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Express Medical Transportation, Inc.

Express Medical Transportation, Inc. provides professional, door-to-door transportation to the elderly and the disabled clients who are based in our service areas.

Transportation: Preparing for Senior Loved Ones’ Checkups. Learn How Shuttle Services Benefit the Elderly. As once active members of the community, older adults can become isolated when they lose the ability to drive due to cognitive decline, eyesight problems, and other mobility-related disabilities.

Learn How Shuttle Services Benefit the Elderly

Without the means to travel, they may end up neglecting their health, giving up their hobbies, and barely seeing their family and friends. Fortunately, there are several transport providers in Ohio that can help bridge the gap. In this month’s blog, we will discuss how shuttle services benefit the older population: It promotes independence. Factors to Consider When Choosing NEMT Services. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important service provided to seniors and individuals with special needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing NEMT Services

Transport providers in Ohio that offer the said service help individuals travel to important medical appointments while providing their families with peace of mind. When you are seeking NEMT services for a loved one, here are the essential factors you need to take into consideration: Types of vehicles available One of the factors you need to consider is the type of vehicle that the company offers.

This includes the model of the vehicle and the capacity it can carry. This ensures that your loved one and their companion are comfortable when traveling to and from their destination.Accessibility Accessibility is another essential consideration especially if your loved one has disabilities and other needs. Social Determinants of Health: Transportation. Transportation affects many aspects of a person’s life, including how we live, work, and travel.

Social Determinants of Health: Transportation

One of the most crucial roles of transportation is providing access to public health care. But some people may not have access to reliable transportation, which can make life difficult for patients, clinicians, and other healthcare providers. Patients and families face transportation issues, such as a lack of vehicles, long distances, lengthy travel time, and transportation costs, causing them to compromise their health and life.

Ohio’s Best: Hottest Summer Destinations for the Elderly. For five minutes, try to picture out your dream destination in your mind.

Ohio’s Best: Hottest Summer Destinations for the Elderly

Does it have fine sand with coconut trees and blue waters? Or, are you thinking of rich fields and twisting roads? Well, whatever and wherever that may be, you definitely need a good ride with comfy seats and a professional driver. Door-To-Door Transportation: Importance of Assistance. Travelling can be a challenge for people with limited mobility.

Door-To-Door Transportation: Importance of Assistance

It is only evident that door-to-door transportation in Columbus, Ohio, is needed by these individuals. From attending appointments to strolling along a nearby park, Express Medical Transportation, Inc. is up for the transportation task. We understand that the fragility of our client’s health after hospitalization must be protected. NEMT: An Easier Way to Achieve Better Health. Given that health is important, you should keep it monitored closely.

NEMT: An Easier Way to Achieve Better Health

Otherwise, you will suffer from health conditions or arising complications. So, for better protection, you need to take urgent measures to maintain stable health. Signs That You Need to Use NEMT. Admitting that you need the help of transportation providers in Ohio can be very difficult if you always live independently, wherever you go.

Signs That You Need to Use NEMT

However, you must know that NEMT will not only benefit you but also the people around your community. By considering NEMT services rather than driving your car, you will have a safer ride to your appointments and avoid putting others at risk. What Kinds of NEMT Are There? Non-emergency medical transportation is usually provided to individuals who need more assistance than ordinary vehicles can provide.

What Kinds of NEMT Are There?

Especially equipped to transport for individuals in wheelchairs or those with special needs, they are an in-demand service for people who have continuous medical appointments. As transport providers in Ohio, we have listed down different kinds of NEMT you should know about. These are: Ambulatory TransportationAmbulatory Transportation is the most common type of NEMT. It is designed for individuals who need basic assistance and who need minimal to no equipment for travel.WheelchairThis NEMT service assists individuals in a wheelchair and those who cannot walk independently. Tips for Seniors’ Long-Distance Trips.

Getting to unwind after a boring or restless day is beneficial not just for our physical health but also to our mental and emotional well-being.

Tips for Seniors’ Long-Distance Trips

Travel has no age limits, whether you’re in your 20s or 60s. However, if you’re planning to give your senior loved ones a nice long-distance trip, following a few considerations will make it more memorable and safe. Wear Comfortable ClothesWearing comfortable and loose clothing lessens the risk for serious health problems, like heat stroke, hypertension, and high blood pressure.Keep Medicines HandyMake sure to have all their medications with you in case you got stuck in traffic or you’re faced with a flat tire along the way. How Providers of Medical Transportation Can Help You. Transport providers in Ohio and other areas ensure that individuals who suffer from mobility limitations, transportation challenges, and other daily living struggles can reach their destination, wherever they need to be.

How Providers of Medical Transportation Can Help You

These people, after all, deserve quality transportation, regardless of their conditions. As a provider of door-to-door transportation in Columbus, Ohio, we offer high-quality services to a wide range of clients, especially those who need to go to and from the following: Doctor’s Appointments We provide wheelchair transportation services to homebound, ill, injured, and aged patients who have to be at their doctor’s appointments safely and on time.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with wheelchair-friendly tools, allowing anyone to travel around with fewer worries and no inconvenience.Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities Maintaining one’s optimal health requires the help of experts from hospitals and other care facilities. The Importance of Attending Your Doctor's Appointment. Seeing a doctor is a very vital investment for health. However, attending a doctor’s appointment may be difficult for those who have health conditions or disabilities that may affect their mobility. As one of the leading Transport Providers in Ohio, we remind you that regular examinations are particularly important, especially for older adults as illness increases with age. A Senior’s Guide to Traveling. Being over 65 doesn’t mean you have to remain cooped up at home.

In fact, now that you’re in your senior years, it’s important to get out of the house and experience more of what the outside world has to offer you. It’s very different experiencing the world as a senior compared to when you were younger. You now see the world through a more well-rounded lens, like you now understand why things are happening the way they are. If someone says you should stay at home because you’re older, don’t listen. While friends and relatives may tell you it’s best to remain in your humble abode, they might not know what they’re talking about. Travel Safely Don’t you just wish you could roll back the years to a time when safety was the least of your concerns? Whenever the need to just get out of the house and get on the road strikes, know that you can make it happen with the least bit of effort. 4 Ways a Transportation Service Keeps Seniors Happy. There has never been a time when loneliness wasn’t an issue for seniors.

The elderly members of the community who are living alone especially find it hard to come and go as they please. This situation takes a toll on their independence and potentially leads to loneliness, social isolation and, in many cases, even depression. How Can NEMT Services Make Life Easier? Traveling around town can be a challenge when you are using a wheelchair, have a disability, or even when you are in your golden years. Depending on your condition, it may not be safe to drive or it could even be impossible. Finding the Best NEMT Services for You. The services of a Non emergency transportation provider can go a long way in restoring your independence and ability to get around with ease.

However, when you are looking for exceptional NEMT or wheelchair transportation services in Ohio, there are a number of factors to consider. This is because not all transportation providers are made equally. Some are going to provide different kinds of services that can meet different kinds of needs. Traveling with Comfort: Tips on Finding the Right Non Emergency Transportation Service Provider. Traveling with Comfort: The Wonderful Benefits of Non Emergency Transportation Services. Non-emergency transportation is basically like a taxi service for the elderly, those with a disability or medical conditions, and patients who are recuperating from an illness or injury. The Specialized Vehicles We Use for Our NEMT Services.

What Makes NEMT Different from Other Transportation Services? FAQ’s for Dialysis Procedure. On Your Next Trip to the Doctor, Prepare These. Ways Non-Emergency Transportation Can Help Your Loved Ones. Non-emergency medical transportation has been playing a big and very important role in helping individuals who are experiencing inhibited or limited mobility due to disease, injury, or disability, travel from one place to another safely and comfortably. This is made possible through specialized vehicles that are made to accommodate different types of patients and their needed equipment, and a team of trained and skilled drivers and medical assistants who are prepared to help. Helpful Benefits of Non-Emergency Transportation Services. Regain Control Over Your Life through Freedom of Travel. Because we are able to freely move around and travel from one place to another on our own volition and preferred mode of transportation, we sometimes tend to take this ability for granted.

What we may fail to realize is that there are individuals who do not possess the kind of freedom that most of us do; these people are being hindered from free and uninhibited movement due to a disability, injury, disease, or even old age. Conventional transportation can be a huge challenge for individuals using wheelchairs or specialized crutches, and most especially for people who experience difficulty in even using movement-supporting devices. Reliable Non-Emergency Transportation to Improve the Quality of Life. Today’s modern advancements in science and technology have allowed us use various modes of transportation which makes our lives easier and more convenient. Who Can Benefit from Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services? Finding the Best Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services for You. Non-Emergency Transportation Services. Non-Emergency Transportation in Ohio. Your Reliable Partner in Getting Around on Your Own Time.

Non-Emergency Transportation Services to Improve Your Quality of Life. Why More Families Choose NET Services as Their Traveling Option. Express Medical Transportation. 3 Ways to Enjoy Our Wheelchair Transportation Service. Who Can Benefit From Non-Emergency Transportation Services? What You Need to Know to Find the Best NEMT Services. Express Medical Transportation, Inc. Wheelchair Transportation: Maintaining Your Independence. Trying to Find the Ideal Transportation Services for Your Elderly Loved Ones? Here are 3 Tips to Consider. Why Should You Choose NEMT Services? Preparing for a Road Trip in a Wheelchair. Things to Look for in Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Book for a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Getting to Medical Appointments with Ease. What Can You Expect from Non-Emergency Transportation? What You Need to Know About Non-Emergency Transportation. 3 Key Reasons Why a Medical Transportation Service Is Exactly What You Need. Long Trip Checklist: 7 Things to Bring During a Long Trip for a PWD. 7 Ways to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Keep Their Independence. 5 Good Reasons Why Seniors Need to Leave the House Every Now and Then. 5 Tips to Keep Disabled Patients Safe and Comfortable During Long Trips.

Staying Independent: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Do You Need It? What Is the Purpose of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation? Stay Independent Despite Disabilities or Old Age. 2 Signs That Your Senior Needs Medical Transportation Services. Myths about Medical Transportation for Seniors.