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How to Increase the Productivity of Your E-commerce Content Creation Team - Crewmachine. E-commerce is an exciting and demanding enterprise. Content teams need to consistently create high-quality, conversion-oriented web content. Are you sure that your team is working as efficiently as possible? Follow these tips to maximize your content team’s potential. 1) Choose the Right Assignments For large-scale e-commerce operations, a single writer is no longer sufficient.

Training a larger team increases your output capacity now and keeps you flexible to scale up in the future. 2) Fit Tasks to Experience The same can be said for experience. 3) Encourage Collaboration Beyond the standard workflow of write > edit > QA, make sure your team is comfortable collaborating. 4) Give Incentives Whether you’re having trouble getting work turned in on time or you’re receiving sub-standard writing, incentives tend to sort the wheat from the chaff. 5) Set Priorities 6) Share Valuable Tools Look for areas to improve and set aside some time to find tools to help your team. Meet the CrewMachine Team at Share16 in San Francisco - Crewmachine. From October 24 to 26, San Francisco will play host to the Share16 conference, and invite the world of digital marketers to share ideas, learn new tactics and get a front-row seat to the latest digital marketing innovations.

Some of the world’s top SEO, content and digital brand marketers will join industry thought-leaders for a series of keynote and small-group sessions. At Share16, participants will benefit from an industry-driven agenda, as well as networking and collaboration opportunities throughout the weekend. With real-world case study session and an effective peer-to-peer approach, the Share16 conference’s goal is to boost your career and elevate your brand’s performance. Through lively discussion with industry experts, the Share16 digital marketing conference fosters professional development and a deeper understanding of changing digital trends and dynamics. Opportunities to learn and boost your performance abound at the Share16 conference. Eight Quick Tips to Improve Your eBay Listings - Crewmachine. When it comes to listing on eBay, it isn’t wise to rest on your laurels (no matter how seasonal a seller you are). Why you ask? Because eBay keeps up with market trends by making regular changes to its listing requirements.

And if you, as a seller, don’t keep up, you’ll be one step behind the smart proactive ones. If you want to give your visibility a boost on eBay you need to capture potential consumers at the right time. 1. You have 80 characters, use them wisely and to their full potential when creating a title. 2. Adding product identifiers to your listing help buyers identify your items on eBay search and other search platforms. 3. Make your product visible in the best way possible by utilizing eBay’s free photo upload limit to the max. 4.

No matter what you’re selling, make sure that you put your items in the correct category page and use the most relevant item specifics. 5. The more eBay understands your listing, the more quickly it matches your items with the buyer’s query. 6. 10 Crazy and Effective Call-to-Action Tips for E-commerce Product Pages - Crewmachine. Call to action marketing is just that: a request to your reader to take some further action. That action can be anything from “Download Our E-book”, “Join Our Mailing List”, or simply “Add to Cart”. In the e-commerce world, every call to action has one eventual goal: conversion, a.k.a. a sale. Typically, calls to action appear on buttons designed to capture the reader’s attention. Their visual appeal, placement and language can make or break a site’s conversion rate. This is a case where paying attention to seemingly minor details can make a huge difference in a business’ success. 1) Action!

Start your call to action with a verb. 2) Consider Color Call to action marketing must always walk the line between too subtle and too intrusive. 3) Shape Shift The shape of a button alone can set it apart from the other graphics on your e-commerce product page. 4) Use a Large Font Every customer should be able to read the text easily and clearly. 5) Short Crisp Text 6) Stick to First Person. 5 Proven-Methods to Create Content for a Consistent Customer Experience - Crewmachine.

It is no secret that customer relationships affect a business. Customers like to know about a product before they make a purchase. So, to keep sales high, customer-centric content is vital. What is the Customer Experience? You probably hear this phrase quite often. Some people feel it concerns digital experiences and interactions, while others believe customer experience is based on retail or customer service, or the time it takes to solve a problem.

