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Canterbury Shaker Village. Marxists Internet Archive Library, Complete Index of Writers. James Cannon (1890-1974) 100+ American, IWW organiser, later helped create the US Communist Party.

Marxists Internet Archive Library, Complete Index of Writers

In the 1920s became a Trotskyst, and helped create the US Socialist Workers Party. [Biography] Pandelis Pouliopoulos (1900-1943) 10+ Greek Trotskyist. About Manfred Davidmann and his Works. Erik Olin Wright on Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias. All courses. Welcome to the Moodle community forums Get support from the community, share ideas and meet others in a community of your preferred language below.

All courses

(Note: You’ll need to enrol in order to post in the forums.) Before posting any support-related questions, please check the Moodle documentation, particularly the frequently asked questions, to make sure your question isn't already answered in there. The Venus Project. Philosophy for a better world. This web page consists of a listing of web sites with content on the subject of Utopia Definition of Utopia International Utopian Studies Conference June 30 - July 2, 2005, at New Lanark.

Philosophy for a better world

Category:Utopian communities. Utopian Socialism Archive. Utopian Socialism Links to the writings and biographies of Utopians and Marxist commentaries on them, and material on 20th century utopian movements and the use of utopian and dystopian visions in literature and political polemics.

Utopian Socialism Archive

Utopia – literally “nowheresville” – was the name of an imaginary republic described by Thomas More in which all social conflict and distress has been overcome. There have been many versions of Utopia over the years, many of them visions of socialist society. Although Marx and Engels defined their own socialism in opposition to Utopian Socialism (which had many advocates in the early nineteenth century), they had immense respect for the great Utopian socialists like Charles Fourier and Robert Owen. Resources on Utopias. General Resources These are general resources on utopian, intentional or alternative communities, and related information.

Resources on Utopias

Some of the sites, such as Religious Studies on the Internet provides access to information and sources (e.g. UTOPIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITIES. By Steve Mizrach Utopo-genesis: Introduction to America-as-Utopia In the symbolic invention of America, Europe exercised some of its greatest powers of Utopian imagination.


Some of the earliest so-called 'Christian communities' in America were attempts to realize the Utopian principle in America: these early communities were, as Mark Holloway puts it, attempts to realize Heaven on Earth[1]. The Fellowship for Intentional Community - About FIC. The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) nurtures connections and cooperation among communitarians and their friends.

The Fellowship for Intentional Community - About FIC

FIC is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit that provides publications, referrals, support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of intentional communities, cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks, support organizations, and people seeking a home in community. You can read more about FIC on Wikipedia. Promoting Community Living and Cooperative Culture Intentional Communities have for many centuries been places where idealists have come together to create a better world. Although there are thousands of intentional communities in existence today, and many others in the formative stages, most people are unaware of them or the roots from which they spring.

Old Aurora Colony: Historical Museum in Aurora, Oregon. Canterbury Shaker Village, New Hampshire Photo Gallery by Tony Westbrook at Canterbury Shaker Village. Soviet History.