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Pros and Cons of AI Generated Content - Crewmachine. Machine learning is the newest fad that’s captured the minds of several marketing agencies, newspapers and scholars alike.

Pros and Cons of AI Generated Content - Crewmachine

You can safely call it mainstream too. The basic idea is pretty straightforward. Feed a computer system with copious examples of things you want it to “learn” — e.g. language translation, content generation — and by trimming away the outliers, the right solution/result will emerge as a statistical probability and also be recognized uniformly as the best possible match. It is easy, fast and doesn’t cost like the human workforce. So, here we list down 10 solid pros and cons of AI generated content: Pros: 1. Content created by artificial intelligence doesn’t require extensive human input. 2.

Let’s face it AI generated content is nothing but a concept created and operated by people. 3. You don’t need to hire a large team for your increasing content demands as AI can churn relevant content in huge numbers with the touch of a button. 4. 5. Cons: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E-commerce jargons explained: GMV, NMV, Valuation. It’s never easy trying to decode what eCommerce professionals mean.

E-commerce jargons explained: GMV, NMV, Valuation

Most of us face this problem as the words, terms and jargon they use are typically not what we are used to. So, we’re often left running for a dictionary. Since eCommerce is still a relatively a new and evolving industry, average users are bound to face some confusion when trying to comprehend what industry professionals mean. They either come up with short abbreviations of pre-existing definitions or invent something entirely new. Similarly, they often use fancy words to describe functionalities or basic business strategies. Here we Explain Some of the More Common Terms. Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Pages - Crewmachine. What are Amazon A+ pages?

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Pages - Crewmachine

The Amazon A+ Content program also called enhanced brand content gives sellers the opportunity to create extended versions of basic product descriptions. This program includes numerous options including the chance to build scannable text that details the features and benefits of a product. Using this program, sellers can supplement their text with images and comparison charts that can help customers make educated buying decisions. Premium, HTML-based content typically drives more conversions on a product page.

In fact, Amazon claims that A+ can boost sales by 3 to 10 percent simply by improving search engine optimization (SEO) results and educating consumers about your brand and products. Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Pages - Crewmachine. Product descriptions word count: How much is too much? In today’s society, more and more people turn to eCommerce websites to research items that they are interested in purchasing.

Product descriptions word count: How much is too much?

This means that product description pages must contain enough information that the potential customer can make an informed buying decision. But what is the optimal word count for product descriptions? Read on to find out. How Important is the Word Count? When writing word counts for product descriptions, it’s important to determine exactly how much content you need. Of course, the word count will also depend on the products themselves. Turning E-Commerce Content Into Gold - Crewmachine. E-commerce is big business.

Turning E-Commerce Content Into Gold - Crewmachine

In the first quarter of 2016, online sales in the U.S. represented nearly 8 percent of all retail sales, totaling $86.3 billion. With so many consumers tracking towards online retail, e-tailers need to spend the right kind of resources to capture them and convert those clicks into revenue. Your products can’t speak for themselves.

Are you telling their story to your customers in a way that leads to discoverability? How Well Are You Telling Your Products’ Stories? Retailers have a common set of problems that they need to address on a daily basis. Why E-commerce content is still not an easy problem to solve. Like any business, e-commerce has its share of trials and tribulations, especially when it comes to content.

Why E-commerce content is still not an easy problem to solve

For an online shopper, product descriptions must paint a picture and make up for the inability to touch feel the product – this makes content paramount. Obviously, when it comes to e-commerce, it’s content that impacts sales, drives traffic and creates brand loyalty. So, while good content will give you a boost, bad content can jeopardize your online retail business. 7 Habits of Highly Effective E-commerce Sellers - Crewmachine. To create an effective online presence, your eCommerce site needs to impress the customers.

7 Habits of Highly Effective E-commerce Sellers - Crewmachine

Making a good first impression is important as it helps ensure first-time readers keep on browsing for more. But, what makes them click? Will they make a repeat purchase? According to one survey, it takes about just 50 milliseconds for buyers to decide whether to click through or leave the page. Highly effective eCommerce sellers like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart have nailed down some productive and healthy habits that have helped to build their presence online. 7 Habits of Highly Effective eCommerce Sellers: 1. 5 Methods Sellers Use to Lower Their PayPal and eBay Fees. The fee structure for sellers at eBay continues to remain one of the top complaints.

5 Methods Sellers Use to Lower Their PayPal and eBay Fees

The following article includes some ways that can be easily implemented to lower these costs, thereby improving the profitability of the business. 1. PayPal Merchant Discount Those who sell a high volume on eBay are most likely to get some merchant discount on PayPal fees. To see if you qualify for this, log onto your PayPal account and apply.

If you are processing quite a good amount, as much as $3,000 or $5,000 per month via PayPal, you can reduce the Paypal fees against your account considerably. SEO for Amazon v/s SEO for Google. Google has long enjoyed a monopoly in the space of search engine rankings, and SEO is as important today as it’s ever been.