How Important is the Customer Experience? Research has found that 60-percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience. Ways to Maintain a Devoted Customer Base 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. CrewMachine creates a standardized process and channels to provide a full-funnel customer experience for your brand. Tips for Identifying Best Freelance Writers and Collaborating with them Efficiently - Crewmachine. It’s a known fact that a business relies heavily on content. After all, it is the written word that helps build brand awareness, increase the number of eyes on a website and improve rankings in search engines. Content is an asset that lives on your site through blogs, case studies, info graphs and white papers. So, it’s easy to see the growing need to hire writers who can churn out crisp blogs or spice up landing pages.

Setting up a content marketing team is one option. 1. First things first, make a list of reasons for hiring a writer. Demand for content is more than the existing marketing content team or leader can handle or deliverYou wish to update your websiteYou have a lot of content ideas that you want someone to work on Once you know why you need a writer, figure out what kind of writer you need? 2. Once you’ve answered the above, you can begin your search. 3. The second best option is to seek help from an agency. 4.

This is also a good way to find freelance content writers. 5. 5 Essential Types of Content For eCommerce Websites - Crewmachine. Paring down your web content to the essentials improves your SEO by removing irrelevant information that dilutes your message. The ultimate goal of SEO, after all, is not just to deliver traffic to your site, but to deliver a specific audience. This is where quality, not quantity, serves you best. As such, the content for your e-commerce website must attract the right visitors, then meet their needs with informative, useful content and a pleasant user experience. That’s the value your site offers, and below are the most important ways to offer it. 1. Blog Posts One of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your site, blogs offer information for consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. 2.

Product information and demonstrations on video gives a potential buyer confidence and a realistic set of expectations. Product demo videos are crucial to a healthy e-commerce content strategy. 3. 4. 5. Why Creating Content for Fashion is Different from any other E-commerce Category - Crewmachine. From the accessory extravaganza to wedding trousseau, there’s a way of creating eCommerce content marketing when it comes to fashion writing.

Over the last two decades, fashion has been democratized and trends have taken over: so, content on fashion has to be contemporary and keep up with the ever-evolving fashion trends that rule the runway. This is why, when compared to other eCommerce categories, content creation for fashion related products has an altogether different approach. Fashion Content from Retro to Metro Today, when feisty models are turning small town dreamers toward high-end fashion trends, stereotypical and generic content on apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories are not likely to convince buyers to make a purchase. Tune the Tone and Juggle Words When it comes to fashion, language and style are intertwined. Visualize, Relate, and Act The content should be written in a way that readers can almost imagine the style statement, you are talking about.

5 Problems eCommerce Companies Know Well - Crewmachine. 1) Your Product Information And Content Are Disorderly Your product data lives inside a set of unwieldy spreadsheets. Images for your listings reside in the cloud — or clouds, rather. Did you put that new lineup in iCloud or Dropbox? Writers send you their work over email, and you have a series of versions of the same product description saved to your hard drive and thumb drive.

Attributes? The point is you’ve got a lot of data to manage and putting it all together in one place either requires some technology or mad organizational skills. eCommerce companies need a user-friendly, cloud-based database where your data, writers and product images can work together in harmony. 2) So Many Files and Formats You know the pain of constantly reformatting, restructuring and renaming columns all too well. What you need is a central repository for your data. 3) Every Category Is Unique Product attributes are some of the most valuable data you keep, but no two categories are alike. 11 Key Questions a Buyer Expects Your Product Page to Answer - Crewmachine. While customers will surely appreciate your product, they will also evaluate it before making a purchase.

Many customers also look for practical advice and assurance. With that in mind, we have put together a list of some questions that clients may ask. You can find many of these questions listed on the FAQ pages of some of the best eCommerce product pages currently online. 1. This is a very common question which most customers will ask. 2. Your card details are safer online than in many other retail stores as long as the online store uses a secure server for your order. 3. The goal of an eCommerce product page design is to enable customers to have a comfortable shopping experience. 4. If you do not receive your order details in an email or text message within 24 hours, contact customer service. 5.

