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Simple squeeze led flashlight. Thinking of Interactive Furniture Design. Something I have been thinking about lately is what would be ‘interactive furniture’.

Thinking of Interactive Furniture Design

I think it would be easy to take the cop-out route and talk about how tables and computers would merge or something. Moving away from the easy answer and looking at the chair or seat and how that would become more interactive was the direction I wanted to look at. When you talk about interactive and seating you are really talking about how the body connects with the furniture device and what tasks need to be accomplished using the furniture device. Obviously, there is support of the body in a manner that is comfortable. There is also the task issue, namely the function the user does while in the chair. What I am most interested in is how we bring interactivity, and perhaps to an extent, personalization of experience to the humble chair.

The willful conforming of the seat to the body seems whole and individual to varying body types and positions. Like this: Like Loading... Tetris Inspired Interactive Furniture. Smart Design DIY Adjustable Computer Desk Video. The mesmerizing pics above, is section of L-Shaped DIY Computer Desk written piece which is classed as within Furniture, diy computer, diy corner computer desk, next desk and published at July 13th, 2013 04:20:00 AM by admin.

Smart Design DIY Adjustable Computer Desk Video

Sponsored Links L-Shaped DIY Computer Desk : Smart Design DIY Adjustable Computer Desk Video This pics of Smart Design DIY Adjustable Computer Desk Video has dimension 644 x 483 pixels, you can download and gain the Smart Design DIY Adjustable Computer Desk Video pics by right click on the right click to get the hi-res version. Here is needful clue on diy corner computer desk. We have the prime step for diy corner computer desk.

Mel Chua » Blog Archive » Fitting yourself a sit-to-stand desk. July 9, 2011 – 3:06 pm It’s been a while since I wrote about geeky things, so here goes: I love my new desk setup.

Mel Chua » Blog Archive » Fitting yourself a sit-to-stand desk

Several months in the making and saving, a few days in shopping, and a few hours of setup and calibration… and it makes me smile every time I use it. Design criteria: A sit-stand workstation that makes use of my existing laptop, monitor, and keyboard/mouse.Assisted lifting that does not require power – which means hydraulics or springs or levers or something of the sort. Sorry, geekdesk.Affordable on a grad student’s budget. I wanted a sit-stand workstation because I spend ridiculous amounts of time on my computer and am the restless sort, so being able to change positions and maintain proper alignment while I fidget around is a real boon to ergonomics. The past few years of experimentation did teach me about how one should be aligned in both sitting and standing positions, though. Based on that, you need equipment with the following specs: NPR. Cube Duke Multifunctional work Table Desk from Camif,stand up work desk. Cool Computer Room Design 2. Okay, now we move onto more ergonomic and comfy workstations.

Cool Computer Room Design 2

Winner of “Best Product” – Internet Collection, Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000, Copenhagen, the ‘Surf Chair’ by Kenneth Lylover looks comfortable and appealing. We are at a loss of words to describe how cool this workstation might be. Different types of computer tables you can introduce. Today, computers have become an essential item and have found their way into almost every home and office.

Different types of computer tables you can introduce

And with the increasing popularity of computers, computer tables have also become essentials. Besides being a functional piece of furniture, computer tables are also known to spruce up the décor of any office or home. The computer tables are known to hold the computer as well as other computer peripherals such as fax machines, printers, scanners and more. If you are looking for a computer table, you will be glad to know that computer tables are available in a wide variety of materials, styles, finishes, types and designs. Here is a list of some of the common computer table types that you can choose from – Imaging Technology News - Demo - Ergonomic Furniture for the PACS Suite. More EXOdesk details surface: 10-point touch, custom HTML5 apps. After teasing the EXOdesk themselves in a YouTube video, the company has passed along some details on the "interactive desk" to The Long Climb.

More EXOdesk details surface: 10-point touch, custom HTML5 apps

In addition to the (perhaps optimistic) rendering you see above, ExoPC is promising that the desk will have full 10-point touch on its 40-inch, capacitive surface. The panel is said to have a full 1080p resolution with a 178-degree viewing angle and will be displayed at CES by a well-known — but still secret — manufacturer. As far as software functionality goes, ExoPC says it will have touchpad zones as well as a customizable keyboard "that is modular and can be moved part by part to match the ergonomic needs of everyone, for example, you can drag number keys from top of the keyboard to a virtual keypad, separated from the other keys. " Interactive Desk Concept: For Designers And Architects. An interactive architects and designer desk that utilize a projector installed at the beneath of the wooden glass table, the concept was great inspired by the BendDesk that utilize 2 projector beneath the desk for displaying images on to the curvy L shape display.

