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Extra Learning Apps — Educational Apps and Games for Children. How educational apps can play role in kid’s life? – MobileTin. It’s a part of life for kids to sit down and play with smartphones and tablets or watch cartoons in it. It is normally at every western house right now. And parents can’t stop them using latest technology because it is a part of life now and can’t be ignored. Use of these gadgets is compulsory to compete in the current revolution of technology. And it is a fact that children learn fast when they are engaged in an entertaining activity like games and sports. This provides us a great opportunity to use technology gadgets for learning and educational purposes. One of the easiest ways is to use smartphones and tablets which are currently engaged and in hand of our kids. For that learning games and apps were created, these apps and games are made for a single purpose of learning but in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

One of these learning apps, we got a “Poems and Rhymes” which is an amazing learning app for preschool kids and as well as school going kids. Free Educational Apps for Kids | Extra Learning Apps. We don’t have to always pay for the educational stuff. There is a lot of free material available, especially on the internet. With the introduction of latest gadgets, it’s more convenient to get benefits from this. Apps and games were made to pass time and play it whenever someone gets bored. But these games become an addiction for kids especially and had the adverse effect on kids’ education and mental health.

These addictive games change the way of life for kids especially toddlers and preschool kids. Taking away the technology is not the solution for everything; it will damage more what is already done. So with some time, learning apps and games were introduced which were not of great quality but now these apps and games are much more advanced and liked among kids, eventually this material become free to use. Same as other Extra Learning Apps & Games also provide all learning games and apps for free. Like this: Like Loading... My front page - Alphabet Song for Kids. Introducing Nursery Poems and Rhymes to Kids – MobileTin. There is a lot of fun way to introduce nursery poems and rhymes to kids, sing them, read with them and let them engage with these rhymes.

These poems are very easy to memorize for kids and really fun to sing them and this is the easiest and fun way to make kids learn which is implemented for centuries. There are many ways in which we can introduce these poems and rhymes for kids, and teachers have used different approaches to make kids learn them, the first and foremost is to sing these songs to the kids and made them learn. The second most used method is to show them pictures and encourage them to sing the song with it these picture slides. And the last one is to make them act with it. This will not only make them learn these rhyme but also make them understand the meaning of words used in it. There are also many other methods which are used for learning and some of them are more effective than these traditional methods.

Nursery Rhymes and Songs by Extra Learning Apps. Free Learning Apps for Kids. Learn Surah for Muslim Kids – MobileTin. With the growth in technology and advanced devices like smartphones and tablet, our kids are less interested in the use of traditional games and hobbies. Like in last 10 years we saw kids less in playgrounds and more at home playing indoor games on their devices. This isn’t related to just games and hobbies it is also affecting our religious activities but we have neglected this part of our life. Our kids are more attractive to games than in some other apps with no graphical images and interest. So we keep in view of kids’ requirement made an app which has graphical images as well as have mini games which create interest in kids and they learn Quran Surah also from it. This game contains very short Surahs from Quran which are easy to learn and memorize.

Do provide us your feedback so that we keep on improving our games and apps, it’s much appreciated. ABC Phonics Kids Songs & Rhymes. In this present time, technology gadgets like smartphones and tablets have taken place of our toys like dolls, hot wheel cars. Now kids like to play games on these tech gadgets rather than with toys and dolls. There are many unique and amazing games which are supported in these gadgets. But kids get addicted to these games, resulting in a waste of time and bright mind wasted in these non-productive games. And parents are worried about these new trends because they can’t let their away from the tech world and they also can’t see the destruction of their kids by using the same tech devices. So for toddlers and kids, there are tons of apps and games which are creative and help in boosting the growth of kids mind.

One of these apps is ABC Phonics Kids Songs & Rhyme, which is an amazing app for starters. Contains some really cool characters also which giggles around with songs, making toddlers to love and dance with them. Extralearning.voog. Nursery Rhymes and Alphabet Songs for Kids – MobileTin. Now teachers and parents should not be worried about the usage of these latest gadgets like tablets and smartphones by our little ones. Most of the kids waste their bright and talented program mind for some video games and animated movies. Just put some learning apps and games which are enjoyable as well as make kids learn from it too.

Your child doesn’t have to learn everything at school, infect most of the kids do learn easier at home because of relaxed mind and no hurry to answer the teacher. And these rhymes and songs are the best and the most effective way to teach your kid at home. It makes them comfortable and entertains them as well. Nursery Rhymes for Kids is a great app for kids which contains songs and rhymes for preschool kids, which are later taught at school level but your kid will learn it in a more effective way because this app provides graphical representation as well which is more enjoyable for kids. Extra Learning Apps - Blog. Education – MobileTin. Educational Apps and Games for kids When tablets and mobiles burst into the market, no one thought that it will affect children first. But it was just a start, the kids and children were not the main markets at all, but due to the usage and handiness of these gadgets, kids and toddlers were very fond of these things.

Due to this change in usage and way of parenting, kids apps and games demand changed dramatically in App Store and Play Store. Today there are tons of these apps competing with each other trying to provide best learning apps and mini games which help kids at each level of education and age. These apps and games cover each category of learning for kids including poems and rhymes which are famous from our childhood. But these apps and games are more unique because of the use of technology and latest gadgets; it is more entertaining and interesting for kids. Extra Learning Apps & Games – MobileTin.

With the passage of time, we finally realized that this sudden influx of technological gadgets is hurting our kids at very early stage. These kids are not even in schools but still are addictive to these gadgets which were meant for official usage. Parents are much more worried about these sudden change in our lifestyle, there is a confusion in their mind that if they let this young generation in using these devices than it might have the adverse effect on their education. On the other hand, if we don’t let our kids have these gadgets they might stay behind from other kids in respect of daily routine activities and other knowledgeable stuff because technology is revolutionizing our life really fast. What will be the effective use of today’s gadgets for kids?

To answer this question, we must look at the behavior of our kids, what they like most, what kind of stuff make them happy and what kind of thing are boring to our kids. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal | Penzu.