A third party is typically involved in the delivery of an order. 6. The return and exchange policy differs from one platform to another, and it also depends on the various categories. 7. 8. Image Optimization Tips for E-Commerce - Crewmachine. When your storefront is virtual you make your first impression with the customer in the initial few seconds that your page loads on the screen. Quick web page load times are crucial. To prevent an unprofessional appearance and to keep traffic on your site, your site should load in only a few seconds, even on the slowest connection. Images, because they are data-heavy files, are often to blame for slow loading. Consider these image optimization tips to speed up page loading and improve your search ranking while you’re at it. 1) Choose the Right Name for Your Image Search engine web crawlers look at all the text visible on your site, but also at invisible text such as image names and labels.

Make sure you choose names that are descriptive and specific so they’ll reach the right audience in an image search. 2) Use ALT Tags Wisely ALT tags are the descriptors that show up when a browser fails to load an image. 3) From Every Angle 4) Keep it Small, Sweetie 5) File Format Fun 6) Thumbnails. What to Include in Your eBay Template Design - Crewmachine. EBay is filled with enterprising e-tailers, which creates a vigorous marketplace. Templates offer a practical tool to manage content and stand out from your competitors, but templates must be used with care.

Through our experience with many e-commerce sellers, the experts at CrewMachine have learned the secrets to effective eBay template design. Whether you use a template that we provide or decide to create your own, follow these pro tips for better user engagement and a higher conversion rate. 1) Brand Consistency As you set up your information, keep in mind that everything should reflect your brand. 2) Include the Right Details Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. 3) Identify the Most Important Information While you need to include lots of information, an elegant eBay template design differentiates between the most important information (such as price and product features) and more granular details (such as installation instructions). 4) Highlight Deals 5) Return Policy 6) Group Mentality.

Amazon vs eBay vs My Own Store - Where to Start Selling Online - Crewmachine. Do I need a brick and mortar store as well as an online store? Which platform should I choose- Amazon, Ebay or my own website? A budding entrepreneur is surrounded by these and many other questions when starting a retail business. But sometimes these questions can lead someone into doing something that may not be their first choice.

In many cases, the easiest option looks more appealing than something that would allow them to express their individuality and offer more opportunities. To overcome this situation, everyone thinking about starting an online store should spend some time channeling their knowledge and experience to find the best solution. 1. If you’re a novice when it comes to online selling, then it’s a good idea to choose a platform that is predefined and easy to use. 2. It is all about money! 3. You should be very clear about your long-term goals. 4. In a day-to-day scenario, most people have plenty of time to do the things they want or need to do. 5. 6.

5 Ways to Drive More Product Reviews on Amazon and eBay - Crewmachine. Let’s face it, a seller with positive reviews and good feedback will receive more interest from potential customers and see an increase in sales – the ultimate goal of any vendor/eCommerce site. Product reviews are positive influencers that help in building trust, goodwill and, in many cases, prompt the on-the-fence-buyer to make a purchase.

With that in mind, we’ve put together five tips that’ll help with getting reviews on Amazon and eBay. 1. Reach out and Ask for Product Reviews The best strategy for getting reviews on Amazon or eBay is to reach out and ask. If you don’t request a review, there’s a chance you won’t get one. 2. It’s tough to track down every customer and possible reviewer and ask for feedback. 3. Sometimes, you need bait to entice consumers to write a review for you. 4. If you want plenty of positive product reviews, work at becoming a top seller on eBay and/or Amazon. 5.

How Good Content can Reduce Product Returns and Increase Customer Retention - Crewmachine. Set customer’s expectations Setting customer expectations is critical in any eCommerce scenario and web content plays a useful role in doing this. Authentic product descriptions, well-explained purchase options, and personalized customer services through live chat, emails and more – all these factors contribute to strengthening consumer trust and encourage repeat purchases. Do not give false hopes It’s not a good idea to post unrealistic information such as product details and delivery times just to draw attention to an item. For example, promising overnight delivery will only cause disappointment if you don’t follow through. Instead, promise delivery within a realistic timeline such as five business days. Personalization is the key It takes time to learn about your customers’ preferences and present them with relevant products determined by current trends/usage etc. Persuade customers to register Improved e-mail customer service Effective content marketing.

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With the web, you’re always open this Diwali. Category page content | eZdia. Product description writing | eZdia. Buying guides writing | eZdia. Blog content writing | eZdia. SEO article writing | eZdia. Content writing services & web content solutions | eZdia. Create content the right way | eZdia.