The interactive work desk encourages hand drawing at the comfort of a chair, not bother finding rules, marker, color pen or compasses to draw straight line, circle or other curvy object. The application for the interactive table will take good care of the functions, features and capabilities needed by an architect or designer to accomplish their drawings. This should be a drawing gadget that will be popular in near future, ever since the LCD touch sensitive display become more and more popular, touch-sensitive technology has turn to be a major gravity for display base applications for both tablets as well as mobile communicating devices. More info from Match-Box.

Tags: Architects, Designers, Interactive Desk Concept. Augmented Light Bulb Turns a Desk Into a Touch Screen. Desk toy: A computer with a camera and projector fits into a light bulb socket, and can make any surface interactive.

Augmented Light Bulb Turns a Desk Into a Touch Screen

Powerful computers are becoming small and cheap enough to cram into all sorts of everyday objects. Natan Linder, a student at MIT’s Media Lab, thinks that fitting one inside a light bulb socket, together with a camera and projector, could provide a revolutionary new kind of interface—by turning any table or desk into a simple touch screen. The LuminAR device, created by Linder and colleagues at the Media Lab, can project interactive images onto a surface, sensing when a person’s finger or hand points to an element within those images.

Linder describes LuminAR as an augmented-reality system because the images and interfaces it projects can alter the function of a surface or object. » BendDesk Future technology. For most people from many different disciplines a desk is the main workspace.

» BendDesk Future technology

A typical desk is composed of at least one or more vertical displays that show digital content and a larger horizontal area, containing input devices, such as mouse and keyboard, paper-based documents, and everyday objects. These two areas are clearly separated which makes it hard to move documents from one surface to the other. Furthermore, each area employs a different interaction technique. For example, we use the mouse for drawing on vertical displays but physical pens to annotate paper-based documents. BendDesk is our vision of a future workspace that allows continuous interaction between both areas.

Tutor desk system ensures a perfect viewing angle. Very much like Versa Tables’s Revolution Desk, the Tutor Flat Panel Desk System by Paralax has been designed specifically for flat panel technologies with options to ergonomically mount LCD monitors, A great option for interactive learning environments, this innovative desk system features an adjustable VESA mount that helps you adjust the screen to the perfect viewing angle.

Tutor desk system ensures a perfect viewing angle

Sense-Tickling Desk Integrates Work With Garden. © Love Hultén Desks need not be the drab workspaces they usually are, if some greenery is added to lift one's spirits.

Sense-Tickling Desk Integrates Work With Garden

While one could plop down a potted plant and call it a day, polyvalent Swedish designer Love Hultén instead integrates a whole mini-ecosystem, complete with all the gardening doo-dads: a water-tank, mister, two fans, a growth substrate made from recycled plastic and a digital timer. © Love Hultén. Savon - Blair 51"Smart Top Desk. This Smart Desk Knows When You Want to Sit or Stand. <img title="" alt="" src=" />The Stir Kinetic Desk monitors your sitting and standing habits and adjusts its behavior based on what it has learned. Image: Stir <img title="" alt="" src=" />The desk comes with two built in compartments that contain eight AC ports and four powered USB ports.

This means wires can be stashed away for a clean desk space.Image: Stir <img title="" alt="" src=" />You can double tap the touchscreen to raise or lower the desk. Image: Stir <img title="" alt="" src=" />The birch wood desk comes in various finishes, and you can customize the underside in green, blue, orange or black. Image: Stir The Stir Kinetic Desk monitors your sitting and standing habits and adjusts its behavior based on what it has learned.

By now we all know that we should be standing more than we’re sitting. Like a growing number of devices, the desk monitors your habits and choices. Or at least, that’s what the team behind the new Stir Kinetic Desk is hoping. Compact Computer Desk is sleek and smart. Laptop stations never come clubbed with a lot of fun and functions, which makes them practically useless and dull. But, injecting some peppiness into such monotonous designs is the stylish and sleek Compact Computer Desk with Speakers. The design will answer all your demands of a fully featured laptop station that too in an attention grabbing way.

The workstation will prove to be the best laptop desk you have ever owned. Kaiju Studios. The Airia Desk and Media Cabinet gracefully bring together the needs of work and the comforts of home, combining organization and performance with warmth and beauty. The desk features a primary work surface and an elevated rear peripheral surface, which encloses a space for cable management. In the large central drawer are three removable cork-lined trays. Made of high quality materials – a solid walnut frame and peripheral surface, cast aluminum legs, and a laminated plywood work surface - Airia's timeless looks are built to last. The companion Media Cabinet has the flexibility to adapt to a number of uses, from display to storage to peripheral support.

The Airia Desk was awarded the Good Design mark in 2008, as well as the 2008 ICFF award for Body of Work as part of Herman Miller's Lifework Portfolio. View a case study on the design development of the Airia Desk and Media Cabinet. 42 Gorgeous Desk Designs for any Office. Smart Console by André Schelbach.