SEO for Amazon v/s SEO for Google

But, when it comes to eCommerce and online shopping, the search engine has some fierce competition. Do you know its main competitor? Amazon is that competitor! How come? Well, more people (individuals and entities alike) now visit to either search, buy or sell products and services. In fact, if stats are taken into account, then Amazon is the new Google for product searches.

Which Programs on Amazon will Work Best for Your Business? - Crewmachine. Amazon Programs that Work Best for Your Business Amazon is a big, exciting place for online marketers as it makes selling easier for many merchants.

Which Programs on Amazon will Work Best for Your Business? - Crewmachine

With a platform that has around 175 million monthly visitors, there is room for every seller to make a profit. Amazon also offers a number of products and services to its sellers to help increase both traffic and sales. But in order to fully reap the benefits of selling on Amazon, it’s important to make use of their sales and promotional tools. Here are some of the most effective programs you can use while selling on the Amazon marketplace to grow your business with ease. 1. Guru - Bringing the Power of AI to E-commerce Content - Crewmachine. I am sure all of you saw Einstein at Dreamforce! An artificial intelligence system that will drive the future of CRM and marketing from complexity to simplicity. With deep simple principles of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Einstein will make the lives of millions of Salesforce users a lot more intelligent and ‘conversion’ driven. It will learn from your data and then help you learn from it to drive predictions and recommendations.

It will automate tasks for you so you can focus on making the important decisions – with confidence. Salesforce’s latest acquisition of Demandware, now known as Commerce Cloud will have full support from Einstein to predict the behavior of your customer. Is Duplicate Content Harmful for your E-commerce Product Pages - Crewmachine.

According to Google, duplicate content is information that shows up in multiple locations on the web. This confuses the engine and can lead to the erratic ranking of websites. The search engine may fail to recognize the parent URL and instead display every related URL in the search term. This can result in lower search engine rankings and a significant reduction in sales. It isn’t uncommon to find numerous eCommerce sites selling similar products, each with its own page, often with overlapping duplicate content when it comes to describing the product specifications. Search engines consider this thin content that doesn’t provide any unique value.

If Content is King, Automation will Rule - Crewmachine. We’ve reached a threshold in the world of writing and the bravest companies are stepping into a future of automated content creation. New algorithms and understanding about machine learning have changed the nature of automated content generation and although your computer is still unlikely to produce the next Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the world of simpler prose like e-commerce product descriptions is changing profoundly.

Next Generation Enterprise Platform That Powers E-Commerce Content - Crewmachine. CrewMachine: A Next-Generation Content Creation Platform Digital marketing agencies and SEO experts face a daunting task when it comes to e-commerce content. They must coordinate product descriptions, sometimes thousands of them, so that the descriptions are accurate, search engine optimized, up to date and conversion oriented.

Share 16 – It’s a Wrap! - Crewmachine. The Floor Chemistry at BrightEdge Share16 Share conferences from BrightEdge have always been quite fruitful for us. Lots of interesting discussions around SEO, content, and e-Commerce. We meet quite a few enterprises using BrightEdge for their SEO needs and are usually looking for implementation partners to facilitate and manage some of this integration. That’s where eZdia would find value in its solutions.

Why Blogging is Not Optional for E-Commerce Stores - Crewmachine. Business owners often feel apprehensive about the idea of blogging for their eCommerce stores. However, it can be a valuable tool for continued growth. Talking Trends to Combat Increasing Air Pollution - Crewmachine. You are all decked out for your day at the office – only to step out of your home into a gray cloud of haze and pollution. But even though the air quality is poor, you can’t call off your work day. After a hard day, on your way home in the evening, you notice many of the white collars are wearing drab black face masks, and you begin to notice a weird sense of chest congestion. Why E-commerce Stores Should Invest in Customer Experience - Crewmachine. All set to sail with your new e-commerce store? Do you have the right product inventory – the team to execute the business – a platform to showcase the products?

[Infograph] Content Marketing Challenges and their Solutions - Crewmachine. How to Choose the Right Content Creation and Automation Platform - Crewmachine. As an e-commerce business grows, its content creation needs multiply exponentially. Just as the catalog of product descriptions increases, so do the requirements for content across multiple channels. And because the internet never sits still, these channels and their formatting requirements are always on the move, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. Large-scale e-tailers rely on a team of writers and editors. [Infograph] Mind the Gap! Your Content Strategy Needs a Gap Analysis - Crewmachine. [Infograph] Boost Conversion & Readership With Digital Images - Crewmachine. The importance of including an image in your next piece of online content is hard to overstate. Even the most exciting content can be really boring without a dash of color to break the text into more readable sections, add some interesting visuals, show off product details and bring the words to life.

