connect remote radios over any distance, easily.

A Quick RoIP Experiment

There are, of course, very complicated and elegant communications systems that do this already such as Echolink, D-STAR, Tetra and DMR/Mototrbo, but tonight I homebrewed my very own, modest private link in half an hour – and you can too! If you have a rig with a packet data port and an external sound interface, such as a Signalink USB, then all you need is some software and a mobile phone, for example. Above: Signalink USB and FT-817 set to 2m FM calling…. I used a fantastic free app called Zello. Zello is a walkie talkie emulator for your smartphone but also has a PC programme counterpart. Above: Zello app ‘PTT’ button. RTL SDR. A Software Defined Radio in C# Software Defined Radio - The Forums.

Informatique « F6OYU. N e t » Quelques news, bidouilles RTL SDR toujours en cours. Accueil > 2day > Quelques news, bidouilles RTL SDR toujours en cours Hello les amis, Avec la reprise du boulot depuis déjà plus d’une semaine (des boulots, devrais-je dire… je n’ai malheureusement pas eu encore le temps de faire tous les billets que je souhaiterai car pour une fois j’ai pas mal d’idées pour alimenter le blog.

n e t » Quelques news, bidouilles RTL SDR toujours en cours

Je parles bien sur des suites du hack de la clé TNT pour en faire un récepteur SDR, même tonton Korben s’y est mis et il attend comme bon nombre d’entre vous plus d’infos sur les antennes ! Homepage. EZCAP EzTV 668 with RTL2832U E4000 SDR. Il est donc possible d'utiliser ce type de clé pour recevoir la SDR sur nos bandes radio. SdrDx –OS X and Windows SDR Software « fyngyrz. I’ve been working on developing OSX/Mac and Windows versions of SdrDx, an application originally based upon CuteSDR, Moe Wheatly’s open source application that supported RFSPACE software defined radios.

At this time, SdrDx for OSX and Windows supports RFSPACE, FunCube Pro, Andrus MK1.5, AFEDRI, FunCube Pro Plus, Peaberry, and Softrock SDR receivers. SdrDx can be made to support any SDR with a soundcard interface with a little scripting work; the Peaberry and Softrock support demonstrate this mechanism using Python. SdrDx (running on the Mac) is shown to the right. SdrDx is a closed-source, free application with many additional features above and beyond CuteSDR, and no longer depends upon the CuteSDR codebase.

SdrDx, in combination with your SDR, is an extremely powerful receiver. Mossmann's blog. Software Defined Ham Radio. Le portail RadioAmateur de F5UQN - Réalisations - Unun 9:1 - Antenne large bande. Descriptions Antennes Déca. Descriptions Antennes Décamétriques. Les antennes pour bandes décamétriques. Antenas - Helix - Javascript on-line calculator. Helix antenna design and construction details Input data (design requirements) The results Legend. The letters in the image are used in the table below. To get a large version, click on the image. Handheld Tactical SATCOM Antenna - TACSAT.

High performance UHF MILSATCOM communications for handheld radios The BH-HTA-TACSAT-02 is a highly durable, lightweight unit with low visual profile that meets the soldier’s need for satcom-on-the-move in the 243-318 MHz band. These antennas interoperate with handheld and manpack radios including: Thales PRC-148 (MBITR) Harris PRC-152 & PRC-117 Raytheon PSC-5 Features: • Durable, very rugged • Impervious to dust, water, grit • Silent to deploy, use, and pack • Low visual profile; dark matte finishes • Extremely lightweight and compact • Easy to deploy and pack • Available with optional “quick draw” thigh holster Included Items:

Quadruple Quad. A suitable high gain 70cms antenna for SOTA operation was sought that did not have the drawbacks of a long Yagi antenna, principally a narrow beamwidth and bandwidth. This is important as operating from a hilltop on a relatively under used band requires as broad a catchment area as possible combined with high gain and a minimum of turning. This may be part of the reason behind the low level of use by SOTA operators. COMMERCIAL%20CATALOG. Lehmann Aviation. IPv6. Get Your Network Ready for IPv6 The last block of IPv4 addresses have been allocated, and it’s time to get your network ready. OpenDNS now supports IPv6 addresses — meaning that, by using the OpenDNS Sandbox, you’ll be able to resolve your DNS using IPv6 DNS servers. Why IPv6? Serveur NAS Linksys Nslu2 : un serveur linux complet qui consomme 5 watts..