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Fatih: A Historic District in Istanbul

Should You Invest in One-Bedroom Apartments in Istanbul? With the Turkish housing market finally softening enough to let real estate investors and homebuyers back in, many are wooed by one-bedroom apartments as an affordable and practical way to commence investing in properties.

Should You Invest in One-Bedroom Apartments in Istanbul?

Although nominal, traditionally, one-bedroom flats were perceived as a less desirable option, but does that opinion still hold true? The simple and straightforward answer is: No! One-bedroom apartments in Istanbul are an attractive investment option and essentially offer high ROI in districts such as Taksim, Besiktas, Basaksehir, and Sariyer. Ten years ago, the more rooms you could get, the better. However, in recent times, we are increasingly witnessing smaller, more convenient housing gain demand and furnish elevated ROI.

Here’s what you should know if you are thinking about investing in one! Location Let’s begin with the obvious. Amenities Ensure that the property is within walking distance or a few minutes of drive away from surrounding amenities. Style Views Location. Turkish Real Estate Conversations. Istanbul is a bustling metropolitan city where cultures, traditions, religions, and languages meet.

Turkish Real Estate Conversations

Owing to its breathtaking natural beauty and rich historical heritage, millions of people visit the city every year, boosting demands for residential and commercial expansions. شقق ومنازل للبيع في اسطنبول و تركيا. شقق ومنازل للبيع في اسطنبول و تركيا. Turkish Real Estate Consultancy Agency. We are a real estate consultancy in Turkey offering quintessential investment and property management services to Turkish and foreign investors.

Turkish Real Estate Consultancy Agency

With a deep understanding of the interplays between capital appreciation, asset valuation, and the ever changing market trends, we provide bulletproof investment strategies coupled with factual insights into the Turkish real estate industry. When it comes to buying, selling or managing assets, we are not confined by traditional investment boundaries and are constantly seeking innovative solutions to serve our clients. We have an attractive portfolio of 300+ residential and commercial property listings, enabling buyers to navigate through an array of projects planned by leading builders and developers across Turkey. Our Team. Things to Know Before Buying a Villa in Istanbul. There is a tremendous leap in the segment of real estate development in Istanbul and the lucrative market is drawing investors from all around the globe.

Things to Know Before Buying a Villa in Istanbul

Whether it is a modern and full-fledged villa in the heart of the city or a contemporary-styled villa by the sea, Istanbul has everything to offer. The elite housing projects and seafront properties in Istanbul have become significantly valuable for the house-buying populace. To this end, the surge in disposable incomes and investing power of a wider base has notably served to increase the discerning nature of international real estate investors. Purchasing real estate indubitably involves making imperative decisions fraught with scaled-up concerns. However, if you are looking to buy home in Istanbul, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Maslak: The Business and Real Estate Investment Centre of Istanbul. Located on the European side, Maslak is one of the main and most important business areas of Sariyer, Istanbul.

Maslak: The Business and Real Estate Investment Centre of Istanbul

It was once a scarcely populated region and was formerly an exclave of the municipality of Sisli. Since Maslak was closer to the municipalities of Besiktas and Sariyer, legislation was formulated by the Interior Commission of the Turkish Parliament that shifted its jurisdiction from Sisli to Sariyer in 2012. How to Give Power of Attorney When Buying A Property in Turkey. The Power of Attorney is an official document that grants general or specific powers to a registered legal practitioner when buying a property in Turkey.

How to Give Power of Attorney When Buying A Property in Turkey

It authorizes them to carry out procedures on your behalf such as making payments, signing documents, and obtaining the title deed. Foreign property buyers usually grant power of attorney to a recognized lawyer or real estate consultant in Turkey to handle the entire purchasing process for them. Although it is not a requirement, however, there are benefits such as saving additional costs, hassle-free processing, and ease of transactions, when you are unable to travel frequently for administering formal procedures.

The process to appoint and authorize someone to act as your attorney on your behalf is simple and takes as little as two hours. Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Istanbul. Istanbul is unprecedently the most exotic Mediterranean city that is known for its rich and enchanting history.

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Istanbul

Russians Show Increasing Interests in Turkish Real Estate. In relation to countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, and Spain, promises for high profits were made to buyers and investors.

Russians Show Increasing Interests in Turkish Real Estate

However, after witnessing inconsequential market growth in the past five years, Russians began selling houses in distant lands to buy property in Turkey. Although considered as a newcomer in the real estate battle, Turkey has managed to slip into the new favorite directories of Russian buyers due to the ease of purchasing commercial and residential units as well as its flair for huge market growth. In this article, we will discuss why Russians prefer purchasing houses, villas, commercial units, and apartments in Turkey. Reasons for the increasing demand by Russians for the Turkish real estate It is interesting to note that commercial units hold equal importance in the eyes of Russian investors as housing.

