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Extreme Pogo Sticking Is Surprisingly Badass : Discovery Channel - StumbleUpon

(World record: 206,864.) Or that you could use them to grind rails, jump off buildings, do flips and other moves usually reserved for the craziest bikers and most daring skateboarders? Thanks to the good folks at XPOGO, we have this mind-blowing video that proves that the sport of extreme pogo is thriving, having hosted its 8th annual world championships, Pogopalooza, this summer. The jumpers featured in the video are Fred Gryzbowski, Nick McClintock, Tone Staubs, Dalton Smith, Curt Markwardt, Michale Mena, Chadd Deitz, Steve Bennett and Earl Pote.

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How a Futuristic Environmental Design Idea Became a Reality

Jim Kor, designer of the futuristic Urbee car shares his One Great Idea for changing the future of automotive transport. Kor presented his vision at the State of Green Business Forum in Chicago, laying out how sustainable design for transport can change the world. According to Kor, the solution resides in sustainable design, which is why he designed Urbee in 1996. Cars nowadays have big grills and exhaust pipes, Kor said. "Think the total opposite of a typical car and you're getting close to what we are talking about here, which is a low energy car," Kor said. SUPER VIDEO the Burning Flower - Video - StumbleUpon. Extreme Sports - Parkour &The Worlds Best Extreme... Stunts And Other Things Goes Wrong - Video - StumbleUpon.

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