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We are a Malaysian based company who believes life is a grand adventure; take risks. We are the market place for adventurous experiences. We connect users and hosts for adventure experiences.

Tioman Diving Package. Rock climbing in Endau Rompin National Park. You will also require a chalk bag that contains chalk that you can apply on your hands to create friction and prevent your palms from getting damp or slippery.

Rock climbing in Endau Rompin National Park

An essential component is a helmet which will protect you from falling debris and stones. If you Rock climb at the Endau Rompin National Park you will need a special type of rope. A common type used is known as the ‘Kernmantel’ is thick, elastic, strong and flexible. Metal links known as carabiners hold the rope securely and they may be heavy or light. Nuts also known as ‘pro’ in rock climbing jargon and they are inserted into cracks to prevent a climber from falling. Exploring the Thrill of Water Sports in Malaysia. Stronger, Faster and Better with Adventure Sports. There are different styles to choose from namely the trad, solo, ice, and free rock climbing.

Stronger, Faster and Better with Adventure Sports

This sport uses ropes, harnesses, gloves, helmets and climbing shoes. Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adventure sports. It requires an individual to jump off tall structures with only an elastic cord tied around the ankle. Water sports like diving are conducted by trained professionals. In the case of deep sea diving, certification and specialized training are mandatory. Outdoor Adventure Sports: Medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul. Malaysia is home to some of the world’s most rich and beautiful landscapes.

Outdoor Adventure Sports: Medicine for the Mind, Body and Soul

From rainforests to beaches and breathtaking mountains, it’s a great place to explore all kinds of adventure activities. Outdoor adventure sports in natural surroundings provide the thrill, challenge and exercise to make you come back for more. Malaysia - The Answer to Your Land and Water Adventure Cravings! Let lose the adventurer in you with amazing ATV adventure rides in Malaysia!

Malaysia - The Answer to Your Land and Water Adventure Cravings!

An ATV or quad is an all-terrain vehicle that is essentially a modified three or four wheeler that is driven on low-pressure tires and is suitable for, as the name suggests, terrains of all kinds. As an adventure sport, it is exclusively used to traverse rugged terrain. Despite its western origins, it is fast becoming a popular adventure sport in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia.

Water rafting is another activity that is bound to get your adrenaline pumping. It is an activity where an inflatable raft is used to navigate a river or rough waters. Surreal Diving Experience in Malaysia. Diving in Malaysia is increasingly being preferred not only owing to the amazing experience that it's diverse and rich marine ecosystem guarantees.

Surreal Diving Experience in Malaysia

The southeast-Asian country of Malaysia is an equatorial paradise and has one of the richest marine environments in the Indo- Pacific Basin. Malaysia An Adventure Paradise. Trails Made for the Adrenaline Rush Malaysia is rich in bio-diversity; its forests are home to a variety of species of animals and birds.

Malaysia An Adventure Paradise

Nothing like riding through the mud, exploring the jungle, the hills and the rivers to get that adrenaline pumping. It is a heaven for trail riders not only because of the allure of eco-adventure, but also because with the numerous dirt bikes rental services that are offered, one does not need to look far and wide to experience the amazing off-road motor cross trails. Motor-cross and dirt bikes rentals charge by the distance and are available at prices ranging from 311 MYR for 60kms to about 497 MYR for 100kms. Malaysia - A Land for the Adventurous. The Southeast Asian country of Malaysia is not only known for its rich and exotic bio-diversity, but it is also a favorite spot for adrenaline junkies as it offers adventure in close quarters with pristine nature.

Malaysia - A Land for the Adventurous

Adventure sports like paragliding, scuba diving, river rafting, snorkeling, etc. contribute to a considerable portion of the tourism economy of the country. Nature and Adrenaline Malaysia offers a unique experience that blends adrenaline with nature. From lush green rainforests to white sandy beaches, Malaysia offers diversity like no other and this is why eco-adventures are a favorite for tourists and natives alike! Some of the notable and highly sought out adventure sports in Malaysia include paragliding, white water rafting, snorkeling, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, caving, trekking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, parasailing, sky diving, etc.

Experience Off-road Adventure Klang Gate Dam Sports at EXSPORTY HUB. ATV Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur???

Experience Off-road Adventure Klang Gate Dam Sports at EXSPORTY HUB

Yes, you hear it right! Kuala Lumpur is a busy city with concrete jungle, crowded shopping malls and massive traffic jams. However, hidden beneath its tall skyscrapers lies a bunch of areas with beautiful lush green forests and nature. Dive in the Malaysian Islands to Enjoy Exotic Marine Life. Key Considerations Scuba diving is something that you just cannot miss during your trip to Malaysia.

Dive in the Malaysian Islands to Enjoy Exotic Marine Life

Whether you’ve signed up for a Tioman diving package or are looking forward to taking up a Perhentian diving package, the blue underwater world filled with colorful marine life is sure to leave you in gaping at its beauty. That said, it is important to consider a few aspects before signing up a package of your choice. You would have probably already researched those summer months, beginning from March to September/October are considered the best for diving purposes. Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Malaysia with ATV Adventure Activities.

And then, there are multiple diving sites like beach dives, boat dives, and other special diving sites to choose from in each Redang diving package.

Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Malaysia with ATV Adventure Activities

The underwater life with colorful soft and hard coral gardens is something you wouldn’t be able to imagine without experiencing. Planning the Trip While you may want to select your preferred locations for ATV rides or scuba diving amongst the multiple exciting packages available, it is important to carefully plan your itinerary with your trip advisors.

Get an Adrenaline Overdrive with Adventure Sports in Malaysia. Tandem Paragliding in Ranau, Sabah - Experience Adventure Sports at EXSPORTY HUB. Description Tandem Paragliding in Ranau, Sabah Ranau is situated in the West Coast division of Sabah. It is located 1176 meters above sea level. Explore Adventure Activities in Endau Rompin National Park. The National Park is known for having some of the oldest rainforests around the globe. The park with the beautifully meandering Endau River and Rompin River is definitely nature at its best. And then, there are some wonderful waterfalls like the Lemakoh, Bekok Selai, Lesong, Buaya Sangkut etc. to add to its beauty. The park and the waterfalls are not accessible through vehicles and are hence truly meant for off-road enthusiasts.

So while the journey is a little hard, the rewards in the form of lush green rain forests, multi-tier waterfalls with pristine water running down the slopes are worth the effort. And that’s not all. Find Amazing Experiences with Adventure Sports - Exsportyhub. Escape into Nature’s Arms with An Off-Road Adventure or Rock Climbing near KL. Adventure at Every Corner To explore the depths of Endau Rompin National Park and to reach camp sites, you have to drive a 4WD and traverse challenging terrain. Jungle trekking and rock climbing is also part of the adventure in reaching the final destination, but the rewards are completely worth it. Discover Underwater Marvels and Hone Scuba Skills with Value-Packed Diving Packages.

Keen to go diving in Malaysia? Thanks to warm waters, diverse marine life, and easy access, the east coast of peninsular Malaysia offers some of the best diving spots in South East Asia. Read on to learn what you can expect from Redang and Perhentian diving packages. Among Southeast Asia’s Finest Dive Spots. Perhentian Diving Package for Islands Fun & Open Water Dives - EXSPORTY HUB. Close to the Malaysian mainland lies the gorgeous coral fringed Perhentian Islands. As a protected marine park, the Islands have a flourishing flora and fauna both above and below ground – dense rolling jungles border stunning white sandy beaches. But without a doubt, the best of Perhentian Islands lies beneath the water. With absolutely zero manmade tourist spots like museums and malls, the Islands are best known for its beaches and for diving. Perhentian diving packages include a variety of options – from the intense advanced scuba diving courses to leisurely snorkeling experiences.

Feel the Rush of Adrenalin with a Rollicking ATV Adventure near Kuala Lumpur. Embrace Adventure Activities and Discover Extraordinary in Malaysia. Water Rafting. Top Deals on Adventure Sports & Travel. Adventure Sports & Travel at Exsporty Hub. Observing the Wealth of the Sea at the Perhentian Islands. The two main islands here are the PulauPerhentianBesar and the PulauPerhentian Kecil. The oceans here are a protected marine park and collecting coral, fishing, or littering is strictly disallowed here. The most popular activities undertaken by tourists here are scuba diving, sunbathing, sea-kayaking, snorkeling, crisscrrtunities for scuba diving. Thrilling Opportunities for Water Rafting in Gopeng. Challenging Nature through Adventure Sports – Exsporty Hub. Adventure Sports & Travel at Exsporty Hub. Outdoor Adventure Options When You Want to Escape Kuala Lumpur’s Urban Existence.

Tired of visiting the same old malls in Kuala Lumpur? Living day in and day out in a concrete jungle can be quite suffocating. How does the idea of going on an off-road ATV adventure to discover scenic spots on the Kemensah Trail or taking up rock climbing sound? Break the Monotony of Life with Adventure Activities in Malaysia – Exsporty Hub. Adventure Sports: Challenging your Body, Mind and Soul. Everyone struggles with a fear at some time or the other. It could be fear of heights, fear of water, fear of jumping or even fear of speed. Perhentian Island Diving Package – Exsporty Hub. Adventure Sports in Malaysia. Adventure sports create a unique way to have fun, challenge yourself and stay healthy. It presents a great opportunity for people to develop themselves physically and socially. These types of sports are competitive and build the participants self- esteem. Experience Rock Climbing KL, Bukit Takun. Spruce up Your Adventure Admiration with the Dirt Bikes Rental.

Adventure, if not mandatory yet is extremely necessary. It adds color to your bland life and makes it more happening. With the proper ambiance of adventure, even a trivial trip can become much more interesting. Water Rafting in Gopeng.