A Guide to Buying Earthquake Insurance for Properties in Turkey. As Turkish real estate continues to grow in popularity and demand, it is crucial for would-be buyers and investors to analyze the importance of obtaining earthquake insurance.

A Guide to Buying Earthquake Insurance for Properties in Turkey

Taking a brief glance at Turkish architecture in the past few decades, it has undergone a massive qualitative shift in terms of design, style, and the nature of materials used. Back then, it seemed that property developers did not take into consideration the consequences of natural disasters on buildings and its framework. After the country experienced a few devastating aftermaths of low to moderate earthquakes, it prompted the Turkish government to set new housing standards. The latest technology, architectural plans, and science were taken into account for fabricating structures that are resilient to earthquakes. Reasons Why Real Estate Investment is Better than Stock Trading. To maintain a credible portfolio of investments that can sustainably underpin the ups and downs of the economical sector, it is exceedingly crucial to formulate a strategic and diversified investment plan.

Reasons Why Real Estate Investment is Better than Stock Trading

But is it that easy? Stock trading can certainly pay off, but to say that it is unequivocally a better decision than placing funds in a property purchase is short-sighted. Real estate offers remunerative investment opportunities and it has been garnering global attention for both long and short-term investment horizons. When done the right way, real estate investment in Turkey can offer great returns through tax exemptions, rental yields, and capital appreciation accrued from purchasing below the market rate.

Turkish Real Estate Conversations. With a global GDP rank of 19, Turkey has exuded remarkable economic growth in recent years, primarily in the real estate sector. The property development segment is fuelled by numerous government-powered schemes including the ‘Citizenship by Investment’ program. It has not only made real estate purchase a hassle-free process for foreign investors but has also furnished an easy path to obtain dual citizenship through capital investment. Esenyurt: The Prestigious Residential District in Istanbul. Established in the early 19th century, Esenyurt was initially planned on the grounds of a vast farm owned by Ekrem Ömer Paşa.

In the period between 1920 to 1938, Romans and Bulgarian migrated to the central regions and settled in its northern part. In 1967, the name “Esenyurt” was adopted from the words Esen meaning happy or healthy, and Yurt meaning home, altogether signifying a healthy and happy home. The difference between real estate in Turkey and real estate in Lebanon.

International investments do not recognize the geographical boundaries, especially in the real estate sector. Therefore, thinking about expanding the base of investment and allocating it to different geographical areas is the right thing that you do. In this article, we provide you with an important comparison between the real estate in Turkey and real estate in Lebanon as they are considered an amazing tourist attraction places and investment destinations in the Middle East. Top Citizenship by Investment Programs of Popular Countries. Forget private jets, Cartier jewels, or super-yachts. The latest must-have element for investors with deep pockets is a second passport or a residence in a foreign land. It is interesting to note that a considerable number of countries across the world are offering residency and citizenship programs in exchange for a minimum investment of pre-decided amounts.

In this article, we have enlisted top countries that could either get you a residency or full citizenship through investment. However, let’s begin with understanding the basic differences between citizenship programs and residency and the benefits of obtaining a second passport. How to Rent a Property in Turkey as a Foreigner. Turkey is exuberantly experiencing a spike in foreign property purchases and the arrival of investors to the ranks from across the globe. This should come as no surprise; primarily as Turkey is a picturesque country surrounded by stunning coastlines, enriched with natural wonders and embedded in rich historical spirit. Turkish Real Estate Conversations. Do You Need A Legal Advisor When Buying A Property in Turkey? 6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Apartment in Istanbul. Located in the northwestern part of Turkey, Istanbul is the only city in the world that spans two continents with constantly evolving cosmopolitan crossroads.

From ancient architecture to contemporary buildings, from mouthwatering meze to magnificent mosques, it offers a dazzling array of cultural experiences. Exploring sea-view properties and beaches near Istanbul. Istanbul & Trabzon why do Arabs prefer to buy real estate in these cities? You may have heard many of your relatives or friends intend to visit Turkey and then find them after a while that they have bought a house in Istanbul or Trabzon. Why Istanbul? And why Trabzon? Are these two cities the best places to live and invest out of all the other 166 cities? The fact may be that there is no better – or because they are the most famous cities in Turkey for the Arabs. Everything You Need to Know About Off-plan Property in Turkey.

During the times when the Turkish real estate market was snowballing, roughly from 2002 to 2010, purchasing property ‘off-plan’ was extremely common and trendsetting. This is because the prices spiked 20-30% post-completion and there were slim possibilities of finding newly-built projects with exact specifications. All this was true whilst the market spiralled sharply, however, buyers still felt hesitant in investing their hard-earned cash on ‘under-construction’ projects.

Why Iranians Prefer Buying Real Estate in Turkey. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), Iranians bought a total of 3808 housing units in Turkey during the first eight months of the year. Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Istanbul. Reasons To Select Basin Ekspres For Real Estate Investment in Istanbul.