How Crowdsourcing Content Writing Can Get More of Your Marketing Budget? - Crewmachine. Step-up Your E-commerce Game with ‘Smart’ Content, ‘Smart’ Machines and ‘Smart’ Workforce - Crewmachine. Recapping the eZdia Journey As I write this blog, I am traveling down the memory lane to when we started eZdia a few years ago. The two of us with a few friends, and with a dream to disrupt the traditional e-commerce content way with the ‘eZdia way’. We built this platform (pretty quickly) that enabled more than 35,000 folks in the crowd to use the power of scale to create and manage content. How to Overcome Negative Feedback on Amazon - Crewmachine.

‘Criticism comes to those who stand out.’ – Seth Godin. Your Guide for Writing High-Converting Listing Titles For E-commerce - Crewmachine. How to Increase the Productivity of Your E-commerce Content Creation Team - Crewmachine. E-commerce is an exciting and demanding enterprise. Meet the CrewMachine Team at Share16 in San Francisco - Crewmachine. Eight Quick Tips to Improve Your eBay Listings - Crewmachine. 10 Crazy and Effective Call-to-Action Tips for E-commerce Product Pages - Crewmachine. 5 Proven-Methods to Create Content for a Consistent Customer Experience - Crewmachine. Tips for Identifying Best Freelance Writers and Collaborating with them Efficiently - Crewmachine. 5 Essential Types of Content For eCommerce Websites - Crewmachine. Why Creating Content for Fashion is Different from any other E-commerce Category - Crewmachine. 5 Problems eCommerce Companies Know Well - Crewmachine. 11 Key Questions a Buyer Expects Your Product Page to Answer - Crewmachine. Image Optimization Tips for E-Commerce - Crewmachine.

What to Include in Your eBay Template Design - Crewmachine. Amazon vs eBay vs My Own Store - Where to Start Selling Online - Crewmachine. 5 Ways to Drive More Product Reviews on Amazon and eBay - Crewmachine. How Good Content can Reduce Product Returns and Increase Customer Retention - Crewmachine. How to give an Amazing Buying Experience to your Online Customers - Crewmachine. Social Commerce: How to use Social Media Platforms to Drive More E-commerce Sales - Crewmachine. How to Win the Amazon Buy Box - Crewmachine. Six Strategies For Getting People to Read Your (Whole) Blog Post - Crewmachine.

6 Ways to use Social Media to Strategically Build Your E-commerce Brand - Crewmachine. Recessed Lighting for Finished Ceilings. Destination Lighting. The Search Marketing Imprints, Key Search Takeaways from the Show floor! - Crewmachine. Impact of a Poor Product Content - Crewmachine. Manage your Large Scale E-Commerce Content In A Streamlined Way - Crewmachine. Why startups should invest in Content Marketing - Crewmachine. In the Crowded World of Marketing Tech, Where Do You Stand? - Crewmachine. How Buying Guides Can Energize Your Content Marketing Strategy? Content Creation & Automation Platform for eCommerce. Category page content. Meet eZdia team at IRCE in Chicago on June, 7-10, 2016.

How CrewMachine Helps You Maintain Your Brand Integrity - Crewmachine. How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business? Solutions - Crewmachine. Why content structure is important to rank well in Google? 7 Key Elements of Successful Content Creation Strategy. Keyword research services. CrewMachine's Custom Workflows - Crewmachine. 10 advanced Google Search Tips. Filter Your Content: CrewMachine's Negative Filters - Crewmachine. How To Add Quality Into Your Content? E-Commerce Content Creation Made Simple - Crewmachine. Top 7 WordPress Plugins For Successful Content Marketing. A Content Creation Platform That Works! Really. - Crewmachine. Data cleansing services. Content Marketing Tips For eCommerce Stores. What Content Strategy To Follow For Getting Organic Traffic?

5 Content Marketing Tips For Ecommerce Website. Major Content Marketing Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore In 2016. Negative Online Reviews And Your Business Strategy For 2016. Why SEO-centric content drives conversions (Infographic) How CrewMachine Simplifies Workforce Management - Crewmachine. Marketing technology software. Website Content Writing and Management Platform - CrewMachine. 7 Ways to Write Exceptional SEO Friendly Content. The Search Marketing Imprints, Key Search Takeaways from the Show floor! Marketing ideas for businesses with budget constraints. 5 Tricks to Strengthen Your Content Marketing. 5 Social Media Trends That Will Change The Game in 2016. How To Make Your Blog A Source Of Revenue? Image moderation services. Top 5 Digital Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Business.

Are you focusing on business content management? How-to Content the New Way to Connect With Your Audience. eZdia Builds the Crowd Workforce Momentum in a Big Way to Create a Social Enterprise. 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO. Why Should You Optimize Your Website for Mobile. 2016 and the SEO Writing Tips to Follow as a Writer/Blogger. Recipes. Data cleansing services. Data tagging. Search relevance optimization. White paper writing.