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22 Movies And Shows Every Designer Should Watch On Netflix. (This is an updated version of a list we published two years ago–the majority of which was no longer streamable, given Netflix’s content churn.

22 Movies And Shows Every Designer Should Watch On Netflix

We miss you, Objectified!) The Netflix queue is one of the most dangerous time-sinks on earth. But to designers, it can actually be a great source of inspiration, with everything from design documentaries to films that are pure visual art. 10 Tips and Tricks for Making Difficult Selections in Photoshop. If you’re just starting out in Photoshop and would like to learn the art of making difficult selections to isolate things in photos, check out this great video tutorial by Tutvid.

10 Tips and Tricks for Making Difficult Selections in Photoshop

60 Totally Free Design Resources for Non-Designers. Creating engaging visual content doesn’t have to require a financial investment.

60 Totally Free Design Resources for Non-Designers

Sure, at one time graphic designers needed expensive software and even more costly images to craft a winning visual campaign. But thanks to a host of free online resources, anyone can design high-quality visual stories with ease. Of course, navigating the sea of online images and editing tools is easier said than done.

Some require membership, others charge royalty fees, some require advance permission and others charge for high-definition. Free PSD Mockups. Portfolio Book, Photography Portfolio and Minimal Photography. Discover.typography by H&Co. Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives. Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives. Flowchart: A Guide To Picking The Right Typeface For Your Next Project.

Free stock videos – Pexels Videos. The art of sharpening pencils. By Matthew James Taylor on 8 October 2007 Welcome to the world of pencil sharpening - this may sound like a dull topic but there is actually a lot more to it than you think.

The art of sharpening pencils

There are a number of different sharpening styles and methods; all good artists should know them. The trick is using the right one at the right time. Sharpening styles There are four main points to select from; the one you choose will depend on the type of pencil you use, and the style of your drawing. The standard point. UX Project Checklist. Mood Lines: Setting the Tone of Your Design. Feature image by the talented Cyril Rolando.

Mood Lines: Setting the Tone of Your Design

Check out his Tumblr here. Lines have been used by artists and designers to convey mood since the first drawings in cave walls. Through repeated use, certain patterns and lines have gained universally recognized meanings. These were documented in Landscape Architecture, by John Ormsbee Simonds, who put together a diagram of 48 Mood Lines.

Whether this was the first place they were documented, I have no idea, but it is the diagram I’m using for this article. - Make your own grid paper. Professional Website Design Software for Designers. CD Template, DVD Template by Disc Makers. Stock Up: Free stock photo search. 10 אתרי תמונות להורדה בחינם ללא זכויות יוצרים. Free programs to open any file extension! Free photos. 730+ Free Outline Icons Set for Designers.

Awesome free Outline icons set for any type of website, mobile app user interface and graphic design projects.

730+ Free Outline Icons Set for Designers

There are 700+ outline icons, all icons come in Ai, SVG, PNG and IconFont formats. These sets are easy to use for both designers and developers. All icons are highest-quality design, so you can easily change the outline thickness without loosing quality. The amazing icons set coded and designed by Dario Ferrando. The icon sets divided into seven sections (Basic, Music, Ecommerce, Software, Elaboration, Arrows and Weather Icons).

You may be interested in the following modern related articles as well. Subscribe to our RSS via email, simply enter your email address & click subscribe. Free Template Maker. Iconset:ios-7-icons icons. Infographic: The 10 Commandments Of Color Theory.

Free images and vectors

Resource for high resolution public domain images and free stock photos. 20 Free PSD Templates To Mockup Your Logo Designs. Google's 25 Rules For Building A Better Mobile Site. Preventing form spam with "honeytrap" - Some code from aaronjamesyoung. Collecting Payment Information Within a Single Input.

For years the advice for mobile designers has been to avoid text input .

Collecting Payment Information Within a Single Input

Screens are small, fingers are imprecise, and so errors happen. But at the same time mobile devices are always with us, always on, and always connected. So instead of trying to limit input we should be encouraging it and taking steps to ensure it’s easy to provide accurately. Enter input masks... Input masks constrain text entries to help people avoid mistakes. One of the most interesting uses of input masks I encountered recently was the credit card information field in Square’s mobile app.

As you can see in the video above of Zachary’s demo , a single input field is used to capture credit card number first. Redesigning The Country Selector. Design. Resources — Design/UX. User Interface library. Four Things I Wish Every Chart Did. Analytics tools are great for the collecting data that’s easy to measure, and visualising it in beautiful charts.

Four Things I Wish Every Chart Did

Sadly, this usually leaves you with more questions than answers. Unlike other tools, analytics products are primarily read-only. You don’t go there to take action, you go there to get answers and insights so that you know to take action elsewhere. These products should focus on the job of “answering questions and providing insights” for their customers, rather than falling into the category moat of offering the stock line/bar/pie chart with a time selector; that’s what everyone else is selling. Full_preview.png (1612×2264) Photoshop Etiquette. Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page · Formstack. 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands.