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Welcome to EZ MedBuy Inc We are a leading medical supply and medical equipment company since 2016. Our headquarter is based in New York, and we have many warehouses spread all around the US.

Features of a rolling walker. Rolling walkers (Rollators) are kind of medical devices that assists while ambulating or shifting.

Features of a rolling walker

The usefulness of such devices lies in their level of comfort and stability it provides. Carex Rolling Walker belongs to that category which ensures absolute fatigued to the patients. Given below are some of the features of rolling walker that we should know before buying one: - ● Some rollators are available in one standard size and height, whereas other companies provide adjustment setting to adjust the size and height as per the comfort of the patient. It is better to buy one with the adjustment feature as everyone has different shape and size. ● There is also variation in weight capacity. . ● Seating options are another important thing that we need to look. . ● Rollator weight depends on various factors, and it influences its usefulness too. It becomes necessary to look for these features in the rolling walker before buying. Durable Medical Equipment. Wheelchair Accessories You Should Know About.

A wheelchair is not less than an asset to disabled people who need it even for going to the kitchen or washroom.

Wheelchair Accessories You Should Know About

As technology has evolved and brought advancements in all the fields, it also has provided us with a varied range of wheelchairs. These vary in terms of design, material, structure, features and last but not least, the price. Like every other machine, wheelchairs also undergo wear and tear which affect their performance and damage some parts. Though it depends on the condition and lifespan of the wheelchair whether you need to buy or repair it, sometimes replacement of parts or addition of wheelchair accessories is all your wheelchair requires. This write-up covers the most common accessories you can buy to boost up the comfort level or functionality of your wheelchair. Wheelchair cushion Wheelchair cushions are necessary for postural stability and the optimal distribution of pressure.

Know The Main Types Before Your Buy Hospital Bed Online. Looking to buy hospital beds online?

Know The Main Types Before Your Buy Hospital Bed Online

Are you aware of all the bed types? No? 4 Common Types Of Wheelchair Ramps – EZ MedBuy. It goes without saying, that wheelchair ramps play an important role in the mobility of the wheelchair users or the physically disabled people.

4 Common Types Of Wheelchair Ramps – EZ MedBuy

How To Choose The Right Wheelchair For Elderly – EZ MedBuy. Posted on Sep 03, 2019 by Jerome Infante For people who cannot walk or who have difficulty walking, a wheelchair provides the mobility they lack.

How To Choose The Right Wheelchair For Elderly – EZ MedBuy

Different Types Of Rollators For Elderly – EZ MedBuy. Posted on Aug 29, 2019 by Jerome Infante It goes without saying, that rollators are of great help and assistance to those who have weak legs and do not always need a wheelchair to move around.

Different Types Of Rollators For Elderly – EZ MedBuy

Unlike standard walkers, rollators have wheels on all legs (three or four) and brakes that can be engaged by the user. Not to mention, rolling walkers are height adjustable. This means that the user can easily adjust the item to match their comfort and stability needs. Whether the person is short, tall or somewhere in between, the rolling walker can be calibrated to the necessary proportions and unique needs of its user. Furthermore, rollators give you back your independence, reduce the risk of losing your balance or falling and increase your confidence in walking, standing and performing daily tasks that require mobility. 1.) 2-wheeled walker- Also known as front-wheel walkers, 2-wheeled walkers are very similar to standard walkers but have wheels on the front legs. 4.) 4.)

Overbed Tables: The Must-have Bedroom Aid For Elderly And Disabled – EZ MedBuy. Posted on Aug 12, 2019 by Jerome Infante Whether you are bound to a bed or recovering from surgery, an overbed table is a perfect way to give you access to activities that would otherwise be impossible in bed.

Overbed Tables: The Must-have Bedroom Aid For Elderly And Disabled – EZ MedBuy

Often referred to as hospital bed tables, overbed tables are specifically configured with a base as well as lockable wheels to easily slid under a bed, while the tabletop can be adjusted in height to comfortably provide users a secured space for reading, dining, computer work and crafts. Furthermore, an overbed table not only allows one to stay productive and comfortable at the same time, even when the user is confined to a bed, but also allows everything to be conveniently in reach, helping to avoid stretching, straining and potential injuries that could negatively affect recovery.

However, choosing the best overbed table is not as easy as it sounds, considering the fact that you have to take into account a number of factors before making the final purchase. 3. 4. Walking Tall! 4 Types Of Walkers For Seniors. Posted on Jul 23, 2019 by Jerome Infante Whether you have a spine condition that impacts your ability to walk or have recently undergone spine surgery, using a walker may help you maintain your independence.

Walking Tall! 4 Types Of Walkers For Seniors

Furthermore, walkers not only improve your balance, but also help in preventing falls and taking the pressure off your back. Considering the fact that the best walkers for the elderly reduce weight-bearing, you'll be able to walk longer distances and for longer periods of time. They help you stay active and mobile. Depending on the usage and the type of medical condition involved, there are a plethora of types of walkers that can be bought. 1. 2.

4 Wheelchair Accessories That Will Improve Your Mobility – EZ MedBuy.